The Addendum

Sitting here in my bedroom, thinking of the changes I have gone through in the last week; brings me to the conclusion that life doesn’t stop for most of us. We just walk through a different door.

The one marked with the usual trademark that we recognize as our own soul, has been modified to add new dimensions to what we once knew life to be. We get used to our surroundings. We can even take for granted the routines that we have built for sometimes years.

We open a door that seems familiar to the tongue as we roll off our name, but when we walk inside, something is different. It is a house that we recognize that has four walls, some windows, wall decorations. Perhaps there are pets, or different sounds that we recognize but yet feel unfamiliar to our being.

We tiptoe lightly, trying to make sure we aren’t wrinkling something that has been running so smooth. We all of a sudden point to ourselves and ponder on how to manuever our own concepts into a place where ideas have not yet been born.

Not wanting to interrupt and yet needing to belong, we carefully and ever so gently walk through the tall grasses, making new prints that have been molded for only us, and we take the time to not cement our thoughts for fear they could be misunderstood or rejected.

A smile comes from across the room. We catch it by showing our gratitude and returning our own clumsy smile, not wanting to show our own nervousness. We let out a silent breath, and we tuck in the goodness that was just shown.

We give thanks to the good Lord above as we have conquered one day, today; and we pray for a new day to arrive with positive re-enforcement. I have made it. I walked through that strange door; the one with my name still attached, and at the end of my day, the door gently closes, and I smile to myself as I rest my head on my pillow.

rabbit 4


True Love

I had some errands to run today. It is nice and sunny and I believe the temperature is 41 degrees. Even living in a small town, the streets are busy with cars pulling into restaurants, getting groceries or washing their cars.

While I was at the grocery store I noticed a man hanging around this gal who was my check-out gal. After completing paying my bill, I said to her, ” This guy must know you or you have a stalker on your hands.”

She and I both laughed and the gentleman stepped up and said. ” I am her stalker. I stalked her until she finally said yes, she would go out with me. Then I stalked her all through our dating until she said yes, to my marriage proposal.”

All three of us laughed and then he said, ” Now we are happily married and I am responsible for that.” I looked in the direction he was pointing and noticed the clerk, his wife, was expecting. He reached over and patted her belly and I could see clearly that these two were crazy about each other.

I congratulated them and went on my way. I smiled as I remembered the days of past when I was in love and expecting my first child. Now that I am almost considered a Senior Citizen, I would love to still feel those butterflies in my stomach once again.

When I arrived home, I took my groceries in the house. After the last bag had been taken out of the car I heard a plane. I grabbed my camera and took a photo. It reminded me not to give up on life or love. The white, visible line is similar to our lives. It just keeps moving on, making new marks in the world.

plane line