He Needed Love

He sat outside. Rain pouring over his body. He kept moaning but no one was listening.Shivering from the wet and the cold. Hungry. Looking here and there. Wanting to be loved, and yet neglected. Bones showing through.He had been evicted from his home four days ago, and had wandered down the roads. Cars honking, people staring and pointing their fingers at him. He hung his head low and kept walking. Once in awhile he would wander through an alley and stop at a garbage can. He flipped the lid off and went through the can, finding a morsel of food. Once he was going through the trash and another came by and they got in to a fight, with the other one winning. Food was hard to find that day. He got lucky on another day though. A passer by tossed him his left over sandwich. He gobbled it down, barely swallowing. It was the best food he had eaten in a couple of days. He waited near by hoping for some more, but the passer by stood up and got on his bike and left. He sat outside. A dry porch he had found. Hidden from the rain, but not hidden from the person peeking from the inside window. She opened the door and asked him to come in. She offered him a bath, and food. She offered him a seat where he could rest. One day visit turned in to a love affair with the lady and her new dog.