Do We Follow The Crowd?

People say the crowd is followed. Why is that? To be popular? To be on top of new trends? My dad used to tell me that I may want my skirt short like other girls in school, but I was living in his home and we follow his rules, not the rules of the people.

I hated that remark, but I get it today. My mom used to ask me, ” If the neighbor jumped off the cliff, would I do it to?” Oh mother, I would think to myself.

It does seem that today things are a little topsy-turvy. We follow or listen intently to the negative. Thankfully, we are not all like this. I have been  guilty of this too. I want to know what happened down the street, and I want all the details. It is much more exciting to  hear about the gun that was used the night before, than how little Susie got a blue ribbon for her 4-H entry of chocolate chip cookies.

Why is this? If I had the answers, i would surely spill my guts right now, but I don’t. I do have  ideas on it though and one of them is a test. As Ma would say on the Golden Girls, Picture This.

Take the headline news. You know, the one that is cast at prime-time. Everyone is sitting at this time, chowing down, and waiting for the exciting news. What if we heard something like this?

1. The sun will be shining with only a small mixture of clouds.

2. A man walking down the street, photographed a teen walking an elderly lady across the street crossing.

3. Little Johnny who has been confined to a wheelchair because of a terrible drunk driver, walked for the first time today.

4. It’s going to be hot and humid today, but it is better than 12 inches of snow.

5. The family residing over on West Street, got together with the neighbors and threw a block party welcoming the new neighbors.

6. Tracy was so surprised when at the end of the month of June, she was awarded a beautiful trophy for visiting the elderly in the local nursing home the most times.

7. Tonight on regular TV programming we have traded all shows with bad language, guns and any sexual innuendos  for healthy family entertainment. We are going to try this for a three-hour period.

8. It is with great pleasure that we announce tonight that not one murder has taken place over the last twenty-four hour period.

9. We have heard from our local hospital that a group of 20 teens volunteered their services where ever they were needed.

10. God is definitely at work. It was reported that on Sunday morning at the little church over on Elm Street was doubled in capacity.