Is He Alright or Not?

2007–present, notice that the curved lines are...

This is going to be short so I won’t keep you long. It is about forty-five minutes until I leave to go get Al. Today is the day he is going for his favorite treat, the Blizzard at the Dairy Queen. Oh boy, does he dig right in to these.

I just received a call from the nurse. She said Al told me that he doesn’t want to go. He is feeling too weak. I told her that I would let him rest today, but maybe I will pop in anyways. To see Al turn down food, especially his favorite treat, sort of makes me squirm in my seat.

So I don’t want to go there without him so I will save it maybe for tomorrow. Bad thing though is the weather. We are supposed to get a lot of rain. He moves so slowly I really don’t want him drenched and sick for a Blizzard.

Well I am hopping off of here. I think I will mozy out to see him. Hugs everyone.