Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

I come to you

My groom

I promise to

Love you

For all times

I promise to


Although I

Don’t agree

I  promise to

Stand by you

No matter

What tails may wag

I promise to love

You more than

I love you today

This very minute

I promise to

Make you feel

Always as


As you are today

I promise this, I do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




I Know This Kid

She sat behind the chair hiding. Messy blonde curls, thumb in her mouth. Listening to the two of them arguing. Frightened and not understanding she began to weep but no one heard her.

Someone was going to take her away. Sally was afraid. She didn’t want to leave her TigerAngelmommy. But, why were they both saying they were her mommy? She moved a way and hid in the shadows fearing the two women would know she was there.

” She is my child and you can’t have her.”

” You don’t have custody of her anymore. You gave her up. Now get a way from here before I call the police.”

Why was that lady talking to my mommy like that? Why can’t I go have my mommy hold me? I want my mommy.

” I am her new mother now, please remove yourself from my property.”

Sally wept harder. This lady was being bad to my mommy. Too afraid to move she huddled even deeper into the dark. Soon the door slammed and the new mommy was yelling at my daddy.

” What in the world did you ever see in that bitch? You must have been drunk when you slept with her. You produced not one but two kids from a woman like that. Were you out of your freaking mind?”

” Tone your voice down. Do you want the kids to hear you?”

” Not the kids, your kids. I married you, not your kids.”

I saw daddy hanging his head down. I saw him get his hanky out of his pocket and wipe his eyes. Mommy is sitting down at the table. She is drinking her coffee and looking out the window.

My mommy wants me but they don’t want me to be with her. My new mommy doesn’t want me and yet I have to stay here.

Sally came out from her hiding place when the room became quiet. She crept up the stairs and laid down on her bed. Sticking her thumb in her mouth she cried herself to sleep.

This my friends is something that happens so often in lives of children today. Marriages ripped apart. New marriages glued together in hopes of lasting a long time. Children not understanding grown-up things get very confused. Some feel like they are to blame for what ever is wrong. Some kids go into themselves and others escape by what ever means they can find.  A child can feel this pain and carry it deep within their hearts for years to come. I know, because I am this kid.


#FWF Free Write Friday; Fall Word Bank

foliage – amber – wicker – aroma – sweater – cocoa

Rebecca sat on the big, white porch. Sitting in the wicker rocker, looking out over the lush lawn. Foliage of dark green everywhere her eyes wandered.  So many shade trees, too numerous to count. Long, winding pebble drive, throwing layers of dust as the rider raced up the path.

It was her beau. Coming to court her. Thomas was going to escort her to the afternoon picnic. There was a dance following. Rebecca was wearing her prettiest party dress.

southern bellShe could see him in his white pants. The ones that fit so snug.

Shivers went down her spine as she was going to be his wife very on horse In less than two weeks the front lawn would be transformed into a beautiful ball room. Streamers would hang from the trees. Soft orchestra music playing in the background as couples danced cheek to cheek. Champaign  being  poured like waters flowing from a fountain. Gaiety would be heard from miles around. . Here is where she and Thomas would commit themselves for the rest of their lives.

Her Papa was at the stables. He was gearing up the carriage that Thomas would be leading her to the social event.

Thomas  came in front of the manor. Looking up into her eyes he smiled. A beautiful picture framed his mind and he jumped down from the horse and went over and took her hand. Holding it in his, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Rebecca could smell the aroma of his strength. His statue and power that he held when he spoke held her captured to his every word.

The buggy was brought to Thomas and he taking her hand, helped her on to  the black, leather seat. He jumped in beside her and taking the reigns led the way to what everyone had been talking about for months.

As they neared he paused the horse and leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Looking down at her delicate, long fingers, he caressed the amber ring he had placed their six months ago. He touched the soft dip in her neck.

” I want you to know darling, that I am the luckiest man in the world. I can’t wait for our wedding to be over so I can take you in my arms and make passionate love to you. I want you to experience what a man can do to show his love for his lady.”

Rebecca quivered as his breath whispered into her ear. He took the reigns again and drove on until they reached a place to park the carriage. Lifting her down and tucking her hand in his he led her to where the tables were.

Lined with white linens and colorful appetizers greeted them. Pouring her a cup of tea he led her to a seat in the shade. The over sized oak tree would keep her milky skin safe.

The two of them separated for a while. Mingling amongst the crowd. The music started playing and Thomas came to her and offered his hand, showing he wanted the first dance with her.dancing

Holding her tight around the waist the two danced to the music. So much in love.

Everyone was having a grand time. The weather was perfect. Blue skies with no clouds. Just a hint of breeze dancing through  her locks of hair brushing against  his face.

Time was ticking so quickly. Drinks had been poured. Foods were sampled. Drowning in romance and music.  Was it time to leave already? It seemed like it had just begun.

Thanking the hosts and kissing cheeks everyone said their farewells. Thomas helped Rebecca back into the carriage and together they rode following the stars until they reached once again the front porch.flashing star

He helped her down and took her sweater from the rear passenger seat and wrapped it gently around her shoulders. Cupping her face in his he bent down and kissed her full lips. This immediately caused a stirring within and he kissed her once more and then led her up the four steps until she was safely standing.

Their hands reaching for each other, only letting go as he turned to walk down the steps. He looked to her one more time, smiled and got on the horse he had ridden here. Riding away; Rebecca watched until he disappeared.

She caressed her neck and then touched the ring on her finger. Dreaming of what was to come she opened the front door. Her Papa was sitting at the fireplace in his favorite chair. He patted the seat beside him, motioning for her to come sit by him.

She seated and he handed her a cup of his famous cocoa and said, ” tell me about your evening. Was it everything you hoped for?”


Daily Prompt; Groundhog Day, DP, Daily Prompt

In the comedy “Groundhog DayBill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPETITION.

I am going to speak on this topic from experience. I am stuck with the feeling of wanting to be perfect. The perfect child, perfect sister, perfect wife. The house must be perfect.

It sounds crazy when I sit here and read it back. I look in the mirror at my reflection and I can definitely see there is no perfect face looking back. I give very little to myself. I cut my hair shut so I don’t have to mess with it.

I used to wear make-up but when I think about it the reasons were for dating or going out with my husband. Now that I do neither of these, I guess I don’t care.

I can see my problem clearly but I don’t know how to fix it. In order for me to fix myself I need to be accepted first.

Acceptance that I needed and lusted after when I was a kid didn’t come. A broken marriage twice. My kids are great but it isn’t the relationship I so wanted and dreamed about. I wanted phone calls, home visits, get togethers and it isn’t there or barely there.

I work so darn hard at proving I am a worthy person I forget or distract my thoughts today a way from me. I figure I failed, so why bother.

I place all  of my energy in caring for others. I get a satisfaction from this. It makes me feel worthy and this enables me to keep moving forward each day.

I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how to look in the mirror and smile back at myself. I don’t know how to accept my body for what it really is and not what the magazines say it should be.

I see wrinkles appearing and have a huge fear of death. It doesn’t matter that I get to go to heaven, I am still scared.

Dealing with Al‘s death approaching I heard him tell me Friday that he is ready to go. Will I get to that spot too? Will I feel comfortable in my own skin to ever be as bold as he is? Facing the stages of death has been a learning experience for me.

I see what Al struggles through with thoughts of the unknown. I would think this would make me stronger. Maybe it does but not in the right areas.

I have a lot of fixing up to do and time is running out. We never know our day of final breathing will be and I know in age I am getting older by the year. So many things I can not control.

Cleaning my house trying to make it spotless will never happen. We live within these walls. I can clean and go back and clean and nothing changes. It will be dirty again in no time at all.

I am really trying to change this. I haven’t swept for two days. I only dusted once this week. These are major changes for me and a real challenge to accomplish.

So there is no day of the week that I will be perfect. God made me and he knew from the beginning I would never be perfect. So why keep beating myself up for a goal that will never happen.

What I need to do and am trying to do is accept that I am who I am. Period, no questions asked. Life sure would be a lot easier and probably I would say that I am a diamond in the rough. I can shine through. I am a little rough around the edges. But I need some extra polishing.

Picture It & Write


Being young and innocent

Free of all cares

In the presence of love

Nothing to stress

Life is good

Life is free

Love is wonderful

Alive every moment

Money in the bank

Jobs are secure

Isn’t life grand

The day after

You are married?

Terry Shepherd