Looking out I hear

You whisper to me

See your branches

Draped with velvet fingers

Gently swaying in the wind

Softly calling to me

I walk towards you

Breezes lifting me

Step by step

Then I touch our spot

Where once you

Leaned into me

I trace my fingers

On that special mark

Where we kissed

Then we carved our name

Deep within the bark

I stand here with tears

As memories trickle by

Wishing, wanting once again

To be engulfed with love

I feel a cold wind

Brushing into my skin

Reminding me of never more

When you turned and said

I promise you I’ll be back

I remember standing there

When the letter

Was placed in hand

The words jumped out

M.I.A., oh my love

I will wait forever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Soldier Boy




I know they called

You have a job to do

I have to step aside

Remember my love for you


I look through the glass

With rain and tear drops mixed

I watch for the man to walk

I keep my face so fixed


You see I received a letter

Telling me there was news

I couldn’t help feel the flutter

In my heart as it turned blue


No more smiles on my face

As he read the letter out loud

The news of you missing

From deep within the crowd


I will forever cling to hope

Watching out the door

Although others try to remind me

That you are for never more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

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