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She looked both ways, and made sure her parents were sleeping sound in the room next to hers.

She was infatuated with the man she was going to meet. Her parents hair would stand on end if they knew she was meeting a commoner. She was in love, and there was no turning back now.

She had been secretly meeting John for several weeks. Each time they met she would be fascinated with his stories. He had sailed the seas. He was a fisherman. He had traveled to so many countries.

His stories took her on adventures she would never experience in her life time. Her days of growing up were spent in boarding schools. In class all days with girls didn’t give her much excitement but did provide many fantasy dreams.

She had walked to town one fine afternoon to mail a letter for her Mother. Across from the Post Office laughter could be heard. A few guys were smacking each other on the backs and smoking pipes, as if they had just finished dinner.

When she walked by she tucked her head into her umbrella but John had noticed her. He whistled and made a few remarks that turned her ivory cheeks crimson. He followed her into the post office and exiting he took her arm and stopped her.

When she looked up into his eyes she saw the longest black lashes silhouetting big brown eyes. Two dimples formed when he smiled and asked her name. She was mesmerized. She knew that Mother would be tugging at her arm and dragging her a way from this scene, but her feet were frozen and she told him her name was Violet.

“Beautiful name, Violet, and skin like the petals.” Without asking her  permission he walked with her until they came to the gates of her home. He made it clear he would like to see her again by caressing her chin.

She told him she could not see him again as her Mother would disapprove, but he took no for an answer.

“Meet me tonight at the gardens. When do your parents retire for the evening?”

“They are usually asleep by 11.”

“Then leave then, Violet, don’t let me down.”

Smiling at him she said,”I will do my best John.”

From then on every night they met at the gardens and the two sat on the bench and talked about everything. She spoke to him about her schools and he told her about his sailing. With each passing night she was putty in his words.

One night as they were parting ways he leaned down and kissed her lightly. She stood on tip toes and kissed him back.

Tonight she was meeting him once again but was thinking about making her dream fantasy become a reality.

Daily Prompt;Elevator

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Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

It had been a rotten day all around. In my office there are several more women than men who work with me. We are all in tiny cubicles. Each of us have tried to make our little place in the world our own.

Some were decorated with family photos and others were pictures of pets. Some had bobble heads, while others held flowers. The day didn’t start off right.

I ran a big run in my panty hose. I was already running late so I couldn’t go back home to change. Of course I don’t keep spares in my purse. The copier machine got jammed on some very important documents that I was trying to run off for my boss. He had a meeting in less than a half an hour.

I had gone off from home without my brown bag lunch. When I realized it, I cussed under my breath because it was the day before pay-day, and I was flat broke. I should have just stayed home, called in sick, and slept the day a way.

But oh no, I am one of those who has to try to do everything right and do it with a smile. There are many single women on my floor, and most of the men were married. But there was one, just one who always caught my eye.

He had dark well-kept hair. His clothes always looked like he had worn them for the very first time. A few times we left the office at the same time and his cologne lingered in my nostrils for a few days.

He was too high-class for me, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t take a peek at him when the opportunity arose. This was one of those days, but instead of trying to get him to notice, I was lagging behind and trying to hide among the women on the elevator.

I felt like crap, my hair was frizzy from the stupid rain that wouldn’t seem to quit. One would think by looking at me today, I was just a nut case confused about which direction to take in life.

Several of us stood in the elevator and floor by floor people got off, until we finally reached the first floor. I stayed behind. I didn’t want to be noticed. I would ride this darn thing until I knew he was out of sight.

I inhaled deep as everyone was now off. The doors shut and then before it could rise, the doors reopened. In stepped the man I was trying to hide from. We looked at each other and I quickly tore my glance a way from him.

My face flushed as I knew the sight I was leaving his memory with. He spoke,”I had to get back on when I saw you did not get off. I have always wondered your name, and if I may be so bold, I would like to know if you are attached to anyone.”

I turned my head towards him and looked into the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. My stomach started to feel hot and my knees felt like they could not hold me up any longer. I slipped down for just a quick second and my legs instantly erected me once again.

He thinking I was going to fall reached out and grabbed a hold of me. His arms holding on to my waist. I looked into his eyes. Feelings of desire buried between my womanhood rose quickly.

He didn’t let go but instead pushed the correct button on the door, forcing the doors to remain closed. He took off his jacket and laid it on the floor. He could feel the heat radiating from me as he gently sat down and pulled me to him.

“You are so beautiful my Cherie. I have desired you for many months. Would you mind?” There were no more words spoken between the two of us. As he crushed my lips with his, his fingers pulled my hair back forcing my neck to be exposed to his nibbles.

Lowering his hands down my leg I felt strength and warmth coming from the two of us. He stuck his fingers through my panty hose and tore them. He ripped them until what he desired was free for  him to roam.

I don’t know how much time passed. I was out of my mind with desires that came flooding up through my body like shooting fireworks. The seconds passed quickly and yet the world on the outside remained standing still.

With flesh meeting flesh the world exploded. Fireworks never seen by the naked eye continued to be shot off. Moans of joy and words of fantasy spilled out over the two of us. When it was over, we both carefully made ourselves presentable for the public.

As he placed his finger on the button to take us out of  own deep emotions, he looked at me and asked, “May I call you sometime?”

Chapter 5

Jane and Laurie waited until the waitress took their order. Laurie then bent her head closer to her friend and asked, ” What are you going to do? I can’t believe the test results came back that you are pregnant”!

Jane sucked in her breath. She didn’t want Laurie to know that she was scared. She didn’t want to break down crying in front of strangers. Her eyes began to water as she replied, ” I don’t know what I am going to do. My parents are going to kill me.They are never going to understand that I didn’t mean for this to happen. Should I tell Henry”?

Both girls sat in silence trying to sort out the correct answer. Laurie was the first to speak. ” You have to tell Henry of course! He is the father isn’t he? You weren’t with any other guys were you”? Jane’s eyes got big as she almost shouted,” Oh for heaven sakes Laurie, you know Henry has been the only one. He was always the only one. How could you ask such a stupid question”?

Silence fell around the table as the waitress brought their fries and drinks. They shared a big platter of fries, and ordered an extra-large strawberry shake with an extra glass. Laurie divided the shake into the two glasses and said, ” Don’t be mad Jane. I had to ask. Are you going to tell him”?

Jane sighed and said,” I guess I will have to. What choice do I have? Besides, he will have to help give me money won’t he? He will want the baby because he loves me, right”? Laurie looked at Jane’s face and wish she knew the answer. Instead, she tried to build up hope by smiling and saying, ” Of course he will want the baby. Henry loves you. Never doubt that”.

With that confirmation, both girls dug into the fries, each thinking their own thoughts about how this was going to turn out in the end. They changed the subject and talked about what they were going to do the rest of the day. Summer was almost over and Laurie brought up school starting next month. Both girls looked at each other and the question was answered before it was spoken.

Jane sadly said, ” You will be going to school, and I will be stuck at home with my parents. I can’t go back to school! What will everyone say once I begin to to look like a cow”? Her eyes began to well up, and Laurie got up and went over and sat down beside her friend. She put her arm around Jane’s shoulder and said, “Everything is going to be alright. It will all work out, you will see”. Jane didn’t feel confident in hearing this, as Laurie’s voice wasn’t steady as she spoke.

The girls paid and left the restaurant. They walked as far as they could together, then split directions, promising to call later that night. Laurie found some friends on her way home and she stopped to see what they had been up to. She was invited to one of her friends for supper, so she didn’t get home until late. When she walked in, her mother was furious and worried. Laurie’s mom, Chris started yelling as soon as Laurie walked in the door. ” Where in the world have you been young lady? I have been worried sick! Tell me right now”! Laurie said,” One of my  friends was sick so I went with her to the doctor, and on the way home I ran into another friend who  invited me for supper. Mom, I am sorry. I just totally forgot to call. I love you mom. Can you forgive me”?

Chris let her defenses down a little. She was relieved that her girl was home. She walked over to Laurie and said, ” I can understand you forgetting Chris, but I was worried. Please make sure you call the next time. Don’t worry me like that”. She leaned down and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead, and Laurie smiled up at her mom.

Jane had run into Henry on her way home. He was driving by and saw her. He pulled up to the curb, and patting the seat beside him yelled,” Hey Jane, come on get in! Where you going? Can I drop you off at home”? Jane slowly walked to the car and opening the door got in. She looked at Henry and tears started to form in her eyes. Henry casually said, “Hey, what’s the matter? You and your mom get in a fight? Are you running a way”?

He started laughing after he had said the remark, but she wasn’t joining in. He slowed down and turned into her drive way. He turned the key off and turned towards her. He looked into her face and said more gently, ” Come on, you know you can tell me anything”.

Jane started to cry and she buried her head in her hands. She sobbed for a few minutes and Henry looked out his window giving her time to get herself together. Jane quit crying enough to begin to speak.” Henry, do you love me? I mean, do you really love me? Would you stick with me no matter what happens in life”?

Henry replied with a little caution in his voice, ” Come on doll, you know I love you. Haven’t I been telling you the past couple of months how much I love you? Come over here and give me a little sugar”. Jane was not scooting near him. She could not move out of fear of what he was going to say when she told him the bad news. Instead, she gazed in his eyes, wanting to remember what he looked like forever, in case he flipped out.

Henry patted the space between them and once again said, ” Come on baby, scoot your little butt over here and plant a big one on me”. Jane felt herself getting all warm inside.

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

She felt like someone was pushing her hands to the door handle. She wanted to reach for it and get out and run for the rest of her life. Her mouth opened though, and she was looking him straight in the face, eyes glued to his. ” Would you still love me if you knew I was pregnant”?

Daily Prompt; Hindsight/ The Daily Prompt 12/03/2012

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STILLNESSHe was young when he met her. Their eyes met, and it was love at first sight. They spent every moment available to them being together, holding, touching, kissing, going as far as they dare go. No one said a word to let them know they were treading dangerous grounds. No one warned them to keep a distance. All summer long they went swimming, picnicing, exploring what life had to offer and each other. At years end the enivetible thing happened. She became pregnant. The fear rose in her voice as she stuttered the news to him. What were they going to do? What would they say? Now the parents stepped up. Shaming them, telling them how bad they were. Both were kicked out of the comfort of their homes. Forced to try to figure out how to survive. He got a dime store job that paid little. She went on the system to help her eat. They lived in an ally apartment. He was scared. Sorry he had ever done this to himself, not thinking of her. One day while she was at the doctor, he packed his few belongings and snuck off leaving her with nothing, the same as he gave her when he entered her life. She came home to tell him the baby would arrive within the next 24 hours. She heard silence, saw nothing. She knew he was gone. During the night, the pain was horrific. She got her coat on and went out into the darkness. She tried to walk to the neighbors house to ask for help. Please help me with this pain……….She never made it. She gave birth right there on the grass under the huge oak tree. The cord was wrapped, the color was blue, there was no sound. Silence and chill stayed with her forever more…………terry shepherd

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

The above post is the very first one I placed on WordPress. Now, with a few months under my belt, here is my redo of it.

The two eyes locked on to each other. It was a sexual lust, needing to be acted upon. Each time their eyes met, the feelings would return. Donna and Ted  could hold out no longer and with agreement written all over their foreheads, they walked to his car.

They didn’t care that they were out in public. The windows became steamed as he tore at her clothes, lifting her dress. He explored her secret garden. He took her hand and placed it to where his own excitement was growing. Within minutes, the act had been performed and ended.

At every opportunity, this random act of desire was played out. Parents didn’t seem to care. No one asked what each of them did with their summertime hours. The two found themselves sharing the waters, having picnics on blankets, and being in each others arms.

The time did arrive that a change was noticed. Vomiting in the mornings, swollen breasts, and a visit to the family doctor, did prove that she was pregnant. The hardest thing to do now was to explain to their parents what they had been doing all summer.

Donna said to her parents,” Mom, dad, I am pregnant. I didn’t mean it to happen. I swear it was an accident”! Her parents ridiculed her with words being said,” How could you be so stupid? You knew better to let this happen. We aren’t going to have someone like you living here in our house. Now get your clothes and get out”!

When Ted went to his parents and told them, their reply was, ” Stupid, just plain stupid! You made your bed, now you lie in it. Don’t expect us to bail you out of this. You better get yourself a job and a place to live. Now get out of our faces”!

Donna had Ted drive her to the welfare department. She walked in with her head hanging low. She was embarrassed and ashamed. She had no choice, she had to go on the system, in order to survive.

Ted found himself a job. It was a low paying job that would give nothing more than basic needs. Through the help of friends, they were able to move into a small apartment. Not only was it tiny, the entry door was in the back of a dark alley.

They needed no furnishings but what they could carry with them. The box apartment was furnished with basic furniture. The two lived under the same roof, but the excitement of what they had shared the past two months had vanished. Ted went to work, Donna stayed home. She had no education and with being pregnant, the options were almost zero for her obtaining work.

They lived with the routine of work, home, eat and sleep for several months. Donna kept her appointments with her baby doctor, and then the time came for the baby to be born. She raced home to tell Ted that the baby could be born within the next day or two.

When she opened the door, she walked into silence. She called out his name, but only heard echos bouncing from the walls. She walked into his bedroom, seeing nothing. She began to cry. Her gut told her something was wrong. She stood there looking around.

Where was he? I can’t do this alone? Please don’t leave at a time like this. Suddenly, an idea sparked and she walked over to the closet, and found her proof. The clothes that had hung there were gone. His dresser drawers were empty.

She walked over to their bed and threw herself on it. Tears began to fall and soon sobbing could be heard. All of the emotions she was feeling, caused pains to begin in her stomach. She sat up and felt her tummy. It was hard and it hurt. She began to shiver from fear. She could not do this. She wished that she would have never met Ted. She wished that she would never have climbed into the back seat of his car.

The pains became severe quickly. What am I going to do? Who is going to help me? I am so scared. I want my mommy. These thoughts raced around inside of her head, until she had a very sharp pain. She stood up and her water broke. She was not familiar with this and she grabbed her coat and walked out into the darkness of the alley to find help.

She looked around and recognized no neighbors. She needed help, so she began to walk. Within moments the biggest pain she had felt, forced her to the ground. With no love or support, her baby was born.

She heard nothing. There were no cries coming from the newborn. She sat up and looked between her legs, and saw the blue face of the child. A cord was wrapped around the precious baby’s neck. The little girls eyes were closed. There was no movement in the lungs. She reached down and touched the baby.  All around her was silence. Quietness took over her mind and the baby’s tiny soul.

She laid back down and wept. She was weeping for the loss of her summer, Ted, and having no home, and now this, the death of her baby girl. Her life was over, there was nothing left for her. She laid there for what seemed hours, and then a soft blanket wrapped gently around her, and a warm hand comforted her. Soft words were spoken, and Donna saw a glimmer of light.


NaNoWriMo, Chapter 3

Paul sat and thought about Slim when he hung up the phone from her. She was too

Lovers passionately kissing in a park

beautiful and could make him do things he was no wanting to do. Most of his clients were men who had routine jobs for him. Checking up on a cheating wife, or dealing with a thug that was trying to collect on a debt. He had never been approached for murder for a price.

He went over to his easy chair and flipped the television on, and surfed through the channels, not seeing anything that would hold his interest. He stood up and walked over to the kitchen rummaging through the refrigerator, and decided to fix himself some fried eggs.

While sitting at his table eating, his mind kept drifting back to the lady with the swinging hips. He also realized that he was bored, didn’t want to really do anything and he had to admit he was lonely. Why not call her and have her come over. They could sit down and discuss some more options. Surely, he could convince her there were other ways to handle her situation besides murder.

He tinkered with this idea, while gulping down the last of his eggs, and washing it down with some cold coffee. No, it wasn’t a good idea to call her, let it be, business only. Damn, this was driving him crazy, just call the dame and let’s get this over. He decided he was going to tell her he was not the man for her job, and to find someone else to do her dirty work.

He put his plate and fork in the sink and went over and dialed her number, and she picked it up on the second ring. He heard that silky voice that sent shivers down his spine. She asked if he had changed his mind and was going to give her his address so she could come over and talk.

He said yes, he was going to give her his address as he did not have that much going on today. He told her the directions and she said she would be there in less than half an hour. The two hung up and Paul walked into his bathroom and scratching his shadow, he decided he may as well be presentable; after all, she was trying to hire him.

He finished shaving and splashed some cologne on his face and went into his bedroom and slipped off his shirt and put a better one on. He put some socks on and then went back out to the living room to wait. He decided to make a fresh pot of coffee, so he went to the kitchen to start the coffee maker, when the doorbell rang.

He went to the door and opening it she blew in throwing her jacket off on his couch, and smoothly turning and throwing herself in his arms, knocking the two of them on to the couch, and then falling off on to the floor. She lying on top of him, flipping her hair out of her face, looking into his eyes, and he, so close to her, could smell her sensuality, he lost all of his senses, and he rolled her over with her lying on her back on the floor. And he yanked at her blouse she had on, popping all buttons, exposing the soft mounds hiding under the wire covering.  He slithered his hand up under her skirt, and with one hand tore her panties off of her, exposing warm flesh to him.

He scooted himself up to her hair and stretched it upward, forcing her neck to rise, and biting her neck, and kissing her ears, brought moans of joy from her lips. While kissing her his other hand was searching unknown territories under her skirt. Her body rose to his giving him permission to explore farther.

He removed his hand and brought it up to her one nipple and he gently squeezed it and then he rolled her over and unhooked her bra, forcing it to fall away from the fleshy mounds, showing perky nipples. His mouth found its way to the tips of them and he nibbled ever so softly on first one and then the other, cupping each one in his hand. She moaned deeper for him, and then he wiggled his body down and began to kiss her navel and eventually found his way down to the secret garden.

When she felt the touch of his lips, her body took over and it rose up and down to each of his touches. This turned him on so much, that his manhood could be felt firmly against her thighs. She started to scream, to take me, and take me now. Make love to me dammit, here and now!

He could not hold himself back anymore and so he went back and forced her mouth open  searching every dark spot inside of her mouth with tongue, and then lowering himself on top of her, he went from a slow and steady pace to becoming faster and harder, and slamming her into the floor deeper and deeper. The more she screamed, the more he thrust himself into her.  After several minutes they both exploded in sheer delight, and then he toppled off of her and lay on the floor beside her, and each one was breathing so heavily, it took a few moments for their breathing to calm down.

He stood up wrapping himself in a blanket from the couch and went and put his clothes back on, going to the kitchen table and lighting up a cigar. She eventually got up and asked him for a shirt of his so she could get dressed, laughing that she could not wear that blouse anymore with the buttons missing.

He pointed towards his bedroom and told her the closet was on the left, help herself to anything hanging on the right side of the closet. She disappeared into his room and soon came out with a long sleeve shirt on showing those sexy legs of hers. It almost made him want to throw her back down and have his way with her again, but he was too tired.

He continued to puff on his cigar, and she sat down at the table smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary. She was sure that with giving him the ultimate gift of her, he would be willing to now do whatever it was that she asked of him.

She came out with the words of have you thought over what I have asked you to do? Have you made a decision yet?  His response was not going to do it. She looked straight in his eyes and said,”What? You are not going to do as I ask?” He said,”Nope, it just isn’t in the cards for me babe.”

Her once baby soft eyes turned to daggers and she ran over to him and started slapping him where ever her hands could reach. He reached out and told her, “Back off kitty cat, put those claws away, you are not going to change my mind. I don’t care how much money you offer, I am not going to jail for anyone.”

With that, she went over to the couch and put her clothes back on, and grabbed her jacket and turning back to him, she flipped him off, and told him to go to hell, and with that she opened the door and slammed it so hard behind her the pictures on his wall shook.  He laughed to himself, as he said, you lose some, and you win some, and that was a nice win for me.

Continuing Story Part 20

English: Line art drawing of a dahlia.

The dance ended and Dahlia quickly walked away. She went over and stood among the ladies from the boarding house. Her face was flushed and Sue walked over and asked her if everything was alright. Dahlia said yes, that she was just feeling a little warm. The two ladies decided to get a breath of fresh air, so they left the building and went outside and took a walk around the property. They found a bench to sit on and both sat down.

Sue asked Dahlia how things were going between her and Drake and she responded back with her secret of the stolen kiss. Sue admitted that she had found a nice man also. He was in several of her classes. They exchanged glances and even held hands once while walking to a new class, but there was no kisses as of yet.

Dahlia wanted to tell her friend about how Drew had come into her room, but decided against it, as she didn’t want to cause any drama, as she knew he would never enter her room again. The two spent time talking about classes and each talked about the dance classes. Both ladies were in different classes so they found themselves comparing notes.

After some time, Sue said that they better get back in, but Dahlia was in no hurry to have to face Drew again, so she told Sue to go ahead, that she would be there momentarily. Sue brushed Dahlia’s cheek with a quick peck and gave her a hug, and told her to hurry back in.

Sue left, leaving Dahlia to sit on the bench alone. She listened to the music coming from within the building and let her mind drift from that to Drake. She touched her lips where he had taken her first kiss and found herself smiling. She didn’t hear the footsteps coming up from behind her, nor was she prepared for the quick hand that covered her mouth.

She tried to shout, but nothing came out. She wiggled herself around and as her senses kicked in she knew that it was no other than  Drew. Fear instantly over took her body, she began to shake and her eyes began to water. He pulled her up from the bench and with one hand over her mouth still, the other hand grabbed her around the waist, and he forced her to walk with him several feet from where she had been sitting.

She could say nothing but used her body as a weapon and tried to bite him on the hand and kick him with her feet, but he was too strong for her. He found a grassy spot and he forced her down to the ground, and with one hand he was raising her dress, and lowering her panties. There on the ground he forced his way into her. Tears were streaming down her face. Her fight was gone, and he had his way with her.

When he was finished he stood up, and zipping his pants and buckling his buckle, he explained how he had no choice but to finish what he so desired. When she had let him into her room, and he saw the curvature of her opened dress from the back, he had to know what else she had hiding under those clothes. He warned her not to say a word of this to anyone, or else she would be the one finding a new home to live in, as she was the temporary guest, not he.

As quickly as he had come to her, he was gone, leaving her body lying there. Coldness took over and her body started to quiver and to shake. Tears rolled down her face once again. She felt so ashamed. What had she done to lead him to the point that he had taken her as he did. Her mind took no time to digest the actions. She felt ashamed and dirty. She stood up and with no excuses made to anyone, she walked back to her home, where she had spent many good times. She bumped into a tree and almost fell in a dip in the path, as she didn’t have her cane with her. She had left it at home, letting the group lead her to the dance, but she knew the direction, and soon she found herself turning the knob on the door, and made her way to her room.

Panic took over and she knew not where she was going, but she did know she had to leave here at once. She felt in the bottom of the closet until her hands touched the bag she had used when she arrived here. She threw all of her clothes in to it and walked to the bathroom and gathered her supplies and her basket. Placing everything she could think of in the bag, her heart was breaking, for she knew that she would never enter these floors again.

She took her bag and exited the front door, her mind was so boggled with all that had happened tonight, that she didn’t even take time to figure out which direction she was going. Her cane led her down the road and she just kept walking.

Night time air was taking over and she felt herself shivering some. She had left her sweater behind, she stopped, considering whether to try to risk going back after it, and shaking her head no, decided she was not going to accidentally run into anyone, so she continued to walk.

She didn’t know how far she had walked. All was quiet on the roads. It was late, this she knew. No sounds of anything but the familiar sounds she heard as she would sometimes listen  from her bedroom window in the evenings. She was getting tired and her body ached. She made her way off of the road, and her cane tapped on a tree, and she decided to stop here for a moment, just to rest and try to collect her thoughts.

She sat down and opened her bag and found a long sleeve blouse, and she slipped that over her. She didn’t care at this moment how she looked, she was more interested in warmth. She rested her head against the tree, and sobs started vomiting from within her. She let them take over and her body shook from fear and the chill of the air.
Where was she going, what had she done, leaving the house, with no direction in mind, but she knew that she could not stay there, with what had happened earlier tonight.

Her mind went through the actions of Drew, and she became so angry at her own self. How did she allow this to happen? Why didn’t she fight him harder. Had she secretly wanted this to happen? Had that day that he walked into her room, somehow brought  forth a desire, and without realizing it had given him signals of her own heart?

She came back to reality and out loud screamed NO! She had done nothing! He had taken her for his own without permission, and he had no right to do this, but how could she turn back and go home. If she went home she would have to explain, her shame would come forth, and she did not want Drake to know what his brother had done to her. What would that do the two of them, their relationship as brothers. What would it do to the nice family that lived within those walls? Her mind was exhausted, and her body lay limp against the tree. Lying her head against her bag, and pulling her dress up closer around her neck, she could make no decisions and soon drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the monsters arms around her.

Picture It and Write, Sept.15,2012

The wickedly beautiful young lady admired herself in her poisonous mirror. Thoughts of how no other could be as beautiful as she, were the thoughts that ran through her mind. She had always been praised by her parents of her beauty and her smarts growing up. Her parents wanted to encourage her out of her shyness as a young child, so they filled her mind with their own desires of their hearts.

She did come out of her shell, and once the clam jaws were opened they sucked in the innocence of young men, anxious to fulfill their adolescent  minds and wondering eyes. Once she even lured with her natural bait, the married man who lived in the next block down from her house.

What was to be a promotion from shyness to acceptance, ended up being sucked into the soul, as if the devil’s breath was breathing heavily into her. She walked with her head too high, she chose beauty, and power over school books and learning. By the time she was 16 years of young age, she walked away from the school doors, never to return again.

Her life was wasted, never leaving anything on this earth but a black mark on the sidewalk, where the cops found her dead body, showing evidence of her neck being sliced. She laid there alone, life seeping out of her veins, dying alone.

The moral of this story is that your outer beauty is only the peeling of the apple. What hides in the inner core, is who the person really represents. When we believe that there is no one better than us, along comes a spider and traps you in their web, replacing your thoughts with theirs.


Free Write Friday, August 24th,2012

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Janet was having a fling with Mark. The peeper looked through the bedroom window and saw the woman feeding the man ice-cream from a spoon. Janet and Mark had been carrying on behind their spouse’s backs for a few months ago. I don’t believe there was any real love between them, but lust was definitely frothing at the lips.

The man could hear music in the background and when his eyes wandered to where the sounds were coming from, he saw an old-fashioned 8-track player. He jotted down on his writing tablet, the song, Homeward Bound.

The room he was peeking through was run down and looked as if it had not been cleaned for months. He saw cobwebs so big and wide, that he knew spiders had been rampid and had made a new home here, and he saw how coarse the webs were. He had a feeling that if he was to step inside of the house, the rancid smell would over take his nostrils.

He jotted down more notes and moved to another window, so he could hope to get pictures and not be seen. He made his way to the opposite side of the house and slowly raised up to see if he could see and to make sure he was hidden from their eyes.

He bent back down to get his camera ready and then raised up once again, and taking careful aim, got a shot! He ducked quickly and then peeked once again,and managed to get three more shots, without being seen.

The diodes that were flying inside of the room, were so coagulated, that he didn’t think they would have even heard him tapping on the window. He couldn’t help but be human, as he stooped there for a few more moments watching the two hitch up together. He had to admit, that she was a beautiful dame. Long auburn hair, and a figure, that he wished his wife had.

He quickly turned around, as he was on a job here, and he needed to get his work done and so he picked up his writing tablet, camera and bustled his way out of there. He had all the proof he needed for the lady who had hired him.

On his way back to where he had hidden  his car, he didn’t see the hole left there from where a rock had once laid, and he tripped, and fell. He quickly stood back up and brushing weeds and mud off of him he ranted and raved all the way back to his car about how clumsy he had let himself be.

The car came into sight, and he opened the back door and laid his belongings on the seat, and shut the door. Getting in the front seat, he sat for a moment, checking himself out to see if he had cut himself somehow, and seeing nothing, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

He was a highly recommended P.I. and had done this work for years, but although he had lost track of how many jobs he had done, his adrenalin always raced, and  he was glad once he got back to his office.

Driving back, he saw a few deer that were deciding whether to run out in front of him or not. He honked his car long and hard until they turned the other way and scampered off. Other than that, the trip home from the lake cottage was peaceful.

When he arrived at the office, he took out his whiskey bottle from his desk drawer and  poured himself a glass. He sat behind his desk and propped his feet up and lit a cigar and drank his drink.

In his mind, he was going over the notes and already placing them in order. He pictured the woman once again, and wished for a brief moment, that he could have just one day with her, but he wasn’t willing to risk his marriage. His own wife was a good solid woman. She would do anything for him as he would do for her, but in looks, her inner beauty was more beautiful than the outer. He shook his head as if to shake off the sinful thoughts and went to work writing out his report.

The next day he called the lady who had hired him and they set an appointment to meet at 11 this morning. After hanging up he showered and shaved and made himself some breakfast, and then started making his plans for his next case in waiting.

When he met up with his client, they shook hands and he told her to be seated. His elocution of his report assured her that he knew what he was talking about. She was not surprised but started crying when the facts were no longer suspicions. Her husband was having an affair.

This writing exercise wanted me to try to use each of the words in the above photo and write something, that made sense. I hope this made sense to all of you. I really enjoy writing for Kellie. It helps me to expand and exercise my mind. Thanks Kellie!