As the Song goes, The Show Must Go On!

It is a pretty common fact that when you get good news, you went through bad news prior. Well, in some ways this is the way it happened for me too. I just wanted to drop a little line and ask for prayers for calmness and bravery.

For the next few days I will go through something hard, and then enjoy the rewards of being a big girl. LOL Tomorrow is where the prayers come in. I am driving to the dentist with my big girl panties on; but as I walk through the cold, heavy metal doors, my stomach will knot up, my legs and teeth will chatter and I will feel faint as I get a tooth pulled.

I am not getting all of them pulled. I have delayed that part. I didn’t want to go home with a mouth full of pain and I would be no joy to be around. I can always be that way after the holidays.  I went to the dentist in the beginning because a large filling cracked and I am going to have that particular tooth pulled in the morning. So pray that I remain strong and that big girl I described above.

My reward will be; the next day I get to leave with my daughter and family to head back to Indiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Yes, I am overly excited I guess, but why not? I haven’t seen my two sons and their families since Sept. 29th. Have I been in Russellville, Ky that long? Yup, I guess so.

So as the song goes, on with the show!!!!

I Have a Dream

emerald_river-1280x800I have a dream

I carry within my heart

It helps me to continue

While we are apart.

I have a dream

I see the stars

I see the moon

And every where you are.

I have a dream

I will see your face

I will touch your lips

Your love I shall taste.

I have a dream

No more lonely nights

No pillows with tears

Only joy and delight.

I have a dream

And this carries me through

Until the day arrives

And I am standing with you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



A Dedication Song To All of You

Day 100 - You Light Up My Life

For all the love you bring into my life. For all the prayers when I only need to ask. For the tears that you wipe from my eyes. For accepting me without questions. I dedicate this song to all of you, my wonderful friends, followers and visitors.

FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

fwf-badge-pinkTime & Place:
You find yourself in an elevator. The door closes and you see only five buttons. A sign hangs above them that reads: “Find Happiness.” Each button is a different color. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow. There are no other instructions and you must push one to get the elevator to move. Which color do you choose and why? Where does it take you?



I would pick the blue one because blue is tranquil. It must surely lead me into doors of peace and joy.

I opened the door

And walked into quietness

All I could see were  more doors

Long halls no hanging pictures

Dingy gray carpet with the

Palest green walls I had ever  seen

Have I made a mistake

Were my instincts wrong

I want peace but not lonliness

Maybe I should leave so I

Turn back but the doors are frozen

As if bidding me farewell

Reminding me I am all alone

Sitting on the floor

With knees drawn to chest

I cry in my arms as I

Realize  another error

Was thrown at me

I looked about

Realizing I could not go back

Standing hearing my own breathing

I walked the corridor as

If I am standing on clouds

All the doors looked the same

As I went down one way then another

As I stood trying to make a right choice

I see one door that has a mark

Walking closer I see that an x

Is centered as on a dart board

I place my fingers gently on the knob

And feel the heat radiating piercing my fingers

I can’t let go I have already began

No more thinking no more choices

Turning the knob in hopes

Of making little  noise

I walk in and grabbing

The wall I use my hands

To guide myself down to the floor

Unstoppable tears flow freely

My body shakes uncontrollably

Warm and tender arms wrap

Themselves around me

Sucking me in to their

Love gently standing me up

And I am in awe as I

Stand there staring into

The familiar faces

Of loved ones passed on

Terry Shepherd