Anyone Hungry?

The day stars early, me in my robe

inside a human nose

Washing the chicken and wiping my nose

The kettle is on, calling out the chicks name

I throw it in the pot, turn and wipe my nose again.

I throw some flour into a bowl

And add the yeast and warm water

Stirring and mixing  til my fingers become numb

Hurry and cover it, because my hair has come undone.

I wipe my hair out of my face, and wash my fingers too

I grab a loaf  of bread and start tearing it apart

Getting closer to making the dressing this year

Getting tired already, better grab me a beer.

Now get the eggs and put them in water

Let them boil until they are hard

Using my knife to cut them in half

One flipped on the floor and all I could do is sit back and laugh.

Making a chocolate dessert can be made ahead

I place  pudding  in a bowl and start adding the milk

I turn on the mixer and start out on low

I’m mixing it fine, then the telephone blows.

I race to go answer it, forgetting one thing

I didn’t turn the mixer off, now it has a mind of its own

I come back to the kitchen to see what I did

The pudding has exploded all over the lids.

I can do this, pour the green beans in a pan

Stir some mushroom soup in and add onions on top

I open the oven door to place this pan in

A mouse races out causing my mouth to sin.

Is this what Thanksgiving is all about

Fighting early morning and a nose full of snot

All this because I want turkey and more

Now here I stand a mess, while people are entering my door.

Terry Shepherd