Fields Gone By

Life is but a mystery

Not empty but filled with history

Parents before have paved our way

We can now pay it forward in a new way

Families around the fireplace

Holding hands and saying grace

Sister Becca is caring for baby Sue

So Mama can do what she needs to do

Papa works hard sowing the land

Knowing he’ll never make a grand

But there is one thing they had

That is missing and is so sad

Families before they loved so deep

When one doth cry they all did weep

Sunday morns they knelt together

They went to church no matter the weather                                                     black and white

I have heard stories and I read my books

I close the chapters and look out of my nook

I wish for days like this to return

When love was free and a dollar was earned.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Picture And Write It, July 29,2012

He was a warrior in my eyes. A man who never knew the word fear. I had heard from him each month by hand written words, and had his photo sitting by my bed on the night stand. Each night I prayed that God would watch over him and guide him through the day.

My son was always a tough little boy. He was the one when you would check his jean pockets you would  find baby toads still alive, screeching to get back out in to freedom. Stones, dead flowers, and anything interesting could be found in the inside of these pockets.

He was the child of the three I called my own, that would be right there at the precise moment, offering to help carry the groceries in, when you were standing at the front door, with two loaded sacks and yet trying to open the door. He helped his dad in the garage, handing him tools that were needed to fix the car. Mowing the elderly neighbor’s lawn.

He could be found selling lemonade in the front yard of our house, because he wanted so badly a new pair of skates. He was a good kid, never giving us problems or heart aches.

He didn’t care for school much, although he never missed days unless he was really sick. He didn’t want to participate in sports, choir or plays. He would rather learn life by living it.

When he became a teenager, he worked at one of the local grocery stores, bagging groceries, and even though he didn’t have to take them out to the cars or load them into the trunks, many times he did offer his help to frail ones.

Today, he is lying in pain. He can vision help. Aid to come his way by means of God or his buddies. He laid in the sand, the rays of the sun beating down upon him, trying to take the breath from his body. There was no more sweat to be released, and his mouth was dry. In his sleeping moments he could see the water and taste its coolness, splashing it over his head, but when awake, he saw nothing, but brightness and blue skies.

Bugs began their journey over his body, trying to take claim of his soul. He had walked over a booby trap, placed by the enemy, and the purpose of being  left dead and unfound, was being sought. He had lagged behind, a major mistake, from his troop, stopping to try to save a friend’s life, and when he realized he was too late, and had walked six feet from him, the  trap, engulfed him.

The troop did not hear  the small explosion and kept moving forward.  The sergeant was leading  the troop to  make it to the next city on the map by dusk, so they could set up camp.

After they arrived at their new location, one soldier noticed that someone was missing from chow. He went to the sergeant and told him his concerns, and was ordered to immediately return to the path of their travel and find him. He also sent two others in the group, to be of assistance if it was needed.

A sand storm had picked up and it was difficult to see. Beads of sand were hitting the faces and stinging  eyes, but they were not giving up. This was a team, and although they were taught to be tough, their hearts remained soft, and they wanted their member back with them safe and well. No thoughts entered of any tragedy. They were not allowed. Weakness was not a word in the dictionary of this platoon.

It was dark and the only light offered them was the moon and their flash lights. Their ears were keen to any sounds, and their eyes were keen to past  imprints. They stopped once in a while to check their map to make sure they were following the right direction, and kept moving with no breaks in their steps.

The day break of morning fell upon them, and in the skies they could see buzzards flying in circles as they were making plans to land on their prey. This was a sign to the men that they were close.

Up ahead of them lie the wounded soldier. Dried blood attached itself to skin that was showing and to his clothes. The sight was a blur, from lack of fluids and strikes from the sand. He was on his back, unable to flip himself over to protect his face, and he could make out the visions of the buzzards. He prayed in silence for his God to rescue him. Take me home Lord, don’t let me feel the bite of winged birds. Let nature have its way with me, but take my soul home Lord.

The Lord answered his prayer and with in minutes, the three troop members stumbled upon him. They checked his wounds, and told him he was going to be alright. Help had arrived. They didn’t take time to asses his injuries, for their goal was to get him back to the troop.

A letter arrived at our door, informing us our son had been injured, and was being cared for at a military city. It stated that he had been injured by a booby trap, but help had arrived in time.

The mother dropped her letter to the floor and got down on her knees, and with tears of joy streaming from her eyes, she thanked God for watching over her soldier.

Thank you Ermilia for another chance to write for your writing exercise.

Gotta Love Getting Older

Awake is the New Sleep (2005)

Awake is the New Sleep (2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I lay my head down to sleep

I pray that I do not wake

To pee, to drink or look around

I pray I will sleep oh so sound.

As I rise and lift my head

I pray I don’t fall down

I pray I make it to the pot

Not dripping all over what  I got.

As I sit down to eat my breakfast

I hope I don’t make a mess

I pray that each bite hits it mark

And that each piece don’t taste like bark.

I hope that as I putter around

Inside my house today

That I don’t have to bend over at all

And cause my big fat butt to fall.

I ask that my mind stays with me

While we dine tonight together

And that my teeth don’t lose their grip

And end up floating in my coffee to sip.

I thank you God for this beautiful day

That you have given to me to use

I pray that when I rise once more

That I won’t fall into the doors.



My Spirit Soars

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

I want to rid my world of pain

And throw it to the seas

I want to go back to childhood

And be all that was naturally me.

I don’t want to carry any extra loads

It tends to weigh me down

I want to run and skip around

Hearing songs are the only sounds.

We are not promised easy lives

There are challenges every day

We can pile these upon our back

Or choose to follow God’s way.

We can not live each others lives

We can not force our ways

I have to accept that God is in charge

All we be settled on Judgement Day.

I feel that I have always followed God

But have tried to do things my way

Now today I go on bended knee

And renew my faith with thee.

I will look to God for more guidance

I will listen for his voice to speak

I will pray for others that are hurting

I will visit with those who seek.

If I practice all that I have said

And continue to love and care

I will not have the time nor place

To be the target for others to share.