A Writing Exercise From LinkedIn

I have been writing a few writing exercises from LinkedIn, and so decided to share a few here and there. Today’s was short for me, and sometimes they are longer. Here is the one I wrote for today.


I am my father’s daughter, because I act just like him, and look so similar, but he had qualities that some would choose not to like along with other wonderful things about him I admired. He was a perfectionist, and so am I. Learning that we can not be perfect in God’s eyes, shows me that I will never attain it either, but I keep trying. I have slowed down some through the years, and with aging, I have also picked up some new ones. One of the things my family I created was, we could not go anywhere for fun or socializing, unless our home was spotless. When I look at that today, I think how stupid is that, right? You can clean and clean and it will be right there again, waiting for you the next day. My dad was very creative,and could make something out of nothing, and he loved using his hands to work with wood. I am the same way. People are always amazed at how cheap I can decorate or make a piece of nothing into something, if I need it. My dad smoked, and through his life, he also smoked stinky cigars, after quad bypass and five years yet to live, he is no longer here. Am I going to be like my father and follow those foot step patterns also? I smoke.

Do You Know Me?

Twitter 6x6

If you saw me would you speak to me? If you didn’t read my words on my blogs, would you turn around and say hello?

We all have visions of people dancing in our heads. Some of us were programmed from our parents or families, explaining what type of friends to have. Others have made their own judgements as adults.

Would it make a difference to you, if I was thin or fat? Would you speak or laugh? Am I tall enough, to short. Is my house not huge, and my car too old? Do you prefer me to live on the right side of town?

My mother judged my friends by their last names and I find myself slipping into the same pattern. I catch myself, and try to stop it, and sometimes I win.

What about my clothes I wear, would you accept or sneer, or come close or back away?

Is it important to you that you have a title with your job? Must you feel that you need to fit in? What if the only job you could land was a janitor job, would you be content with this? Could you sit with me and carry on a conversation, knowing I clean toilets?

I have learned from the experiences of writing, that I do not know any of you. Neither do I know anyone who reads my stories on my Facebook, or Twitter, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, or any other sites that are out there to share with your life, but I have learned that age, what color you are, where you live, or work, doesn’t matter.

Jesus walked the earth, and talked to many. He never once thought that he should only pick nice areas, or people who dressed rich. Brand names on clothing was not an issue. He sat with many, and healed who asked. He didn’t stop to ask where do you work, what brand of car do you drive. He was accepting of all.

I have learned through the thousands of comments I read, that the people I feel connected to, the ones that draw me into their hearts, are people who love God, who don’t judge, condemn. Others have passed me by, and this is alright. God places people in my path of life  for reasons and its perfect timing.

Some I have come to love without knowing the face, or very little information. Some of you I would ache from within, if anything was to happen to you, and yet I do not know you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the people we knew in person, that live near or far away, could react towards each other, and accept us for who we are, and not try to change us?

I want to be like Jesus. I want to be a follower of him. He is the only way, the only direction, that makes any sense living here on earth.

I thank you my friends here at blogging world. I thank you for taking the time to read my words, to understand with your heart, and to accept me for all that I represent, without knowing who I am.

Faith is believing in something you can not see, and I thank you God for letting me still carry my faith, in this world that we live in today.

Reader Appreciation Award


Eva, presented me with this wonderful award. It warms my heart to know that readers do appreciate my blogs.

I am trying to become a little more interesting to you, so you don’t get weighed down only by reading about Al’s illness. I am trying to add a little bit of writing poetry, and have even tried my hand at fictional writing. I don’t want you to remember me as only the woman who writes about sad things, but I do have to add it, because this is what I deal with. I have discovered through all of my blogger friends, that this web site is much more than a place to write your feelings or use your imagination. It is a group of friends, who offer in the most delicate way advice. It is always easier to see things clearly when you are standing outside of the circle.

Thanks to many of you, you have taught me how to go back and see who I am. I have lived with my father’s illness for one year, and my brother’s illness for now five years, and I got so wrapped up in it and live it so much, that I had forgotten who I was. Now, I am rediscovering myself slowly. I have remembered that I love taking photos. Although, I am not very good, it is a passion inside. I love working with antiques, and I forgot that I love costume jewelry.

There is nothing I really have to add to the part of getting to know me. I am supposed to add seven things about myself, but I can not even think of one.

I am to give credit to the one who nominated me, and I do want to say that Eva’s blogs are about mental health. At her blog you can find just about anything. Mental health, depressions. I have learned a lot by reading her blogs. Please go to her site, the link is the first thing on my blog, and read her stories.

The nomination I would like to present to another today is


Once again, thank-you Eva for this fine award. I will treasure it always.