My Work Is Never Done

Saw Blade

Up at dawn I could not sleep

Al was in  pain way too deep

Crew was here to build the ramp

And all I wanted to do was take a nap

Shower girl showed up on time

Wish she would come sometime after nine

Cali, the kitty was all wound up

Too many people, she was running a muck

Saws and hammers is all I heard

Couldn’t even hear my tiny little birds

After the crew went home for the day

I wanted to go outside and enjoy the rays

But there was finishing work that need to be

Cleaned up and things that I could see

No play time for me, only Al and Cali got that

I heard cracks and moans on my poor old back

I swept and moved furniture back in its place

I felt like I was running in some old lady’s race

It was dusk when I walked into our front door

The kitty was sleeping and Al was half on the floor

He was trying to get up to go potty he said

But his legs would not move, and I think they were dead

I waited to see if he was going to fall

I was not dressed to go to  the emergency hall

He made it in his time without a hitch

I thought to myself that life is a bitch

Back to the couch he made it once more

And I went to the shower, and threw my clothes on the floor

The water running over me felt oh so good

I didn’t want to leave but I knew that I should

My smokes and my coffee are here in front of me

And now I’m here with you, just as it should be