Touch Down! She scores!

I have been a real scatterbrain  this week.scatterbrain A sweet friend, Becky, asked me about a comment I had made to her.

You see, I planned to announce it to all of you at the same time. So instead of ignoring her I just simply stated a simple fact. The prayer was answered.

Now when she read that I bet she was asking herself, what prayer? My gosh, this girl asks for so many prayers I don’t know which one it is.

Then I posted last night about the meeting, fully intending to give the answer and once again I failed to do so.

So, with a big drum roll please;

This is about the old meanie who owns our community park. Remember me telling you about him?ugly-hamsters2 Well, I asked him to stop by the house so I could talk to him.

Now everyone prayed with me to change the attitude of him and let him hear the true words I would speak.

He did show up. I first asked him about his wife. Then I proceeded to tell him about my story and the fact that the bus needed to actually stop by the house to pick-up Al. I told him what a heavy burden it would be if I had to load Al and the wheelchair here at the house. Then unload Al and the chair at the exit road and then repeat it at the end of the day. I explained that he had given orders to this bus company that no bus could enter here.

He looked at me and said, “I just don’t remember saying that. I see no reason why a bus can’t come back here and pick your brother up.”

“If I typed out a statement giving your consent would you consider signing it?”

“Yes, I will.”

Answer given, prayer answered. God scores another touch down in my book. Thank-you everyone and of course thank-you God. Monday morning Al will be picked up here at the house and will go to the Day Program Monday through Friday. This will be so good for him. I am hoping it will lift his spirits. I pray that he forgets about his pain for a while. I hope he has a super good time.

I just can’t believe it sometimes how awesome the good Lord is. He never leaves me, it is me who drifts a way and questions myself.


Not Quite There Yet

Two middle-aged people in love, running down a...

When you are middle aged

Is this the time to begin

To live and discover

Or maybe to sin.

Should we act our age

As people wish us to do

Is it to late to find

A man and say I do.

Is your life half over

Or has it just begun

Has your better half gone

And left you as one.

Do you really want to

Go to bed at ten

Or do you want to go out

And come back when.

It’s a hard thing to swallow

When you reach this point

You have raised your family

And you feel it in the joints.

Not quite ready for the rocker

And not ready to dance

Maybe just a little companion

And a little romance.

Let me live the life

That I once have done

Let me soar with the birds

Until the last song is sung.

Terry Shepherd