_Picture it & Write/ Ermiliablog

castleScary isn’t it, the thought of being left here all alone. No one to talk to, only the voices in your mind responding back to you.

Hidden a way from the rest of the world. No telephones, no modern technology. What will you eat? Where will you go to purchase it? No drop through drive inns. No formal restaurants to dine in.

How will you hide your nakedness? Can you take a quick run to Macy’s or Wal-Mart? This can be a mortifying  thought. The media have taught us we are not good enough the way we are. We must find the right style, the right brand name in order to walk out of our doors comfortably.

Would you and I give up and run and hide in some forsaken corner? Would we just rest our heads against our arms and weep into our own skin? Would we just give up and die?

Or could it be a beneficial time for us. Would spending a few days alone cause us to take our mind off of the world, and what it has taught us to take a better look at who we are?

Do you know who you are? Do you understand your purpose of having this short time here on earth? Why were we born? What are we supposed to be doing while we are visiting here on earth?

For me, getting a way from the hustle and bustle for only a short time could only improve the person I am. I may go into a bit of frantic for the first few hours. I may even throw myself a big pity party.

But with time I would have no other choice unless you think death is a choice, but to look at me. What am I capable of? Is there a learning experience I haven’t seen before?

The imagination that has been put on hold while we live with microwaves, boxed foods, fast cars, cell phones and computers, would have to be put back to work. Remember when we were children? Of course you do. Those are some of our happiest memories, or at least I hope they are.

We played Mommy with our babies. We took them for walks in their strollers. We had tea with them. We asked and answered our own questions. The imagination is a marvelous tool that we have let lay by the road side.

We would figure out how to eat. None of us really want to die, we just want to escape. Therefore we would learn how to go back and eat like Adam and Eve did. We would clothe ourselves from what nature provides us.

We would start asking ourselves questions and we would study until we came up with the answers. We would be able to determine what we liked and didn’t like about ourselves and change what we could.

For those of us who carry a little extra weight, I am sure we would lose it quite quickly due to not eating starches and sugars. We would walk more, we would once again become healthy as we were born.

We would come in  touch and focus on why we were brought here to live. We would figure out what our natural talents are. We would discover that in the end we are magnificent creatures. We wouldn’t need the approval of friends, and magazines plus the media to accept ourselves.

I actually believe we each would benefit in many ways, living in this mysterious, hidden place a way from all humans. Think about it my friends. Are you and I wrapped up in the advertising world? Do we need to step back, be by ourselves, take a break and rediscover who we are?