What’s a Gal Supposed to do Next?

Rules of Dating

I slept in this morning and I think that helped me. I tried to stay busy and not think of Al as much. I spent the first three hours a wake trying to get rid of those squirrels. They are wanting the bird seed. I yelled at them through the kitchen window. I squirted them with my water bottle. This only worked twice and then they got smart.

I hit two of my pots and pans lid together. That worked great the first time but not after that. I finally broke down and took the contraption back to the store I bought it from yesterday and said, “Just give me my money back. I give up.”

They chuckled and said,” Now you are ready for the boss.” They showed me this bird feeder that when a squirrel tries to sit on it a spring drops down and the openings for the bird seed are shut. They can’t eat. Yeah, this has got to work!

Then I went to the eye doctor and had my eyes checked. My one eye had changed just enough to change the prescription. I picked out some new frames and I should be set to go one day next week.

Then I decided to think “me” for the next hour. I had to get groceries. I kept my head and eyes up and focused on the foods I was needing to get but also the people I passed. It was very interesting what I saw.

The first gentleman that I saw that was waving at me was the old guy from the tire store. Remember me telling you about him the other day? He asked me if I still remembered his name and I shook my head yes. He said, ” Call me Terry. Let’s get together.” I smiled at him and nodded. I looked his outfit over since my head and eyes were now at people level. He had dirty old holy tennis shoes on. Holes in his baggy jeans and a camouflage jacket on with a matching hat. I still can’t make myself get interested. His hair was all greasy. I am sorry. Maybe first looks are that important.

I told him to have a nice day and Easter and went about getting groceries. The store was pretty packed, but I kept moving through the aisles. Of all the people I noticed and passed three guys smiled at me.

I do have to be honest here and admit I was tuning in on the hotties in the store, no women or kids need to apply. One guy particular held my eyes and smile. This stayed this way until we passed each other. He was younger than me, I could tell, but boy oh boy was he a cutie. Two other guys smiled and one of them said hi to me. The last one that smiled was when I was walking to my car to unload the cart. He was right across from me doing the same thing in his car.

I spotted him first and he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and then we did our own things. When I took the empty cart back to the rack, I could feel him watching me. When I turned around facing him again, he smiled again.

Now I am not gorgeous dame but these three guys smiled and I knew they were being friendly. But I am so out of date on the dating scene, I didn’t know what to do next. So I lost out on three hotties at the grocery store because I am too dumb to know the next move.

The Four Letter Word

Pretty brunette.

If I wear black tight pants

Will you stand and chant

Will you look at me

And be able to see

The tall black boots

With four-inch roots

Skinny tight shirt

With an over skirt

Naval playing peek a boo

Diamond studs that come in two

Long wavy brunette hair

Sort of messy I don’t care

Got this weight to go a way

Feeling better every day

I see you looking ore my way

You didn’t do that yesterday

Now confidence has come to me

Letting me do all I can be

Thank-you mirror for what I see

A brand new body a brand new me.

Terry Shepherd


Are You Content?

Sunny day, no clouds, no unexpected news today, and yet here I sit, anxious, stressed out, insides are shaking, but still on the outside. Going about my day, doing my usual works. Neck is hurting, legs are restless. I need to get out of here. I need to experience something new in my life. This month is my birthday. Time is slipping away from me. I feel like I have not done that much with my life. Who will remember me? What have I done that is so special that when my death is mentioned, they will say, do you remember when she did this, or said that, or produced this? A birthday to me no longer means a birthday gift. It is a reflection of my life and what I have accomplished. God wants me to love and follow him. To love thy neighbor as myself. I feel like I work at this each day, but it is still not enough for me. I want something else. A relationship with someone who loves me? A brother that I can heal? New house, car? What material thing is there that could satisfy me to point of never needing or wanting another thing in my life. Nothing. Materialism is not the answer. I have to be content with the fact that every TV show I see, or ad I read in a magazine is not necessarily for me. I don’t have to be the perfect size 2. I don’t have to have a designer label in every piece of clothing I wear. I don’t have to have a Mercedes in my drive way, nor a million dollar home. I need one close confidant/friend in my life. I don’t need to be the center of attention and invited to every social outing in town. I need to accept that God made me. I am perfect in his eye. He accepts me for my weight gain or loss, whether I eat organic or not. Whether I have sweats on or designer jeans. He made me who I am so he can work miracles through me. This is my job, my goal. I need to tune out what society is trying to sell, and learn to quit stressing out. To calm down. To enjoy the day. To be glad I am who I am and where I have been placed.