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Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS.

My tenth word I found was the word YOU.

The definition of You is;

the one or ones being addressed —used as the pronoun of the second person singular or plural in any grammatical relation except that of a possessive <you may sit in that chair> <you are my friends> <can I pour you a cup of tea> —used formerly only as a plural pronoun of the second person in the dative or accusative case as direct or indirect object of a verb or as object of a preposition — compare thee, thou, ye, your, yours

me, september two thousand thirteenThis is thee or me, a caregiver, sister, mother, writer and a romantic of life.

cameraThis is you, a way of expressing what you can not say in words. A way to transfer your inner feelings; being able to show others what you are thinking.

snow-falling3This is you. Watching your tiny, delicate, unique creation fall to the ground. It stirs my memories. I can visit Christmas‘s in the past. See my brother and sister and parents sitting around the Christmas tree. Mom and Dad‘s eyes twinkling as they get excited to see our faces as we open the gifts they/Santa brought. Cold days, ice-skating with Dad on the frozen pond. Smiles come forward as I remember the old, gray Ford truck hood being attached to Grandad‘s tractor and he is pulling us kids down the quiet country road. I can still hear the laughter from us as we live in the moment of fun.Children_on_old_wooden_sleds

baby dollYou, what I still dream about as an adult, hoping to own before I die. Memories of rocking you in my arms, taking you for a walk in your stroller. Feeding you, changing your clothes, all bring to life the mother instincts that I hold close to my heart.

cabinYou, what I also dream about. The biggest dream of all. I can see myself so perfectly. Sitting by the hearth, warming my hands. Rocking back and forth watching the deer run through the fields. Seeing Mama raccoon walking her babies. A nice pot of soup cooking over the fires. Living in nature, simplicity.

sexYou, whom I do not know your name but think of you with a smile. Waiting for the door to open when I will be romanced once again. My mind, body and soul will come alive and I will experience one more time what it is to feel love between that special soul mate in my life.snow-falling-on-woman

You, to be able to be free to speak my thoughts. To give myself permission to dream.

Al July 4thYou, who holds a special place in my heart. You enable me to bring forth the deepest parts of me that can show you how important you are to me. I want you to know that you will never walk this journey alone. I will be by your side holding your hand.

jesusheavenangels.jpgYou, who I live the way I do here on earth, because this is what you want. You, I look forward to meeting one day. You have forgiven me when no one else will. You have made me and I know you accept me for who I am.my kids when they were young

You who have given me a reason to wake up in the mornings. I have been able to pour out all of my love on you and you have accepted it. You who have given me laughter, joys and yes, sometimes tears. You, are an image of my own self.

ducksLastly you, my family of bloggers. You have been the sunshine in my life. You have shown me that we all need each other. My problems are no bigger than yours. We are more alike than not. When ever I need to feel less alone, I can turn to YOU.

#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

http://kellieelmore.comfree-write-friday-kellie-elmoreold man

No one came by. No one every knew that he existed. Taking up space, breathing new air, heart beating. One lonely man, one of many million living here on earth.

A veteran, served in the war. Memories of gun shots and bombs. Captured by the enemy. Watching his friends bleed to death.

A mama so proud and papa, a hard worker. Worked the land by hand with his mule. Saturday nights everyone in the household got their weekly bath. Mama mending torn socks, sewing on buttons, letting the hems out. Sunday mornings spent at the tiny wooden school. It was converted into a church one day a week.  Mama would take the wax from the candle and find use for it somewhere. Mama was what we today would call a hoarder.

Papa was a proud man. Wouldn’t take a dime from anyone. I can remember many a day eating rice or beans. Mama would try to make it interesting by adding different spices or bits of left-over meat, but rice was rice and beans were beans when it was all said and over.

From the time I was old enough to understand I helped Papa with whatever he asked. There was no asking questions and no arguing allowed. I was taught to respect my elders or get whipped with a tree switch.

Once a month all the neighbors would get together and have a carry in dinner right after church. Oh how I looked forward to those days. A boy my age could fill up on anything sitting in front of him. I can still remember Mama asking the women folk,”where does that boy put all that food?”

I became the center of attention as I could stuff my body more than anyone else could. Then after we were all done eating, us kids would go to the old swimming hole and wear ourselves out, leaving the old folks to talk the afternoon a way.

Us kids would be so tuckered out our parents never had to tell us it was time to get ready for bed on those nights. Slipping my night-clothes on and pulling my tattered quilt up to my head my eyes would shut before my mind even had a chance to think about it.

Yep, those were the days. We were poor but we were happy. We wanted but needed nothing. We learned and we taught the younger kids. Life was good.

Now here I sit, out by myself. Everything my Mama and Papa had taught me remains sharp in my mind. I can whip me up the best tasting soup ever. I can shoot a rabbit and once a week have a grand feast. I take a bath when need be. I don’t take a dime off of anyone.

I got my dog for company and my God to guide me. You did good Mama and Papa. You taught me well. I am just fine. I am poor but I am happy. I want but need nothing.

Hoping To One Day

Racked with stress, and no sleep Tess gave notice of her job and  high-rise apartment in New York City and began her packing. Her parents were from the hills of  Tennessee. Born and raised Tess had dreamed of moving up and out one day.

But when things…

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Hoping To One Day

Racked with stress, and no sleep Tess gave notice of her job and  high-rise apartment in New York City and began her packing. Her parents were from the hills of  Tennessee. Born and raised Tess had dreamed of moving up and out one day.

But when things were too much home always drifted back in her mind. Many nights she cuddled up with her fluffy pillow and cried praying for sleep. After a medical check-up and learning her blood pressure was in danger and the script in her hands for relaxers, she knew she wanted to live again.

Her parents were deceased but the shack she had been born in still stood and it was left to her. She hadn’t stepped foot back for over five years. As the taxi sat in the gravel drive way, she hesitated getting out. Had she made a mistake? She could turn around and go straight back to the city. She could take those pills and somehow make it all work. But the noise, the stress, cold-hearted people. No, she turned the door handle and getting out handed the driver a tip as he took her luggage out of the trunk. She would stay.

The driver smiled and tipped his hat and then backed out throwing dirt behind him. Seemed like he was in a big hurry to leave. She stood staring, memories of years gone by rushing back to face her.

As she fumbled trying to find the old house key, the neighbor walked up to her and shook her hand. Tess had hired Ben a few years back to keep the yard mowed. He had made sure the house inside was secure and kept his eyes on the property.

She had written to him weeks ago and let him know she was coming back home. He took her luggage and the two walked up to the door. He took out his key and unlocked it allowing her in first. He couldn’t help get a nose full of some sweet-smelling perfume.

He watched her walk in. He had never met her in  person. She looked nothing like her voice sounded. Cute little bottom, small hips. She walked with a strong stride though like she  had been used to being a leader.

He sat down her bags and watched as she gazed over the place. Slowly she walked to each piece of furniture and took off the white sheets. She looked in Ben’s direction and said matter of fact,”you have taken good care of the place. I want you to know I appreciate it.”

“No problem Tess. It was my pleasure. I best be going now and leave you some time to adjust to your new or old surroundings.”

“Do you have to go? It is so quiet here. It feels odd and I would appreciate the company.”

Ben had nothing better to do. He was in his mid forties. He was single. He had never found the right woman yet, but he always hoped. His place was just up the hill, a short walk from here.

“Sure, Tess, I will stay as long as you wish.” She shot him a quick look wondering what he meant by that remark. As long as I wished? He better not get any ideas just because I am alone here.

He took her bags to her bedroom then the two went through the kitchen and rewashed the dishes and eating utensils. He scrubbed the floor and she wiped down the table and chairs and washed the windows.

When they were finished she was tired. “Do you want some coffee? I brought some with me and I see an old coffee pot over here. I am not sure how to work the darn thing. It has no electric cord.”

Ben roared with laughter. “That’s called a perk coffee maker. You put the cold water in with the ground beans and sit it under the fire on the stove. Here, you go get the coffee and I will turn the gas on the stove.”

She went to go get the coffee and he lit the burners. The stove ran on a tank of propane. This reminded him that he would have to make sure the chimney was cleaned and free of critters and nests.

While the coffee was brewing they looked out the windows. She had never remembered how beautiful it was here. It was October and all the trees were so colorful. Oranges and reds and bright yellows.

He must have sensed what she was thinking as he replied,”they are beautiful aren’t they.” The two walked from room to room inspecting what needed to be done tomorrow.

“Do you know anything about building fires Tess? I will check out the fireplace tomorrow. I didn’t do it today as nice as it has been.”

“I’m sure I can figure it out. I watched Papa do it for years. It can’t be that hard.”

“Do you know how to use a shotgun?”

She turned and looked into very dark brown eyes and asked,”why would I need to know how to use a shotgun? Is it dangerous back here in these woods?”

Again he laughed. A laugh that was contagious. Her being tired and getting out of the city renewed her in some odd way. She found herself laughing right a long with him.” No, Tess it is as safe as can be, but the animals. There are bears out here and plenty of fox and coyotes. You never know when you may come face to face with one.”

“Well, no, I have never even had a gun in my hands. Papa used to let me touch his gun after he polished it, but nothing more.”

“Well this is something I will do personally, teach you. You can’t be too careful out here in the woods.”

Tess yawned and he noticed the smooth lines of her lips.”Well, I better get going now. Is there anything else I can help you with Tess?”

“No, I think I will be alright for tonight. Thanks Ben for all of your help. Some day soon I will have to have you and your wife over for dinner.”

“I’d like that but it will just have to be me. I have not married yet, but hoping to one day.” She caught his eye and then walked him to the door. Saying goodnite, she locked the door and went to her bedroom and slept the best she had in years.

The next morning came and Ben drove over her car. It was a small car, nothing special, but he had stored it ever since her parents died. It had been their car and it went with the property. He offered to drive her into town to get some groceries, and she agreed.

On the trip she was in awe at the beauty. Why had she ever wanted to leave this place? What kind of crazy thoughts did she used to have?

Ben introduced her to the butcher and the manager of the store. The two walked down aisle after aisle until she thought she had everything she could possibly need. Flour, sugar, butter, eggs and  milk. She was glad she was a good cook. She spent enough time in the kitchen with Mama growing up, she had learned to cook and bake very well.

Helping get her groceries in the house and handing her the keys to the car he bid her goodbye and told her if she needed anything to just give him a ring. The rest of the day she spent cleaning the rest of the house. Thank goodness she had gifted her parents an electric washer and dryer one Christmas. She could remember the old wringer washer Mama had and how much work it was to do just one load.

She dusted cobwebs, took the curtains down and washed them. There was a clothes line and she preferred that over the dryer. She always did like the smell of fresh sheets on her bed. Something she never got to do in the city.

She was finishing up and Ben had came over  and was worked  on the chimney. He carried some wood in and showed her how to make the fire quick. Soon there was a roaring fire. Shadows were casting from the walls giving the newly cleaned living room a whole different look.

It wasn’t cold anymore. It had warmth. She hadn’t even thought of the big city she had left only days before. She was thinking about how this was always home and as she looked over at Ben who was attending to the fire, he turned and their eyes locked.

Mama Always Taught Me

Mama always taught me

To never be rude

To keep my mouth quietrose

Too eat all my food.

Mama always taught me

To turn the other cheek

To let mean words pass me by

To turn and retreat.

Mama always taught me

To be a lady and smile

To keep my elbows off the table

And to only weep for a while.

Mama never taught me

That life could be cold

That friends could  turn

That I would one day grow old.

Mama never taught me

How to stand on my own

To stand up for my rights

Honestly, I was never shown.

Mama never taught me

That my heart could be hurt

That the marriage could break

That I should stay awake and alert.

Mama never taught me

About sickness and death

How worry makes you old

That I should turn right and not left.

Mama always taught me

To love each soul

To help when I can

To make me a whole.

Mama never taught me

How I would feel when she would die

How empty I would feel

Or how to keep the tears out of my eyes.

Terry Shepherd


#FWF Free Write Friday; It was a Dark and Stormy Night


tornado-landscape1free-write-friday-kellie-elmoreI remember it was a warm Spring day. Mama had been making a point to tell us she didn’t remember ever a day like this so early in the season.

I was sitting under the kitchen table playing with my toys. I loved to play under here. It was like my very own private playground.

No one could touch me, see me or yell at  me. I could play quietly and listen to all the gossip my Mama had always told me never to do.

I felt the natural breezes coming through the window. The gentleness of it must have lured me into sleepy land because I don’t really remember taking a nap without being told to.

A crash startled me awake. The perfect glass was now  shattered on the floor. Bits and pieces sparkled in front of my eyes as I sat up wondering what had happened. I tried to crawl out from under the table but a voice above me told me to remain still for just a second.

The breeze that had once blanketed me with peace was now roaring as a dragon opening his mouth to let me know he was mad as hell. Tears started to stream down my cheeks. I was afraid. My body trembled as I knew I was to obey Mama and not move.

I could hear slamming of window frames. I could hear voices yelling commands. This was serious  no matter what it was. I had never heard Mama or Papa ever use this tone in their voice.

As the fear raged inside of me I looked down at the wetness streaming down my pants. I tried scooting over just a little bit so Mama wouldn’t notice that I had disobeyed. I scrunched myself into a ball and tried hiding  underneath one of the kitchen chairs.

Just as I squeezed myself in a hand reached down and grabbed my shirt dragging me quickly out from under the chair. The chair fell over on its side but it was ignored as Papa tucked me in his arms and we ran out of the house.

Outside the winds were tearing at Papa. He was having trouble keeping his footing and once he almost dropped me, but he was my Papa and he caught me in time drawing me closer to his chest. He tucked his jacket around me and I was safe in his cocoon.

I could hear Mama yelling, “My babies, are the dogs and the cats going to be safe? Will they find cover? Did you grab everything Papa?”

Soon a door was pushed open and it was so heavy I could feel the earth under us vibrate. After everyone was safe inside Papa pulled the door closed and darkness came over us. I tried to adjust my eyes but I couldn’t see anything.

The smell of my parents kept me safe though. They loved me and wouldn’t let anything hurt me. Mama had always promised this.

Gusts of winds rattled the hinges on the door. I sat very still on the blanket Papa had placed me on. I could hear nothing but the loud pounding of my heart. Silence only lasted a few moments when I heard what sounded like a train whistle coming closer and closer.

I heard big tree branches cracking. It sounded like it was right next to me. I scooted closer to Mama and buried my head in her lap. She placed her arms around me and said,”It is alright child. It is Spring and God is cleaning up the dirt that has been laying around all winter. You are safe my dear little one.”

These were the best words I ever heard in all my life. Today I still  hear these words when I visit Mama at her grave. Even now she is still watching out over me. I can feel her love as I touch where she now lays.

The weatherman says it is going to be a bad day to go outside. The temperatures are warm and the winds are breezy. As I walk back from Mama’s grave I call out to my dogs and cats. I think back to that day when the breezes came in through the perfect window panes and I played under the table with my toys.

It’s alright Mama. I have all the pets inside and I am ready for the onset of Spring Tornadoes.

The Dream

Children, Baby new born

She laid there crying. No one could do anything to help her. The mother wrapped her in a cloth burlap and squeezed her gently to her bosom. Outside her hut officers were waiting for the signal to take this child and dispose of it.

Mama looked to the heavens and pleaded with God. Please dear Father, do as you wish to me but please save my baby. Give the officers a softened heart. Let them find a safe haven. Please oh Father do not let my baby die.

The flap was opened. Rays of sunlight shown up on the dirt floor. Working through orders one of the men snatched the baby from her arms. The baby was hungry but Mama had no milk to feed it. In less than a twinkle of a star the hut was silent, the baby was gone.

Drilled in to her head were memories of the blue eyes pleading into Mama’s. Dark curly hair that laid against the nape of the neck. Mama smelled her fingers and the still remaining essence of her baby rested upon her.

I will never forget you baby. I loved you the moment I felt your first kick deep within my womb. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I will think of you every day until I am dead.

The punishment she had been given for lying with another man would be carried with her the rest of her days. It is a sin to lay with another woman’s husband. She knew this, but the devil tempted her and she did not resist. One moment of weakness and it produced an off spring.

She laid down exhausted from her hours of labor. She drifted off to sleep and dreamed. A dream that she never wanted to awaken from.

Two men carried a baby. To take it into a woods far a way and leave it until it died. The men stopped at a small village. This is where they decided to rest for the eve. There was a well and they thirsted. Lying the infant aside they joked and drank from ladles with the other men folk.

Behind a large bush two eyes watched the men drink and be merry. Her own heart was broken. She and her husband had given birth to a child who never took its first breath. Her body shivered as she realized the closeness of the baby. She could almost reach out and touch it. She could smell the soft skin.

Without hesitation she moved closer. Slithering like a giant snake. When the men were too involved with their wild tales she grabbed the baby and was out of sight before the men realized what had happened.

She took the baby home. She heated water over the coals. She bathed the baby as if it was a fragile piece of glass. She pulled out from her basket clothes that had been saved for her own sweet child. She dressed the baby girl and decided to name her Hope.

When her husband came home she explained how the infant was left at their door step. God had realized her pain. He had delivered a lost soul to her to treasure and care for. The husband could only see the blue eyes looking into his. The tiny fingers wrapping around his own.

Words his wife spoke could not penetrate his own ears as he felt love for this infant swell in his heart. Together these two became parents and the three became a family. The infant became a toddler and then grew up into a beautiful woman.

The two men who had the responsibility to rid this baby finally took notice that she was no longer there. They looked at each other in fear and then they both laughed. Their bellies so full that it shook along with each laugh.

” I say we say we got rid of her. We save our own hides. Let’s stay here for the night as we planned. We shall feast on our own lust for women and fill our bodies with ale”. His partner agreed and they  let the infant erase  from their minds as they went forward to fill the night.