Separated and Together

The sky is broken

Divided horizons

Colors of blue

And white

Mark the lines

I look ahead

To see my path

To know the

Journey I am

To walk today

As I cuddle you

In my arms

And hold you tight

I kiss your nose

Don’t cry

Little one

For I won’t

Leave you also

I am your Mommy

And you and I

Will walk this

Life together

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt; Journey, DP, Daily Prompt

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Photographers, show us JOURNEY.newborn

I started out

As an innocent babe

Naked as a jay bird

Ten fingers

Ten toes

Smiles then giggles

Bottles then spoons

Playing with dolls

Scraped knees

First crush

First kiss

First marriage

Lord no one

Told me giving

Birth would

Hurt so bad

Divorce, does

It always

Have to hurt?


About myself

Lessons in trust

Quiet house

Laughter from


Aches and pains

Stiffness set in

Friends dying

Lonely heart

Missing loved ones

Making new friends

This is the journey

Of my life.

Terry Shepherd

05/28/2013class reunion