God Answered

I am still fighting this salivary gland issue. I was looking on google for ways to rid this without going through surgery. I found several sites that said suck on sour candy to up the saliva in my mouth; so when I get done writing this I am heading off to the Dollar Store. Spending a dollar or two is not going to hurt my wallet, just my sugar levels, but it it can help, so be it.

Yesterday I found a house to live in, in my daughter’s home town. I sealed the deal with money and now when I move in September I won’t be a permanent door mat at my daughter’s house, and for this, I am sure she and her family will be quite grateful. She loves me, but she has her own family and life to live without a mom there.

Last evening a family came to look at my home. They were looking for a place for their  mom to purchase. They seemed impressed and went home to think about it. First thing this morning they called, and they want to buy it. Yeah! Tomorrow they will come here to seal the deal.

So the way I look at life right now is I am making the right decision to move. I prayed before any action asking God to guide me easily through each step if he thought it was a good idea to move away from here. I would say my prayer was answered. Now to reserve the moving truck and back to more packing. Thank-you Lord for showing me your answers.

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