FWF; Free Write Friday; Lyric Prompt

English: A male and a female holding hands.


“Oh yea, they say ‘life goes on’ long after the thrill of living is gone.”

This is one of my favorite Mellancamp songs, Jack and Diane leaves me pining for those free-write-friday-kellie-elmorelong-lost summers of youth and wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry.
What does this lyric mean to you?

Take me back, way back to my teen years. Life is grand. No worries, all fun, money in our pocket. Buying new records. Staying up all night at my girlfriend’s house. Talking the night away about  dreams of marriage and kids. Getting up early to go to our part-time job with no sleep. Still having time after work to go running around again. Oh these were the days.

Excitement of being asked out on a date. Knowing I was definitely not one of the original wall flowers. Experimenting with new make-up. I had to look much older than I was. Why? Who in the world knows. Hurry hurry hurry. Step right up! Be the first one to look 21 when you are only 16.

Walking out the front door of my parents home looking presentable. Before I exited my car door I had hiked up my skirt so I looked sexy. Guys really wanted to see those bare legs right? Was I inviting trouble? Maybe. Did I realize the strong message and trouble I could get into? Probably not.

Church camps and meeting that special boy. Holding hands at campfires. Promises to write every day that never held up over a week or two. The first pitter patter of the heart beating as I looked into his eyes.

Seventeen and not knowing too much about the world but dying to find out. Sneaking my boyfriend into the family home. Red cheeks, speeding heart, stirred feelings being shared between the two of us. Always an ear open to uninvited noises. A body that felt urges. Fires building up inside of us but fear keeping us always clothed.

Next I would be able to experience true love. The love that is spoken between eyes and touches. Love letters and ID bracelets showing we belonged to someone. We were spoken for. We were in love. Introductions to family members. Holidays together holding hands.

Parked cars on lover’s lane. Experimenting hidden avenues never being touched before. The rise of our breathing. Laughter that could be heard above the tabernacle. Promises to never part.

The most important questions of a girl’s life. Will you marry me? Living and loving on cloud nine. Dashing into each others arms. Passionate kisses and warm touches. Glowing face that was observed where ever I went.

Engagements, diamond rings, hopes for the future. What else could a woman dream of when she is in her late teens? While others finished college before committing to another soul, I was in a hurry.

I graduated from high school threw out all my ideas to go to college and got married. Before I was 21 I had my first child. By the time I was 26 I had my three babies. By the time I was 36 I had the first divorce decree in my hands. I felt my first real pain, my sorrow, my failure. Why had I rushed? What have I learned?

Now middle-aged I look back at Jack and Diane with a smile on my face of what used to be. I long for love and a slice of the freedom to dash into my lover’s arms. To have those days of no worries can never be the same, but I still carry hope to be holding the front door open to my home. To let my special man come into my house with no sneaking.