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Sliced Bread

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

Thanks for the great idea, crazydotcom!

There are probably loads of things that are the best thing since sliced bread; but I have to look at this in my world today. What is the best thing that is happening to me today, February 12, 2015?

Social media and the internet are the best things for me that is going on right now. Facebook is included in this and without a job, I am forced to remain more at home than I usually would be. When I can find nothing more to do I head to the internet. I have a lot of friends at FB. There are many MSA patients and caregivers that I can chat with.

I can build my own pages and share them with others. I have been able to help other people without leaving my home. If it were not for WordPress I would not be writing my stories or books. I can write poetry and share music and quotes.

The internet which is a doors wide open fantasy, allows me to research for jobs in my area. I can build, update online resumes.  I play Solitaire Blitz which is an excellent tool for my brain. Not only is it fun it is an exercise to keep my memory and mind sharp.

I was able to locate and comparison shop at Christmas time for gifts. The internet gives me a way to let others know I care or wish a Happy Birthday with the many free E-Cards.

If it weren’t for the internet I would not have discovered that my doctor had given me a medication that had an ingredient I was allergic too.

There is a dangerous part of the internet that I do not venture into. It opens doors to sometimes provoke or adds things to complicate lives. But, for the most part I find the internet and FB are a good avenue for someone who is at home more often than not.