Picture and Write It August 12, 2012


This is an exercise writing prompt, given by Ermilia. Thank-you for a chance to write for you.

He walked back over the bridge, the cool air hitting the warmth of the waters. He could not see the ripples but his ears tuned into the soft trickles wrapping its body around the edges of dry land.

His heart was broken, as the girl he had just walked away from had broken his heart.

He had moved to a foreign country to do some government work, and had laid eyes upon her beauty one evening at a pub. For him it was love at first sight, but for her, she took her time. Two different countries, two different cultures.

Every night that he had to work over, he would stop at the diner that was only two blocks from his office. She greeted him with a smile, as she led him to her section of tables, and without asking, she brought him a cold beer and sat it down in front of him with her infamous smile.

He looked into her pools of green eyes that shimmered with yellow specks mixed in with emerald. Her teeth were so white, that they reminded him of pure virgin. She was short and petite, and wore a bob for a hair style. Smooth skin that was olive. He wanted to reach out and touch it but kept his desires under control.

She would tell him the nightly specials and with in no time at all, bring his hot plate to him with another beer in her other hand. Flirting was against her upbringing, but when she was behind the counter, cleaning up others dining spots, they would both steal looks at each other and smile.

He learned to make excuses to stay late more and more, and she seemed to be always eagerly awaiting his arrival. One night after his meal was finished, he motioned to her to sit down for a moment. She looked around to see if her boss was near, and sat down for a moment, asking what did he need.

He asked her to meet him this coming Friday. There was a diner about two blocks from  his office going the other way, and he wanted her to sit and be waited on instead of the other way around. She looked him in the eye, seeming to consider his offer, and then softly shook her head in approval. He told her the time and they parted, knowing they would see each other again in a few days.

It was their first real date, and it went very nice, no hurrying or pushing, just taking time to ask many questions and getting to know each other. Their food was good, and she had to admit that it felt nice to sit for a change and not have to scamper off to wait on another. They talked into the evening, and before they both realized, it was time for her to go home.

Her parents were very strict, with strong rules. There was much work to be done at home and siblings to help take care of. He paid the bill and left the waitress a tip and helped her up out of her chair and they walked out of the door.  He asked her if he could walk her home, and she agreed to part way, and then they would have to go their separate ways.

He grabbed her hand, wanting to hold it in his, but she jerked it back shaking her head no, that someone could see them. He didn’t argue, but told her at their corner, that he had a wonderful time and he would like to see her again. She smiled and looked up at him, causing him to melt and they agreed to meet once again the next Friday at this same restaurant.

This went on for several weeks, but one night on the way to their departing corner, he pulled her into the shadows of the buildings and he kissed her. At first, she didn’t respond out of fear, but soon her body gave in and she returned his kiss.

From that moment on it was a magical ride for the two of them. Every moment was spent in the shadows getting to know each other intimately. They proclaimed their love for each other and promised they would never part.

After months had gone by and they had proven to each other their love, he asked her to marry him and she said yes. They sealed it with many kisses and spent well into the evening making passionate love to one another, vowing their bodies to each other.

They set a date for him to meet her parents and so that he could ask for her hand in marriage. The time arrived and he knocked firmly on the door of her and her parents house, and she met him with sadness in her eyes. He took one glance at her face and asked her what was wrong. She said that she had told her parents about the two of them and how much in love they were, and that she had found the man she wanted to marry. She told them that she would go back to his home state and they would have children and make her parents proud, but they were not proud.

He gave her a quick peck on the nose and told her not to worry, that he would talk to her parents and would explain how he felt about their daughter, and how much he loved her and would take good care of her.

She led him into the living room where the parents sat in opposite chairs, awaiting for his arrival. They nodded for him to sit, and then listened with blank faces as he pronounce his love for their daughter.

They told him it was not their custom to allow their children to marry out of their religion and cultures, that he seemed like a very nice young man, but they were sorry the answer had to be no. They could not be disgraced like this in their own country. They asked him to now leave and to not look their daughter up anymore and to go home.

There was no arguing, because children did not argue with parents where she came from. With tears in her eyes, and he with a broken heart, she walked him to the door, and let him outside to leave. Before leaving, he took her in  his arms and gave her a kiss that was like no kiss she had ever received. He vowed to her right there, that somehow they would get around this, and she looked at him with her green pools filled with tears, and confessed that this would never happen.

He took one last glance and touched her olive skin and turned around, not daring to look back and made his way across the bridge.