Let Us Hold Hands & Stand Strong

What do you think of when the word insane is spoken. Some nut case? A person of not right mind? Someone out of your own neighborhood?

The definition of insane is


[in-seyn] Show IPA




not sane; not of sound mind; mentally deranged.

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally deranged: insane actions; an insane asylum.

utterly senseless: an insane plan.
Can this word also be used as a trump card for getting out of the consequences of decisions we make?
It seems to me that people who shoot others with no thought but to harm or kill use this term loosely. Or maybe it is the avenue lawyers enjoy taking in order to win a case.
The mother not far
Hawaii Kauai I - The myth is there

from my home town has been on the news of late. Somehow her two boys ended up in a shut trunk of her car. With it being in the middle of summer the boys died. Will she be able to say she was insane? Or maybe too busy to notice her kids were not with her? I believe and I may be wrong, but she was at the time carrying in groceries or laundry from the car. Her reasoning was that the boys played in the car frequently. The neighbors stated they had seen the boys playing in the car before.

Why didn’t the neighbors say something? Speak up for God’s sake, save a life, get involved. Why are we so afraid of getting involved? Afraid we won’t be the likable person in the neighborhood any longer? Afraid someone will come hurt us for speaking up?
Do we not have God’s shield protecting us when we are trying to protect others? These two boys are gone forever. There is no bringing them back. Can we think for just one minute what was racing through those little ones minds as their life was being ripped a way from them?
The gentleman or person or man who shot all of those 12 people in the movie theatre is now considered insane. Does this mean he will get off the hook? Does it mean he may sit in a secured lock-down unit for the rest of his life with three meals, a shower and a color television? Will he be able to spend time in a library and earn a degree while he is incarcerated?
Will the families of those killed feel better knowing that the person that snuffed out their loved ones lives that the criminal is insane? Can they forgive him while they heal to be able to move on with their lives dealing with the empty seat at the dinner table?
Is this an excuse or are there that many insane people running around our own towns we live in? If this is true, what is causing all of the insanity? I don’t know the answers, but I can loosely wonder was the mother on drugs when she was carrying that child? Was the family so deprived of love and attention that the child had to get attention, even if it meant getting negative attention?
It really bothers me what is happening today. Nothing is a surprise anymore. Planes tearing down buildings, mass murders, rapes, stalking, court laws not staying updated for our years we live in now. Lawyers making big bucks to get the criminals off any way they can?
What is going on? Is Satan so much smarter than we humans can not even begin to figure his ways? His goals are cemented, but the means of which he uses to get people on his side certainly freaks the crap out of me.
When is it going to hit home? So close we can say he/she lived next door. We spoke to them while waiting in line at the grocer. We dined with them just last week. I talked to them about our kids having a sleep over on Friday.
God is what we need. We need our amour on, fully dressed ready to fight. We need a shelter to run to, which is God’s arms. Let him wrap his arms around us and keep us safe. Let us go to him with all of our concerns. Let us hold hands together as neighbors, communities, cities and states. Let us pray and stand strong on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.