It Makes Me Sick

Today while was helping Al to feel the Christmas spirit, outside in the world it was gruesome. In our local news the headlines were, A School Teacher was involved in some form of sexual action with a student. There may have been touching.

This made me ill. How many days and days are we going to hear this? Why didn’t I run for the bathroom and vomit? Because we are getting used to hearing those ugly words. The police are keeping their lips sealed it is so brutal. The school is clamming up but did say they fired the person.

What about the student? Touching? It lets my mind wander? Was he/she hurt? Were they raped?

In another big headline, and I hate using this term like they do. It isn’t headline news. It is sick news. Another school shooting. What is going on? Can this all be blamed on the fact that God is being taken out of the schools? Should the parents be blamed? How do we fix this when the first thing the news does is go into detail about how the shootings happen. What ingredients, guns, forms were used. What a way to give another mixed up person bad ideas to get in the spot light.

Last week a girl who left her home was found in a woods and of course she was dead. She had been missing for some time. She was a teen attacked by a brutal sick person.

I just want to scream I am so sick of  hearing this. I can’t fix it, not all by myself. I don’t even know what it will take to fix the world. Maybe start all over, a new The words rape, brutal, shootings, teacher molestation, church sexual scandals, drugs, these all make me want to vomit, it all makes me sick, because I can’t fix it.