Love, What Once Was

I saw him coming towards me. Looking straight a head his eyes never meet mine. His soul being left behind from years gone by. Memories he lived with, a cold heart remains still.

There was once upon a time when our eyes would meet and the heat between us would fire up as if someone had stoked our coals. We would reach out for one another, hands touching, hearts beating to the rhythm of love.

We became one again as we lay on the familiar places that hold our most intimate secrets that only the two of us have ever created. In the shadows of the night his touch would fill spots that only he knew in such a personal way.

No fumbling, accurate timing, taking me to limits way above the clouds. But now, only slight memories remain. Digging deep into my past, trying to surface what is left, only to find tears being shed from my eyes. The heart takes a dip and lowers into doom and if I am not careful, I can fall in to the pit of depression.

Today, he walks by me, our arms do not brush and I look out over the horizons wondering my future. Remembering what once was and what could once be again. Wanting to be touched but returning to my cold, empty bed once again.

Lying in the darkness, my cat reaches out to me, purring and cuddling up to me. I reach out knowing exactly his favorite places to touch. Behind his ears, rubbing his belly, he purrs, showing me he is enjoying the special attention. Letting me know he is forever my friend, snuggling up close to me.

Even my pet seems to know that his owner is lonely, and as he tries to do his best, I wait, while two tears fall to the side, hoping and carrying my faith that once again I will know love.


FWF Free Write Friday


I feel homesick for you

I don’t know your name

Or where you reside

I can see your smile

And the twinkle

In your eyes

I feel your gentle

Touch caress

My cheeks

Your lips

Cause the

Hairs on my

Arms to rise

Your soul

Penetrates my

Very core

And when I see

You walking

Towards me

My skin sheds

And melts into

Pooling ripples

Of love

I am homesick

For love a soft


For me to fall

Gently and you

Take me in your

Arms and my

World is safe.

Terry Shepherd




Tender Memories


Tenderness in

My heart

Open wounds

Never healed


Leave me vulnerable

For falling tears

And memories

Come flooding back

Of the days that

Once were happy

And full of laughter

Now to be stored

Deep in my soul

Until we meet

Once again

There can be

No other


Earns the title

Of being there

For me the way

You were

I will never

Forget you

And will cherish

You always

Terry Shepherd