You See That Mountain Over There?

One of these days

Prostredný hrot mountain, Tatra Mountains, Slo...


I’m gonna reach

The top of

That mountain

Over there, do you

See it, the one there

With all the ridges

Where my trials

Have been heavy

And rocky at times

But there are some

Smooth grassy spots

Yeah, right where

You’re pointing

Those are the

Marks of where

Jesus took my

Hand and guided

Me through the

Wild brush

You see, no matter

How tough life is

Or how sick we feel

We are never really

Alone although we

Feel like we are

Just whisper the

Sweet words of Jesus

And he will guide

You each step

Of each day

Terry Shepherd


Who Is This Man

Holding Hands shadow on sand

I heard one day a man conversing with another that when you are in a situation you feel you can’t get out of all you have to do is call upon his name. Who’s name? Who is this man you were speaking of?

I am sitting here on this park bench watching people walk by. Some are holding hands. Others I see are walking with minds far a way. Kids running and skipping. Bikes whizzing by.

No one stops near me. No one cares do they? Does this man care about me? I really doubt it. I have not been a good person. I fell off the way side years ago. I don’t think this person I heard them talk about would want to bother with me.

You see I laid my life aside to have what my body craved. I chose the bottle over my own wife and kids. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. It called to me, the pull of pouring one more drink down my gullet was the driving factor for which I traded places with commitments for desires.

A man with such authority and power surely doesn’t touch the likes of me. My life is void. I was found in a gutter one day by a man in a uniform. I was taken in and placed behind metal bars. When I was finally released by my own empty promises that I would get help, I walked into an empty frame that was once my home.

The kids toys were no longer on the floor. The smell of my wife’s perfume had vanished. All I could inhale of memories reminding me that I once lived here was my two suitcases standing tall by the living room door.

They had left me. The woman I had fallen in love with during my college days had no more hope to cling to. She had taken my two precious babies and ran. I can still remember the days of yesterday. I bowed and kissed my wife’s brow. Resting in her arms were two precious lives that I had helped create. I felt more love in me at that moment than I had every experienced my entire life.

Now that I stood here hearing my children’s voices echoing in my mind I lay down and wept. I had screwed up. I had become what the town called the “town drunk.” Was this really me? Had I let that first drink turn into another? How could one person make such a mess of his own life with only the help of one lonely  bottle?

I stood and walked through the empty house, reaching out and touching where picture frames once hung. I could see where the Christmas Tree had sat so many times. Walking up the stairs, the same path as my children ran day after day, now holding only ghosts who stand back and wickedly laugh at me.

I stand in the door way of the room of my wife. I can see her walking towards me with tears in her eyes as I came home one more time too late. I always promised her I would never do it again and she would comfort me with kisses and I would wipe her tears with my lips.

Movie clips running through my mind of the times when we came together in this room. Promising to love no other, I had broken the golden rule and had become a slave to another. I walked back down the stairs running my hands on the rail. Trying to touch any remnants of my children that may still be lingering.

I opened the front door and picked up my two bags and I looked back once again hoping that I am only having a bad dream. But alas, no one answers. No one looks my way. I close the door behind me and I walk to the park.

Who is this man who you were speaking of? Can he talk to me too? For I am empty in heart and my mind is cracked. I need help. I bury my head in my hands and I try to cry only unto myself. The tears flow and my body is shaking. I can not stop it for it feels as though I am losing all control over my own thoughts and feelings.

A gentle hand is touching my shoulder. I look up and over my quivering fingers. My eyes covered with mist look into the eyes of the one man I heard speaking. He sits down beside me and I find myself being coddled by him.

I look up into his face and I ask, “Who is the man who I over heard you talking about to your friend? Do you think you could ask him to help me too? I have messed up my life so bad. I have lost my wife and my kids. I have nothing now but these two suitcases. Do you think he can help me? Can you take me to him?”

This kind stranger stands up and takes one suitcase in his hand. I pick up the other one. He takes a step forward asking me to follow. I do not ask questions but do as he requests. In but a few short minutes I find myself kneeling with this man beside a long bench.

I look at him with his kind eyes and he gazes up towards the colorful big window. I follow his gaze and there I find the most beautiful window I have ever seen. There is a man standing in the middle. He has a staff he is holding. He has a halo surrounding his hair. Dressed in a white garment and leather sandals I feel a hint of peace come over me.

The man looks back at me and with the most gentle voice speaks, “Here is the man who can help you. All you have to do is ask. His name is Jesus Christ. He wants to help you.” I bring my hands together and the man places his hands over mine. At this moment, at this precise second, I am about to change my entire life by only asking.

I May Do Battle But I Will Win

Jesus H. Christ

Jesus H. Christ (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

Bullies, people who pick on the weaker of mankind. Receiving a temporary rush of power over the human race. Children crying and hitting over wanting to keep the toy they have. Showing their distaste in someone taking what they believe is theirs.

Married couples getting divorces over hurt feelings. Words thrown at each other as daggers. Aiming at the heart ripping it in half. The first place many go is to the courts to get rid of the pain. Of course there are many valid reasons to divorce. I am speaking mainly of couples who argue and head for the judge’s room.

Mid-life crisis. Relationships can become dull and listless. One or both begin to feel threatened by their age. Looking but not speaking the words that would penetrate to understand  the feelings of being lost in the world. Cheating seems to be one way of obtaining the eyes of the mate.

What do we do when we are faced with pain or hurt? Will we fight to the end for what may or not be in our opinion that we are the only one who is right? How far would you go to defend what you know in your heart is right? Would we give up and give in so not to be bullied, be alone, or cheated on?

Do we act like Jesus? Do we go the extra five miles? Will we go to any expense to show others that the way we are living is right and the only way? We will we do the impossible to save a soul from going to heaven?

What if Jesus was mocked and stoned and laid down his staff and turned his back on the people to save his own hurt and pride? When he was made to carry his own cross that he knew would lead to his death did he get so afraid he turned and ran?

Jesus loved us so much. He obeyed his Father’s every command. He knew what was going to happen. He knew the torture he would feel with each word of cruelty being spoken. Every stone thrown, every whip piercing his back. Drawing blood and open sores. Yet he did what he knew was right. He loved us so much he could not turn his back on us.

There is always a prize at the end when we stand up for what is right. When we turn the other cheek. When we take the ridicule of others who don’t care or do not understand. We may not know as Jesus did what reward stands at the end of the path. For us it will show others are strength in our beliefs.

For Jesus his reward was to rise and live forever with his Father. He wanted each of us to have the chance to be saved from Satan. The best is yet to come. We struggle, we fight, we argue. We do what we can to make it to the prize just out  of our reach.

My heart is bursting from knowing that some time many years ago a man loved me so much that he died for me. All I had to do is believe. Can you imagine that? Just believe that Jesus and God are real. Believe that God is with us through every second of the day. Watching over us helping us to make it to the end of our journey.  Just because we never saw the Crucifixion does not mean it never happened.

We believe in fairy tales and Santa Clause and even the Tooth Fairy. So why not believe in something so much taller and more powerful than any of these? I thank-you God for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross. To be forgiven of my sins is the greatest gift I could ever dream of. Thank-you for loving me for I am such a miserable sinner. But now I am saved and to know that at the end of this journey I will be seeing your face, holding your hand in mine is something I ponder on as I fight the daily battles of living here on earth.

Daddy’s Girl

Countless Drops

Bouncing on Daddy’s knee

Was the first thing I would see

Each morning as I awoke

To take on a new day.

She was the love of his life

Right next to his wife

Her giggles infected him

Made his day a bit brighter.

He was a fireman by trade

Countless lives he did save

A job not many wanted

But he’d received the call.

Baby girl waited  by the door

But her Daddy came never more

As Jesus called him home

He had put out his last fire.

For days following the tears

Husband and Daddy remained dear

Memories never forgotten

As they walked through each day.

The photo on the floor

Sitting next to the door

Where Daddy’s girl would sit

Waiting for him but never more.

Terry Shepherd



I Lost A Friend

Heart of Jesus

I was so distraught today when I received an email notification from a friend that I used to speak to several times a day here at WP. It was her husband informing me that Sara had taken her life.

My heart broke in to many shattered pieces. I could hear them breaking into tiny puzzles as they hit the floor. My heart went out to the husband as I was reading this short to the point post.

Why? Why did this happen? Although, I am the last one to understand what was actually going on inside her head, I hoped with all my might, that I may at least bring some comfort to her at the point in time of her need.

What allows us to believe that our life is so worthless that the only choice we see in front of us is suicide? What right do we have in the eyes of God to take our own life? I am speaking as a Christian woman here. Some of you may agree and others may not. This is alright. It will not destroy in any way the feelings I carry about you my friend.

I, myself have been so sad for the past few months. There is a light layer of my soul that can understand a person believing there is no way out. Sara blogged and clung to us bloggers just as I do. None of us are guaranteed an easy life. The road we walk until death comes to take us is filled with rocks to climb over and plenty of dips to sink in.

The dips that we fall into are when I try even harder to look towards Jesus Christ. He is the only way to keep from drowning into the pit of death. I believe God wants us to lean heavily on him. He reaches both arms out and we are to take a hold of each one and let him lift us up.

Some of us in this world do not believe in God. Others question if there is even a God out there. I have found over and over that when the dip we fall into is too deep, God reaches his hands farther down and with one request of help me Lord, he will save us.

It breaks my heart for Sara. She and I spoke often about God. She wasn’t sure. She questioned his existence. But, the important thing was she was thinking about it. She was reading the verses. She was searching the word. I don’t know where her mind was at the time she took her life, but I hope that she now has peace and is in God’s hands.

I love you Sara, and I will miss you greatly.

It Scares The Hell Out Of Me!

Jesus H. Christ

Jesus H. Christ (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

I don’t mind using the term, it scares the hell out of me. I sit with my mouth opened, watching the noon news, and observing the words and video of the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. The random shooting was during the movie Batman.

This is not a preach blog, but an eye opener to all of us who wonder about our futures. It doesn’t matter to me what religion you practice, or how many times you pray or even if you go to church or not.

What concerns me, is what I know, and don’t say, as a tiny dot on this enormous earth. My beliefs that I personally try to follow, living day-to-day lives. I see devastation everywhere. Messes that can not seemed to be cleaned up. People seeming to do crazy things to harm others.

We are in trouble in my opinion. The only way out is to accept Jesus Christ, and make him your most important thought, every single day. To be able to escape this world and get my soul into heaven where I will see no more tears, anguish, and sorrow, is a plus in my eyes.

In my thoughts, I see the more we take God out of the world, the more the devil is welcome. He can sneak into any crack, left open. He can come into our own families, our work, our streets. He will use any means, and all of his power, to change your thinking. He can lure you into thinking that you are doing something that will be alright and you will not be held responsible for any actions.

I have seen news media where Americans do not place their hand over the heart, when saying the pledge of allegiance. I have seen schools taking away the privilege of saying prayers in school.

Groceries are out of this world in prices. Families finding themselves wondering how they are going to feed their children. Jobs are being taken away or lost if you voice your opinions in the wrong tone. Apartments and homes being rented for a price so high, because of high taxes and or greed.

When are we going to stop and hold hands and stand together for what is fair and right? Can we go back in time to when a hand shake finalized a deal? Where trust is formed out of words and not sealed on a paper? Can we unlock our cars at night or leave our houses unlocked during the day hours?

Killings going on all over for no good reasons. Sickness coming back rapid, that was once thought to be ended. Countries mad at each other, wars constantly being fought, and does anyone really know the reasons why it was started in the beginning?

It scares the hell out of me to see this beautiful planet we live on, being put through turmoil. God says to love one another, clothe your neighbors back as you would your own. Treat your neighbor as you want to also be treated.

We need to spread the word of God even faster than we have done in the past. We need to let everyone know, that we need God to be taken seriously once again, before we are lifted off of this earth.  I want to know what is going to happen to me when my body lies lifeless in the ground. I do not want any questions to enter my mind on my death-bed, about where I am going.

Lord help us all, let us see your arms reaching out to us. Let us believe that you are the only way, and that all other ways are false. Keep me safe in your arms Lord, never leave my side. Help me to be a witness to others who have never heard your name. Please give me the ability to be there for others in needs, but to also be able to recognize false prophets in disguise. Amen.

I Believe

I know that I have Jesus living with me, and I also know that I don’t understand many things about life. I realize I am a simple-minded person, but I believe, and to me, this is what matters most. I don’t understand the whole idea of why others and my brother suffer, I don’t understand the reasons behind it, but I believe.

Here are some photos to help someone questioning if God is here among us. I hope you enjoy.