Please Pray

Please pray for Al and me as the weather is getting bad soon here. Tornadoes and very high winds are supposed to arrive. I have been praying. I am not so worried for myself, but I am concerned for Al.

I have spoken to him a few times about the weather and what I will be doing as my plan if it gets bad. I have every thing in the bathroom and his wheelchair is ready and waiting. He moves so slow and I can’t pick him up, so please pray, God takes care of us. This is the one time I don’t like living in a trailer.


The Work is Done

jesusheavenangels.jpgI wanted to thank each of you who read and prayed for my safety. God protected me through the storm and I had some help from my son also.

At the very last-minute when the skies were so black, my son appeared out of no where and I was able to escape my home.

The chat was silly between my son, his son and myself. But maybe it was to be this way to take the edge off of what was happening. He drove us to the opposite side of town and we hid under the roof of a large building.

We remained outside though safe from the pouring rains and watched the spectacular outdoor movie of lightning and rains. The lightning went side ways and curved in form many times. It would not be just one bolt we would see but three or four connected. It was scary and eerie but I felt safe.

Many times I say that my family is too busy for an old Mom anymore. They are heavily involved with their own families. But when the danger arises, they are here to rescue me.

The rains continued for many hours. There is flooding everywhere. The corn crops looked beat down. We have had so much rain this Spring, but last summer we had a terrible drought, so we actually needed it.

When we came back home, my home was safe and no trees down in my area. The electricity had never gone off. When I was walking up the ramp, it was a gentle rain falling, and I paused a moment under the open skies and gave thanks to God and my WP friends. I could feel the peace surrounding me as I knew God had done what needed to be, in order to save me.

Thank-you God and all of my friends here at WordPress.

I Am Scared, I Admit It

I can’t help it. I live with Rhino in a small home and I am a little afraid. I have actually been praying most of the afternoon for God to keep me and anyone in this storms path safe. In fact, I have been praying that this storm we are to get vanishes into thin air.

The newscasters say they have never had one of these kind of storms before. It is supposed to be very high winds, chance of tornadoes, one inch hail. It is to start around 7pm central time and go until 2am.

Although I am  praying, I am still afraid. I do not live in a brick home as the Three Little Pigs. Instead I live somewhere closer to the stick and straw home.

If I don’t respond tonight to comments, you will know that my computer is turned off. Please pray that me and anyone in the location of this enormous storm remain safe.animated_lightning.gif

Please Pass This Prayer to All You Know


Our God who hears our words

Please watch over even the tiny birds

Be with all who face the fears

Of the hurricane as it comes so near

Keep your people safe from harm

Let them reach for your arms

If it be thy will today

Hear their prayers and what they say

Save their pets and children too

Keep their homes as good as new

Let this storm pass by today

Let it go another way

Out to sea never to be seen

I ask you this on bended knee

You answer every prayer you say

Each one who reads this, please also pray

For all who feel the fear of this

That God keeps them safe is our big wish.

August 28/2012

Terry Shepherd