Heart & Soul

I am always amazed at people in general. It is common to have Al stared at. Either through innocence or rude remarks. Making fun of people is the coldest form of human communication that is used.

Even co-workers at work through gossip is nasty. It never fails, the words being said always are returned to the ears of the one being gossiped about. Children are usually the only ones I smile at. I take the time to explain what may be fearful to them. They are such precious babies walking this big earth.

My neighbor lady is in her late eighties and her favorite pass time is gossiping about us neighbors. It has caused friction. There will be no conversation between two and then that ends as another part of the soap opera continues.

A lot of us think we hold higher ground on this earth than we actually do. By this I mean we say we will do this or we will go there, or we will be at a certain point by the year___. These are good incentives to use for various situations.

But the real truth is we don’t know what tomorrow brings. If I am very honest we don’t even know what the next minute will bring. God is in complete control over our bodies, not us. Although we need to remain motivated, and we do need goals.

Can you imagine what we would be like if we didn’t plan? If we walked like Adam and Eve in the garden, just accepting the next moment? It seems nice and it must be a totally different way of living.

Wiping a way the stress and worries. Not wondering about the next hour. Enjoying everything we have right now.

I am speaking to you like this because there are the go-getter minds in the world. There are the I will not stop until I win people. There are the minds that are gentle. There are also people who no matter how you light the fire under them, there will never be any motivation.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round, right? I hear life would be boring if we all thought the same. I have to admit if there were more than one of me running around this world we would be a bunch of softies. We need power to a point, we need affirmation. We need ideas.

When I look at people who were not blessed with understanding how life works I feel sad. There are those that do live in the second only, I tend to feel bad for them, afraid they will be taken advantage of or abused.

I worry about the people lost in the cracks, wishing I was the one who could make a difference. We tend to believe that the mentally challenged fall into this category. We take care of them. We take a part of our life and give it to that one person. We think there is not much they can do to help us. It is us who will always help them.

I don’t know if I think that way or not. I surely hope not. When Al was not sick and only mentally challenged I took him everywhere I went. I thought of him as my brother who just needed a helping hand.

When he came to me and told me he wanted to donate his body I was thrown aback. When he commented he wanted to give a gift to someone so they would not hurt like he is, I cried.

He is mentally challenged and yet he is so brave. Can disabled have such thoughts? Of course, my brother just proved it. You see he is not looking past the gift. He is not thinking about what will happen to his body after being used. He is not thinking about the gross crap that goes with it.

He is looking at the rainbow minute.rainbow 2 The now, the present moment. How beautiful is that?

You can ask me to explain to him what will happen to him through this process of donation, but why would I want to discolor his mind. His gift is innocent, it is real, it is sincere. I am not sure if I can do what he wishes. I have learned it can be a bit pricey.

What I did learn is a valuable lesson. It doesn’t matter about the tomorrows. It isn’t only the early bird who gets the worm. It is the heart, the soul and the mind. No matter what level of intelligence we each are, we all have the same important parts. Heart and soul.

Daily Prompt; Flip Flop

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Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.

I used to be a woman who wanted to be noticed. I loved my antiques and sparkled when auctioneers would come up to talk to me about this or that. When people bid on things I was bidding on it made me feel worthy.

When I think back to that time I realize that I could have comments and looks galore but the real issue wasn’t being fixed. I surfaced through life. I wanted everyone that touched my life to like me.

Of course we can’t have lives like that. We are not made to get along with everyone else. auctions

When I see who I was I realize I was so insecure. It is embarrassing to me now a days for I am no longer like this.

Today I am more mellow. Maybe it is because I have grown up even more.

Maybe it is because I have realized that I am who I am. That trying to be like someone I wasn’t only brought failure to my life.

Today what is important is that I like myself. I am not overly confident, but I feel that I am doing what God gave me the talent to do. I am not a big antique business owner. I still love antiques and I would be happy to have a small business in my own home town.

I care for people who can’t care for themselves. I believe this is a gift from God. Today a person I saw mentioned that she could not work with so many mentally challenged people. I could understand this. I don’t think everyone can. I am not even sure if I can.

I can take care of elderly. I can care for my own brother who is mentally challenged, but to teach in a classroom, I am not sure if I would have that much patience. I think I enjoy the more one on one type of care.

I have realized that I do like being a homebody. I know without a doubt that God knows I am that type of person also or he would not have made it possible for me to get paid taking care of Al right here in our own home.

I am content. Content with smelling the flowers. To walk out to get the mail. To be in my house for a couple of days at a time without seeing a soul. I get lonely, sure, but when that happens I just write here at WP, or a friend will sense it and the phone rings at the exact moment.

I like cleaning the house. I enjoy making Al meals. I like getting him dressed, and helping him to eat. I like brushing his hair. I like taking lots of photographs of him. I like being sentimental and mushy. It is who I am. I am a caregiver who loves taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves and I am proud of myself for having this beautiful talent, a true gift from God.caregiver