Islands In The Stream

walk way

The love I feel for you

Is wild and over due

Budding blooms

Perfume looms

This can’t be wrong

As my heart sings a song

As we meet along the boardwalk

There is only hush and no talk

Dipping fingers in the stream

Causing skin to gleam

Hearts beating faster

I want you for my master

We walk hand in hand

Deep into this land

Leaning against a tree

I sit and you come to me

I unbutton your dress

And you begin to caress

Lips softly touch

I want you oh so much

Lay me in the grass

We will be one at last

You make me feel so good

Just like I knew you would

Let’s promise to never forget

Let’s never have regrets

Hand in hand we walk

Only hush and no talk

Smiles on our face

From visiting sacred places

Written by,

Terry Shepherd