Son of God







I just watched the Son of God. I could not help but cry like a big baby as I realize how weak I am in what I think I can do without God in my life as my leader and guide.

My God, My God Why Has Thou Forsaken Me, Jesus said as he hung on the cross waiting to die. I say why do I forsake our Lord who is our leader. Why do I allow myself to be allowed to follow that of this world.

I prayed during the movie and asked for forgiveness and asked to be renewed in God’s eyes and was forgiven and born once again.

God knows I am a sinner. He knows the walk on this earth is a hard one. I know he loves me, and there will be forgiveness if I only ask.

The money spent through renting this movie through Dish was well worth it. It renewed my faith. I hope that you watch this movie too. One day too I shall meet Jesus in heaven and see my family once again.

I love you Jesus, thank-you for loving me.

Thank-you Roma Downey for being who you are and standing for what you represent.

Is Heaven For Real

I just watched Heaven Is For Real. It stirred me so much. I always know in my heart that Al is in heaven. He believed in God, of course he is in heaven. The thought of anywhere else has never entered my mind. Why should it? I believe in God.





God is a touchy subject among  us that walk this earth. I usually don’t get into the topic of God because of arguing that happens with everyone’s different views.

We are a group of living, human beings that in general, demands to see what we see in order to believe. It is not a fault, but a way of life. We live in pain, and there is gnashing of teeth and wicked tongues among us. Not just you but me also.

In this movie it positively shows that what I say is the truth. A church begins to collapse as it can not see nor understand what has not been shown. If a congregation can mistrust, than surely we are no better in acting the same way.

But what about a young child, can a child who is born in innocence see and  believe without question? Should we believe them or chalk it up to hallucinations or an over-active imagination.

After seeing this movie I fell to my knees. I wanted to believe there is a heaven. I needed to believe so that I know Al is at peace today and all brand new. I wanted to know that every pain, and sad heart I feel and angry words spoken to me were somehow going to be worth it in the end. In the movie the child star says there are no old people; that all are young. There are no glasses he stated. Does this mean Jesus heals? Are we put back into the state of which we were born in?

I believe we are. Jesus promises us that if we truly believe in him and follow him he will make us all brand new when we leave this earth. We shall be in his image and walk and sit with him. Can you imagine what it was like to be sitting on God’s lap?

Oh the sacrifices we make here on earth. The sin that is within us, the trials and tribulations, isn’t it all worth it if the reward in the end is heaven? A walk with God, a healing of our body, no more famish, no more weight issues, nor bullying, no worries; isn’t it all worth it?

Everything we obtain here on earth is nothing but mere pebbles according to the rewards in heaven. This movie took my faith and boosted it up. It helped me to stand taller, to fight harder, to speak louder. I don’t have to walk afraid, the only fear I have is fear itself, for God is with me.

He will walk my life beside me. He will guide me if I listen. He will heal me and forgive me when I decide to make my own decisions instead of listening to him. Oh what a mighty world we live in. I have nothing and yet I am rich for knowing God.

For me, I needed to see the movie. I needed to learn to  have faith in what I can not see. Of course I must be cautious and I will have trials until the day I die, but I will walk through  tall grasses like a deer walking and listening for his words, until I see my maker.deerI recommend that every person, believe or not, see this movie. If for no other reason than to make you think. I know it did me.


Daily Prompt ; The Clock

Gravel Road

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

Tommy had the most beautiful brown eyes with long lashes. Hair that was so fine it always lured me into wanting to run my fingers through it. I was 16 and I worked at a local restaurant here in town.

Every day at about the same time Tommy would come in for lunch. He always came towards the end of the rush hour, so we had time to talk while I was working.

I learned that Tommy worked for the an insurance company a couple blocks a way. He had been hired and was training to get his license to sell life insurance. He had already graduated from high school. He was  five years older than I was.

Each time he came in my heart would begin to flutter. The other waitresses knew that this was one guy that I always wanted to wait on so they always gave me my space. I also knew that my parents would highly object to me dating someone his age. I kept my crush to myself. I only shared it with my best friend.

As time went on flirtations turned in to asking me out. He had asked me for a Friday night date. Inside I was thinking how am I going to pull this off? I will just die if I don’t get to go out with him. Then the light bulb came on and the ploy was in play. It was a home basketball game. Yes, this is how I can get around this. Mom and dad will believe that I am going to the game.

I accepted Tommy’s invitation and plans were made for him to pick me up here where I worked. He had told me that we were going to go to a new movie that was playing and then we would stop somewhere at a burger joint and get something to eat. It all sounded so cool to me. My first date with the coolest looking guy. I didn’t give a hoot how old he was. What is in a number anyways?

Friday night rolled around. I had brought different clothes to change into after my shift. I also had my make-up bag so I could touch up my face and I had my favorite bottle of perfume.

Work was busy, but it still went too slow. Finally it ended and I rushed into the ladies bathroom to transfer myself into someone Tommy would like. I clocked out and I looked out the door before exiting to make sure the coast was clear.

There was Tommy in his car waiting across the street. I put my biggest smile on and rushed over to his car and hopped in. He gave me a quick kiss on my lips and squeezed my leg.

“You ready to go Molly“? I nodded and we zoomed off for the opposite end of town. This made me a little nervous. This was the side of town that I lived on. I glanced at cars we passed on our way to the movie theatre. When we parked I breathed a sigh of relief as I had not recognized anyone.

Tommy paid for our tickets and got us a large soda and popcorn to share. We sat towards the back. The lights went down and the movie started to play. After our snacks were gone Tommy rested his arm around my shoulder. Within minutes he lowered his arm and touched my breast.

This sent shivers through my body. I had never felt this before. I knew that this was wrong but it felt good. I also didn’t want Tommy to think I was a baby so I let his fingers remain. During the movie he kissed me a couple of times and once he even put his tongue into my mouth.

Urges began to erupt from within me. It was hard to concentrate on the movie. I did my best to seem interested but I was more in touch with what Tommy was doing. After the movie was over we drove towards the direction of a popular drive in restaurant.

I was immediately red flagged within my head as we drove past the place and started taking off towards my home. Tommy didn’t know where I lived. This was just a coincidence. The father the street lights were behind us the more nervous I became.

I like Tommy, I liked him real well. But fear was rising inside of me for the unknown. We drove what seemed to be forever out into the country. There was only light from one direction. Behind us, way back was a set of headlights. At this moment I was kind of wishing that car was closer to us. But there was also excitement growing as I knew new doors were being introduced to me. Places I had never visited. Excitement  that could happen.

I loved Tommy right? I had nothing to fear. I had talked to him for weeks at my job. He was a nice guy with a good job. I was just being stupid. Nothing was going to happen and if it did, I knew how to open my mouth and say no.

We turned onto a gravel road. I didn’t see any houses near by and somewhere along the way the headlights had disappeared out of sight. It was Tommy and me, all alone. Out here in the wilderness.

I instantly became quiet. Shyness overtook me. Tommy turned the car off and turned towards me and began to kiss me. I relaxed a little as his kisses melted my heart. His hand reached for familiar territory.  Yearning began to creep closer to the surface and part of me wanted him to continue but the smart part inside of me wanted him to stop because I was a little afraid.

Tommy took one of his hands and went under my shirt. He lifted my bra with experience and touched me. I jerked back. No one had ever touched me like this before. All of a sudden I didn’t like this anymore and I wanted him to stop.

As I tried to pull a way from him he pulled me closer. His fingers became firmer on my body and I felt a twinge of pain. I scooted quickly to my side of the car and told him, ” I want to go home. Please take me home”.

My words fell on deaf ears and he got out of his side of the car and came over to mine. He opened the back car door and then mine. When he opened the car doors the lights on the inside came on. I looked at the clock in his car and saw that it was much later than I expected. I was going to be in trouble with my parents and probably be grounded.

Grounded thinking was taken over by Tommy. He took a hold of my arms and forced me out of my seat. He was trying to push me into the back seat and I began to scream. “Let me alone. I don’t like this. I want to go  home. Take me home right now”.

He was ignoring me and I took my one free hand and slapped him as hard as I could across the face. He brought up his hand and just as he was getting ready to deck me I heard a car door slam.

Tommy stopped immediately. He let go of me and I ran to where the car door had been heard. I ran right into my parents. Later after my parents had him arrested I learned that they had been out to get a bite to eat and had spotted me in the passenger seat of this car.

They followed us. These were the headlights that I had seen while Tommy was driving. My parents had saved my life. I vowed to them through multiple apologies and tears that I would never let myself be put in this kind of situation again. I cried saying,” I am so sorry mom and dad.  Please forgive me. I promise this will never happen again. Please say you forgive me”.

My mother looked at me and said, ” Molly you were a very lucky girl that night. We know that you are growing up. We tell you things because we want to teach you that the world is full of devils in disguise. We do forgive you but please listen to what we say from now on. We love you and we want you to have a good life”.

I understood what they were saying. I didn’t really recognize how lucky I had been that night or how much my parents loved me much later. All I remember looking back was as soon as my mom finished talking I nodded my head promising I would try harder to do as they said. Thanks mom and dad for loving me and protecting me. Only the Lord knows where I could have ended up that night. I was one lucky girl.