Baking A Birthday Cake, Unexpected Ingrediant!

It was my husband’s birthday. I had thought of different ways to celebrate it with him. After mindless thoughts went through my head, I decided the best way to show him I loved him, was to be simply me.

I wrote a grocery list, planning out the menu for his evening meal. I wrote down his favorite foods and then went to my recipe book and checked to see what I already had at home. If I didn’t have it I marked it on my list. I looked up a white cake mix. I was not going to buy anything pre-mixed. It didn’t sound too hard to make, so I jotted down the recipe and added confectioner sugar to my list and food coloring and some sprinkles for added looks.

I got myself ready and drove to the grocery store. The store wasn’t too busy, and  in no time at all, I had my list completely checked off.

Back at home, I changed into more comfort style clothing and started first on baking the cake. I got it all mixed and tasted the edge of the beater, and realized what a good job I had done.  Instead of making one big cake, I decided to make smaller ones by using cup cakes. This way he could have one anytime he chose, and even take one with him to work in his lunch box.

One batch was finished baking, and I prepared the next batch to go into the oven. As I set the timer for the oven, I went on to start the preparations for the roast. I was having his favorite. Roast and potatoes and carrots with a velvety sauce, with just the right spices.

I heard the door bell ring, and I glanced at the timer, and saw that I had enough time to go answer the door. It was the mailman bringing my husband a gift box. I signed for it, and took it and set it on the dining room table. Husband would see it first thing when he entered their home.

When I returned to the kitchen to check on my cupcakes, I walked into the scene above. I guess I wasn’t the only one in the house that wanted to help celebrate this birthday!