I know I don’t usually post this late at night. My ears and eyes are on the news and then Joyce Meyers. I just finished up watching Joyce and thought I would check for the last time responses I wanted to reply to before going to bed. I really don’t want to turn into a pumpkin.

I was so happy with what I saw!followed-blog-1000-1x I saw this symbol. Wow, to me that is a lot of people!!!

I just had to share my joy with you that helped me to earn this.

Thank-you very much!!!!!tree 5

A Little Happiness With My Coffee

Just wanted to share with you, that in my notices today, I was informed that I now have five hundred followers. I wanted to stand up and do the rah rah rah!. Do cartwheels, high-five someone.

Don’t think this is me being a nut, getting overly excited about something so non-important, but to me, personally, it is telling me that I am being accepted by five hundred people. This has always been an issue with me since childhood, acceptance.

Now my writing has brought me full circle, by just being myself. No pretending, no being someone other than myself, and people have accepted. Wow, I am so happy about this. I did it! I have almost 45,000 likes and now this.

Thank you to all who follow, and to everyone for at least stopping by once to read about who I am! I placed the award symbol on my Award page, if anyone would like to visit it.