Watching From Afar

The steam is rising
Slowly building in force
Rumblings  are felt
No one prepares
The words spew
Like poison  darts
Fire tips burning
As they Pierce the heart
The speed of each dart
Splatters those standing near
Slowly tearing emotions  apart
You can’t  escape
There’s  no where to run
When you  open your soul
And let love live within
You can silently  weep
You can  pray for all
But in the end
It is theirs  to fall

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
January  1, 2016


Woman’s Instincts


When I think back

I ponder on facts

Your eyes stopped glowing

Love no longer flowing

Suspicious mind

Thoughts grind

As I lay down at night

Dreams wrestle, I fight

What things I saw

Not against the law

But I could tell

I wanted to yell

Your two looks

Hidden between the books

Quick touches where

You made her care

Woman’s instincts

Can’t be beat

You finally spew

Our words, they flew

Now years gone by

No tears in eyes

Karma got you back

Now love you lack.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd