Daily Prompt; Earworm

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Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INSPIRATION.

It seems that this was the prompt just a short few weeks ago, but hey, what do I know. And maybe it was so good that DP decided to try it again. Or maybe I am supposed to learn something the second time ago.

This week I have been sitting in my rocker going bonkers on what I do wrong. I blame it on so many things. Not possibly believing that it could be me. It had to be some other reason that I knocked the sugar shaker off the stove. That just when Al wanted to be cleaned up from the supper table, I was scraping and scooping sugar before it ran too far down the crack between the stove and cupboard.

Looking over at Al and seeing the shit-eating grin on his face as I am cleaning up. I think that smile represented, nice to know I am not the only one who screws up. Alright Al, I will give you kudos on that thought.

Or how about the incident in the shower with Al and his walking steps. Me getting all paranoid wondering what that shower girl may be thinking. Alright, I will admit it. My mind can roam free as if living with the prairie dogs.prairie dogs

Why in the world did I become frightened? Crap happens right? Turds are dropped in our lap when we least expect it. We just wipe off and flush the crap and start over. Isn’t that what you all told me to do basically?toilet

Just a sentence or two out of a stranger’s mouth can leave a nasty taste in  our mouths.

I clung to the fact that if Al fell by accident again, I may lose him for being an unfit sister. I let it rule my roost and I ended up crowing like a big fat rooster first thing in the morning. I sounded ridiculous, I must admit, and I was over-reacting.rooster

What I am doing is digesting all of the comments that were left to me. I am beginning to realize that I can never be a perfect anything, let alone a perfect sister. I know without a doubt I love my brother and he loves me. I know that I do the best to make sure he is as comfortable and happy as possible.

I now know that everything that happened was only because it was a Monday.



Garfield: Yeah, my loyal and fragrant subjects. Please, thank you.
  Briefly, I hate Mondays. I hate em. Therefore I decree, from this
  day forward, there will be no more Mondays.

Daily Prompt; Journey

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Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Photographers, show us JOURNEY.newborn

I started out

As an innocent babe

Naked as a jay bird

Ten fingers

Ten toes

Smiles then giggles

Bottles then spoons

Playing with dolls

Scraped knees

First crush

First kiss

First marriage

Lord no one

Told me giving

Birth would

Hurt so bad

Divorce, does

It always

Have to hurt?


About myself

Lessons in trust

Quiet house

Laughter from


Aches and pains

Stiffness set in

Friends dying

Lonely heart

Missing loved ones

Making new friends

This is the journey

Of my life.

Terry Shepherd

05/28/2013class reunion

Picture It & Write/ Ermiliablog

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pictureitandwrite2copy-1Get me out of here

I feel so trapped

I can’t breathe

I feel like I have tapped

Out of all options

All ideas are gone

Life is leaving my lungs

I have sung my last song

I tried to tell you

What is in my heart

I have done my best to show you

How I feel different and apart

And now I am faced with

The knowledge of my fear

I fear the worst

That death is very near

Oh please someone hear my words

Please listen to my cries

Help me get out of here

Please come wipe my eyes

I never thought it would be

The way it has turned out

One mistake has trapped me

And now all I can do is shout

I am breathing my last breath

As I stand here all alone

I am waiting for the knock

To take me to some other home

I promise I am sorry

For what I have done to you

Please say you will forgive me

Before this day bids ado.

Terry Shepherd




FWF, Free Write Friday

Before I go further, I just want to say to Kellie, WELCOME BACK GIRL!!!!!

Sara went back to the house, where  the only thing found from the incident was this one couch, proving that something had stood here at one time,  a house. A home, where four people lived. Two parents, and a set of twins. Along with this, was one dog, that did not escape, and their tabby cat, who had been found safe.

She stood, and then kneeled down into the dewy grass, and stared at what was left, her eyes searching for any other scrap of memory, but she could find none. The bulldozer was coming in later this morning, and it would be leveling the ground, of what once represented a happy home.

Her other family members were back at a  relatives  home, probably just getting ready to be awakened by the smell of coffee being made. Room had been made with a spare bedroom and two cots brought in to the living room.

Her sister never stirred as she quietly climbed out of her home-made bed and quickly got dressed and no one called out to her as she made her way out the front door. She had gotten in her car, and had driven here to where they had once lived, hoping for the nightmare that she had experienced last night, to become a reality, but it was a dream that had already been relived, and she could not send it back. She was forced to live with it and what she had done.

It was her fault, all of her fault, and it didn’t help that others did not spend great moments of time, telling her how sorry they felt for her. No one particular was on her side. Instead she found conversations to be made out of  tears, and sadness, memories, and insurance companies.

She had screwed up big time, and at 17 years of age, she thought she knew everything. She had a girlfriend spend the night a few weeks ago, and they had sneaked out of the house and went to the closest drug store and had bought one bottle of cheap wine, and a pack of cigarettes.

After returning home, they snuck back into her bedroom, and began their adventure of drinking their first sips of alcohol, and smoking their first smoke. The wine made them dizzy and giggly and adding a mouthful of smoke on top of it, made the two girls too relaxed.

It was supposed to be a fun evening, with studying, fixing and eating snacks, and staying up real late,  but instead, the girls were tipsy and too light-headed, and ended up falling asleep earlier than planned, with lit cigarettes in between their fingers.

Now that she was standing here looking at how she had ruined so many lives, by throwing  caution to the wind, and wanting to show everyone that  they were big stuff, she instead, learned a valuable lesson of responsibility and how your actions can affect others lives for ever.

One dumb mistake, one arrogant attitude, had cost her family their home. She carried this with her through out the re-building of  their new home, and after talking to school counselors a few times, she decided to turn this terrible guilt and tragedy into a positive thing in her life.

She took her good grades and applied them and her pen to the blank pages of a college application. She was accepted, and did very well for her four-year therapist program. Today, she is helping teens that are struggling with fitting in and being  accepted.



How I Get Through

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every time I am on a beat myself up trip, for not making Al smile, or forgetting something that he wanted, or oversleeping, or what ever it may be, I try to remember that I am loved by God and forgiven by Jesus. I know that I can never be perfect. I realize I can not please everyone who wants something from me. Sometime I have to say no. I am not worthy of anything in my life, yet I am also so blessed for just being myself and loving my almighty God.

I found this video one time at Easter, and have saved it for my own reassuring that I am alright. I am loved, even if I have no companion with me.I am loved, even though I make lots of mistakes.

Please let me share this special video with you to show you who you and I can always count on in our  lives  when the chips are down, or when  we are sad, or feel overwhelmed and stressed. Please copy and paste and watch and listen.

Thank you,

Terry Shepherd