Who Am I?

Where the baby sleeps

Let there be peace

.When you see someone praying

Grab another’s hands

.When you see a life filling with tears

Lay your hand on their shoulder

.When you see fear in a child’s eyes

Don’t walk on by.

When you see a woman without a coat

Offer her yours

.When Christmas money is tigh

tOffer to feed the hungry

.When you hear the mighty gossip

Turn and walk away.

When you think you can’t take anymore

Heal by helping others

.When you think you’ve been dealt a bad life

Visit a long-term Veteran’s home

.Written by,Terry Shepherd


The Stranger on the Street

The Stranger on the Street

Do you see her over there? Yeah, that lady, the one who looks like something that was dragged out of the trash.

People stared in the direction that Peg was pointing to. There on the sidewalk was an older woman. She had hair of gray that looked like it hadn’t been combed in some time. Her coat was ragged. The ends were fringed from wear. She wore old tennis shoes that had the small toe sticking…

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The Stranger on the Street

Do you see her over there? Yeah, that lady, the one who looks like something that was dragged out of the trash.

People stared in the direction that Peg was pointing to. There on the sidewalk was an older woman. She had hair of gray that looked like it hadn’t been combed in some time. Her coat was ragged. The ends were fringed from wear. She wore old tennis shoes that had the small toe sticking out on one of them.

The small crowd watched the old woman staggering. Some of them were snickering. Others were gawking. Some just shook their heads and went on about their business.

One person from the small crowd had said nothing. He made no gestures about the woman. Instead he walked towards the woman. He remained behind her so as not to make her aware of him.

He followed her through the streets. There was no end. Once she reached the end of the city blocks she crossed the street and walked in the direction she had started. The young gentleman was in college and he found this to be very odd yet quite interesting.

Ideas were going around in his head how he could turn this into a paper that he knew he would need at a later time for classes. He continued to follow her and then she suddenly sat down on a park bench. He remained in the background watching. He pulled out a pad and pencil and started jotting down notes.

He watched her get in her over-sized coat pocket. She pulled out a clear, plastic bag. Then she proceeded to toss what seemed to be bird seed. Birds from out of nowhere began to flock around. Bob walked closer to the lady and standing close enough for her to notice him, he asked if he could sit down.

She didn’t reply and he took this as a positive note. He sat down beside her. He watched the woman’s face break out into a wide smile. He opened his hand and held it out to her. She looked into  his brown eyes and placed some seeds in his hand.

Together the two fed the birds until the seed was gone. ” Do you come here often mam to feed the birds?”

” Call me Maude. That’s my name. Yes, I do come here almost every day. There isn’t much in life to enjoy when you are an old woman like me, but I sure do feel good when I know I am doing something useful for others. Feeding the birds makes me feel useful.”

Bob nodded his head in understanding. He knew what it meant to be feeling proud of what you are doing and to be there for others. He had never thought of it really; that a flock of birds could be put in this category.

” What do you do with your time other than feed birds?”

” Well, I do spend a lot of time just walking through town. I love to people watch. Do you ever just sit and watch the people go by? You have to wonder where everyone is headed and they most times always seem in a hurry.”

Bob laughed. ” Yes, I watch people too. It does seem our world operates in a fast paced world. Do you live near here?”

” You sure are a nosy one. Ask a lot of questions. But the answer is yes. I live close by. I got a car, but I prefer walking. You get to see more when you walk.”

Bob looked at his watch. His stomach was beginning to growl. ” Have you eaten yet Maude? I am sure getting hungry. What about me taking you to lunch in that cafe right across the street. Would you think I am too forward by asking you this?”

Maude looked once again into those brown eyes. They read honest and likeable. Trustworthy and safe. She placed the empty bag back in her pocket and stood up. She held out her arm for him to place his arm within. Bob took the next move and stood and the two walked across the street.

Entering the restaurant doors, the cook looked in their direction. ” Bringing another one in Maude? This is getting to be a real habit. Nice to see you though. You two take a seat and I will send your waitress right over.”

Maude smiled and Bob wondered what that was all about. The two sat and picked up the menus. Bob asked her what she would like to have adding this was his treat. Maude looked over at him and said, ” No this is my treat. You see, I am an old woman. I don’t have many friends. I know a lot of people, but who doesn’t? My dead husband left me a little money but I have got no one or nothing to really spend it on. What brings me happiness is finding a kind soul out there on the streets and doing something good for them. Today, I picked you. You have kind eyes and you spoke to me. It didn’t matter what I was wearing, you still spoke. You didn’t judge.”

The waitress came over and asked to take their order. Maude said, ” Give my new friend here whatever he wants on the menu. It’s going to be my treat.”

The waitress smiled and winked at Maude. Bob started to speak but first placed his hand over her frail, wrinkled hand. ” Thank-you Maude for doing this.”

” No, thank-you son, for helping me to want to live one more day.”

old lady on streets

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open seaIt’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Do we not want life to turn in the direction of our own way of living?

Do we not want the feeling of

Freedom at all times?

To feel the gentle breezes

To see beyond  the horizons

To be in touch with our soft side

No arguing

No fighting

Peace surrounding  us

A wall that can not be broken

Yes, following our heart’s desires

No errors in our plans

The perfect life

The smooth road

No bumps to trip over

Would our lives

Be forever changed

If we didn’t stumble

Now and then?

Peace, serenity

Mixed with a dash of trouble

Helps the mind grow

Inspires us to be

Better people

Living along side

Of vast millions

I long for this

As you do also

We need each other

We want to count

We want to matter

And so I say

Look to the oceans

Take in the beauty

Feel the inner peace

And smile for the

World truly is

On your side

We just have to

Trip a little

To discover it.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt; Viral

http://dailypost.wordpress.com, DP, Daily Prompt

The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you’ve been asked to publish a new post — it’ll be the first thing tens of thousands of new readers see. Write it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FIRST.

Hi, my name is Terry. I started writing because God told me too. Before I started writing I spent many hours in elderly people‘s homes caring for them. Sometimes staying for days upon end at a time.

During the time I worked outside the home I was also caring for my Father who had Myeloma. http://www.lls.org/diseaseinformation/myeloma/

Somewhere along my journey in life I started questioning life. I wanted to know what my place was here on earth. What was my talent that God hath given to me. I would glance back at where I had been and once I became better at this I could see pretty much where God was leading me.

Today I would call myself a Professional Caregiver without the Nursing license behind it. Working with disabled children and adults, geriatric and Hospice patients I learned a lot. I can handle the care of a G-tube. I can use an aspirator. I can give medications and shots. I can take your temperature under the tongue, under the arm, or even in the you know where.

I can sit with you while you are sad. I can read you your favorite books. I can read Bible stories to you. I can cry with you and hold your hand in mine. I can place a cool cloth on your forehead. I can sit up, lay you down, change your briefs, take you for a ride or a walk. I can be your best friend. You can count on me to not tell any of your deepest secrets or your worst fears.

I will promise you that you will not die alone. I will be right beside you until your last breath happens. I can file your insurance papers. I can call in your refills, or make doctor appointments for you. I can clean and tidy your house, sorry but no window washing from this gal.

I can do your laundry, cook your meals, and fatten you up with home-made sweet treats. Yes, God has been good to me. He blessed me with a  heart full of love and compassion.

I have to admit not everyone sees me this way. It takes a special person to recognize this type of soul. I have been told I can be cold, bitchy, whiny and nagging. But most of the time I do act in that manner it is out of frustration. For having explained how I feel over and over and the one listening still not getting my point. I do tend to become a little edgy by then.

When you are ill, you listen. You crave for a voice, you desire someone to care. This I can offer.

So when you read my blog New York people, you will know that each and every word written is the truth and nothing but the truth. My blog will always be written from my heart and soul and I will always be speaking directly to you. Why, you ask? Because, this is my talent from God and when God makes people, he does it right.

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A Ship At Sea

A ship at sea

The sails so white                                                       lightningstorm_640x480

Standing alone

Proud to fight

Whispers of water

Touch the base

Nothing left untouched

Leaving no space

I see my shadow

Follow the path of sail

I see my soul

Cry out and wail

Oh please let me

Be strong when alone

Let someone see

Where I have shone

For I was not put

Here to crumble you know

I was but a seed

Intended to grow

I turn a way from

The picture I see

And pray to God

I accept what  you want me to be.

Written by Terry Shepherd