Whispers In The Breeze

English: Willow Trees beside the Cam Within th...

Weeping willow trees

Are my favorite of all

Flowing gently in the breeze

Reaching fingers around me

Bring me comfort as I stand

Under your wings

Protected from all evil

No one can harm me

As I hide within your beauty

I watched you from afar

One day not long ago

I thought of the prior

Times I used to sit

Beside you thinking

Some day I will

Myself be buried next to you

But instead today

It is not my turn

To rest in forever peace

For today as I watch your

Flowing branches

I don’t feel the peace

I have always known before

Instead I hear the words

Of the minister giving

His last words of wisdom

Reminding me you are

In a better place

As tears cloud my vision

I can still see you

Off in the distance

Remembering the

Words I whispered only to you

I have to wait my turn

Because at this moment

I am placing your empty shell

Near the whispers in  the breeze .

Terry Shepherd


I have been thinking of you so much Dad as we are getting ready to prepare for another soul to come to rest. I love you Dad and miss you