I usually  wake up in a good mood. I  do my best in the mornings. One thing I  don’t  do first thing is smile. You know the routine. Wake up ,  stand,  scratch your head or butt, or both. Go to the bathroom .  Brush your hair and teeth.

Staggering  to the kitchen with slippers  and house coat  on,  you turn the coffee pot on. You look out the window while the coffee is being made. You ponder on what the day will bring and what you need to do.

Grabbing your cup of steaming java, you head for the kitchen chair or maybe the couch. You take your first sip and let out a sigh as the flavor passes over your pallete. You may turn the TV on or you may hit up Facebook .

After being renewed by the caffeine ,  you smile at yourself  that you made it this far without  tripping over your feet, or coughing until you wet yourself.

Well for me, I smiled as soon as I  walked into the bathroom. No, it wasn’t  because  I  saw my reflection  in the mirror. I  smiled because I  saw this little cutie sitting on the bathroom  counter. I had no choice but to smile at the Elf on the Shelf who had just pooped out a Hershey Kiss. You realize at that moment that it’s  the  little  things in life that can make your day happier.


A Deep Love

She was tough. She was the glue on the frame, held together by years of pain, experience and love. He was the gentle bear. He was hard working. He had a caring heart. Together, they made a promise to love, honor and cherish.

Four children were born from nights split with crying hearts, of moving one step forward and two back, and nights filled with love and promise of good things to come. Comfort in each others arms brought together the family who resided on 20 acres of a well-trod  wilderness, surrounded by magnificent greens and when the earth stood silent, the sounds of the stream could rock you into a gentle peace.

Early morning smells of biscuits and steaming coffee, were received  as words of thanks were given to the one above for the sun shining down upon them. Requests made for their bodies to be used for the purpose of good works.

On Sundays a basket with stained, thread-bare cloth covered the food that was made the day before. With excitement the children did their chores eagerly, knowing that after Sunday church had ended; a walk to the creek was in store.

Taking their worn shoes and holy socks off, wading in ankle-deep, cool water was just as good as father bringing home a penny candy for each of them after a long trip to town selling the crop for the highest dollar.

It was this particular Sunday that God had a plan. He needed father. The children were skipping stones. Giggles could be heard bouncing from branch to branch. Mother sat next to father, who was resting on the checkered blanket.

One eye on the children, the other shared with the view of  the white, puffy clouds; she thought about how life couldn’t be better than this. Thoughts were interrupted as father quickly scooted off the blanket.

He grabbed at his leg and when she looked where he was holding it, the trickle of blood seeped through the trousers and colored his hands. The sounds that escaped her mouth brought running children and they stood around amazed and quiet at what they were seeing.

Weakness took over and the gentle heart beat softly and then silence fell upon all. The eldest child ran for help and soon strong hands helped carry him to his bed. The doctor came and with unspoken words told each the thoughts already known.

Neighbors near and far gathered for comfort. Songs of hope were sung. Food was brought over daily. Hugs, handshakes and words were spoken of anything that needed to be done,  please call on them.

She sat in the candle light watching the sun set. The children were snuggled in bed. Their sleep came with difficulty. Everyone in the house missed the figure at the head of the table.

She thought about the day that lay ahead and the decisions that would be made by her alone. She lowered her head and asked God for strength. She cried tears of missing her man, and she knew in that moment she was not alone.

On one shoulder she felt the warmth of God letting her know he would not leave her side. The other side brought a familiar touch that was firm, yet with love. It flowed deep through the veins and deep within her heart. He was with  her. She could almost smell the scent of his clothes. She could faintly see the mist of his smile.

She lifted her head and looked out the window. The sun had set, darkness came upon her, but far above through her paned window, she saw the star. The twinkling star of hope and realization that tomorrow would be alright.






Words For The Soul

Walking down the street, seeing no one. Thoughts racing in my mind. I didn’t see the man in front of me. I walked right into him. Quickly my mind came back to the moment. I apologized with a sheepish grin. Totally embarrassed at what I had just done.

The man in front of me had a blank face. Had he not heard me? Was he that mad at me? I swear it was an accident. I don’t usually make such a fool of myself. I apologized again and placed my arm on his to show my sincere attitude. He jerked his hand a way.

I twisted my body placing my hand on my hip. Defense was my mode. I said, “Now look Mister, I said I didn’t mean to do it. I was just deep in thought and I didn’t see you standing here. In fact, you probably saved my life. I would have crossed the street not even aware that I was at the stoplight.”

Still no reaction. The face didn’t change. No anger showed. The man and I stood there for a few seconds, no one saying anything. Then I heard a bark. I looked toward the sound and saw a husky dog standing to the side of the man. The red collar and leash attached to the dog was wrapped on the man’s wrist.

I lowered my hand and stood more relaxed. I felt like a fool. The man couldn’t see me. He couldn’t hear me either. Hell I probably have this poor man scared half to death by now. Tears started streaming down my face as I realized the whole picture now.

I reached my hand down slowly and the dog sniffed my fingers. He let me pet his head and then I stood up and took the gentleman by the hand. I started to rub it to somehow show him I was not an enemy.

I wrapped my arm through his arm and pulling a bit on the leash I walked the man across the cross way. Once on the other side, the dog sat down. I let go of the man’s arm and I gave him a pat on the back. I did one step further and gave him a big hug. When I stepped back and looked at him I saw a smile. Two tears were dripping from his eye. I left them knowing he was safe in the dog’s eyes and walked on my way, forgetting my own problems and smiled at the warm sunshine.

woman and sun

Daily Prompt: Forever Young


If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Head on view of a Rotary Phone

I personally never want to drink of the fountain of youth. I have one life to live, and I should live it to the fullest, but to look young for my entire life is an awkward piece of the puzzle that would never fit. To live beyond my God given time is not an option I want to choose.

We are born with the softest skin. Everyone wants to touch a baby’s skin. We are always amazed at how our skin feels so much softer. As we grow, work and play our skin toughens from the environment. We gain knowledge from our parents, teachers and our own mistakes.

Each of us are amazed at the quick-moving of the electronics, medical break through’s  in life. In my own life span I have been amazed at how I am forced to use body lotions, special soaps and creams to try to recapture the youthful skin I once had.

I am able to look back and see the technology in progress. We had a rotary phone. It was  heavy, ugly, and had a dial on it. Today there are cordless phones, cell phones, phones on computers, Ipods, Ipads. You name it we have it.

When I was a child a doctor made a house call. Yes, really, a doctor brought with him a big black bag and he came to you in your room and checked you out and even carried his medications with him. Today, you can sometimes sit for two hours waiting to see a doctor, and then the visit itself may last five minutes. I can’t even swear if he saw you on the street today he would recognize you. If you have that wonderful doctor today, cherish him.

We are numbers today. We are labeled by social security numbers. Phones are answered by automatic machines. It is very hard to be able to move through the system to actually talk to a live voice.

Families are falling apart. There are many families today being led by one parent. Also children from two prior marriages now live together Marriages are easy to obtain and too easy to tear apart by the judicial systems.

God is being taken out of every public office, schools, and it seeps out of our hearts. The three letters forming the one amazing God are being swept under a rug and stomped on daily.

Wars are an ongoing daily thing. We do not really react like our forefathers when a war comes once again. We have grown to accustomed to it. Finding the truth in our politics today can sometimes be a challenge. We find ourselves feeling out-of-place and at the back of the line as decisions are made for us and not with us.

Why would I want to drink from the fountain of youth? I don’t want to have skin like a baby’s behind when I am actually ninety years old. I don’t want to see how much more we can destroy our own gift of living on this land. I am not saying I am ready to leave my body today or tomorrow, but I am definitely not going to hang on to the slippery pole in order to see God taken out of this space. I want to meet him face to face.

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