Senior Moments and Me

Terry, 2014Yep, you guessed it. This is the real me. The one who was happy to be getting out of the house today for a while.

My friend and I went to run some of her errands, and then went  out to eat for lunch. We went to Ulta and a small shop that I have mentioned many times before, called Home Sweet Home.

It felt good to be out but what gave me the biggest laugh of all since my friend has been here was the Senior Moment at the local Post Office.

I just have to tell you and yes, I got her permission to share the funny story.

We started off by her needing to go to the bank to get money to send to two of her friends. One was retiring and the other was having a birthday. She gets her money and then we head to the post office.

Of course she and I are chatting and not really paying too much attention to anything but the cars on the road. We go through the drive-thru at the postal center and she takes the two envelopes and places them in the mail slot.

Then she looks at me and she says something I have never heard in my 39 years of knowing her. She said, Son of a _____! Of course I stopped talking immediately and with big eyes I asked her what had happened.

She stated she had put those two envelopes in the drop box without the funds and had not even sealed them in the end. So there we were, sitting in the mail parking lot trying to figure out a way to get out of this.

I felt helpless and she was mad as all get out at herself. I think she even referred to herself as being so darn stupid!!! Finally she gets out and stomps in to the lobby and nicely and with a smile tells the workers what silly thing she had done.

Well luck be with her, the postal worker took her out to the loading area and unlocked the box and my friend reached in and retrieved the two envelopes. My friend deposits her gifts into the envelopes and licks and seals them tight.

Instead of taking them and dropping them once again into the big blue box, the postal worker takes them out of her hand and tells her she will just take them inside and put them in their rightful spot.

I tell you that was the nicest hint I ever heard. The postal lady could have said,  hey lady, you already proved you are having a Senior Moment, so let’s not make the same mistake twice.

When my friend was back in her driver’s seat I sat there and laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Not all, but a lot of tension that had been building up just let loose like a laughing hyena.

We continued on our journey and enjoyed our lunch and our shopping. I have great memories of her past two weeks, but as I said all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow bright and early she will be heading back to her home.

She may come back or depending on the snow, she will hopefully be here when that day comes that Al goes to heaven.