Trying Out My New Camera

Tonight I was fortunate enough to get to go another walk. Al is not feeling too well, as you can see by his photo. His ankles are hurting full-time now. The muscles are getting weaker, causing him pain when he stands on them.

This deer was looking right at me. He asked me to take his photo, so I did as I was told.

The delicate purple flower, I could not resist. It was so graceful standing there.

The water hugging the tree root, just caught my eye and I had to capture it for my memories.

The three people are my son, his lady friend, and her child.

Of course, this last photo is my brother Al. I took the walk to try to take his mind off of his pain, and it did help for a while.

I just love these walks. It is so peaceful, so close to God. Each time I can see some more proof of God’s beauty

Now we are home and Al is targeted in on his pain, so I am going to surprise him with his bedtime snack and give him some strawberry short-cake with whip cream. This should bring at least a small smile.