She is my best friend

You are her beau

You walked by me

Hairs stood up

Breeze blew my hair

We look and then away

She never noticed

Trust, a weak link

We crossed the line

Heavy breathing

Touching hot spots

Lust taking over

Looking down

I knew it was wrong

She was my best friend

You were her beau

Trust now broken

Our lips are sealed.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






A beautiful day came my way

Sun and clouds both did stay

Lazy, no one calling my name

I can play any old game

No phones ringing at all

No voice mails to call

These days are rare and few

I feel almost brand new

Tomorrow Monday comes

The leisure becomes undone

Back to schedules once again

But I will be doing all with grins

For I am rested and ready to go

Come on Monday, let yourself show.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Although work seems not to come

I can still fill up my space

By using my understanding

With what God hath given me, grace.


I can watch and listen well

To the sounds of the awards

See the hearts that bare their souls

You can see  I am not bored.


I don’t have to be front and center

I don’t have to hear your voice

I can see in the reactions

Stand with you and rejoice.


For all those who are suffering

From things such as MSA

For all those dressed in glitter

I know God sees your face.


For you may feel alone

When your name has not been called

When you cry out to the heavens

You feel shoved against the wall.


I am nothing more than you

And perhaps you don’t know my name

But I know our paths have crossed

Making me proud we breathe this space.


So whether you are dressed in glamour

Or sitting home in tears

God has placed you in this moment

So you may know your friends are near.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd










Alphabet Soup


Alphabet Soup

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.


A-Apple, B-boy,C-candy,D-dog,E-every,F,for,G-girl,H-has,I-it,J-jack,K-kite,L-laughter,L-like,M-Mary,N-now,O-our,P-pay,Quebec,R-roll,Sara,T-tom,U-under,V-victory,W-wagon,X-x-ray,Y-you,Z-zebra


It was Christmas morning. Sara and Tom woke up at the same time. The kids; a girl, Mary, and a boy, Jack were still sound asleep. The parent’s origin was from Quebec so they tip-toed downstairs. They still used the customs they had grown up with for their own children. Tom let the dog outside and Sara got the apples and iced-rolls out of the refrigerator. Every year they placed an apple and a roll along with the candy under the tree.

When Tom came inside with the dog he went to the closet and got the kite out. Together they put the wrapped kite, wagon, zebra and other toys under the tree. They held hands and prayed to their God to pay their love and respect for him.

Spot, the dog was snooping at the gifts under the tree and wagging his tail as if his eyes had x-ray vision and he could see what was in each of them. They were standing in silence admiring the tree when they heard sounds of giggles and laughter. The kids were now awake.

Victory was theirs. They had saved a little out of each pay check and had been able to provide a nice Christmas for the kids. Still holding hands they began to sing the song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas as they walked up the stairs to greet the loves of their lives.



All or Nothing


All or Nothing?

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath

Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?

I believe that wanting everything is dangerous. When we don’t take the time to notice all we have, we have stepped back a foot and have forgotten that God has given us all we need.

I am guilty of this at times, but I always get a nudge from God to stop wanting. God is an awesome God. He gives us what we need for the moment. Everything we could possibly need; we already have.

Don’t worry, prayer works. God listens and he answers. I along with many are impatient. We want now. I blame the media on a lot of this; especially if you are at home quite a bit like I am.

The media is full of television programs; but the commercials are even fuller. Bubbly music, showing people like ourselves in living color. Smiling faces, people loving and living life. We want what the other person has.

This is what I call the impulse buying. We don’t need it, we want and desire it. Now that Christmas time is so close, I find myself in this spot once again. The only difference is; it isn’t me that wants for me. It is me that has the desire to make others happy, even at my own financial expense.

I am what is called a people pleaser. It really isn’t a good thing either, or at least for me it sometimes shows my weakness or insecurities. I want to be loved or at least liked; so I will go out of my way to do for others. I just hate it when I learn that I have upset my family or friends, or they are disappointed in me. It is silly of course. We can’t have love and peace every single second.

Somehow I have to change this. I have made progress but believe me, I have a long ways to go. So back to the topic, I do believe that we want way too much and take for granted what is our many gifts we have been given.









Sometimes I feel blue

When I think of you

Not gone very long

I try to stay strong

Sometimes I feel for myself

When projects I love get put on a shelf

Sometimes I feel like I didn’t accomplish much

I see little things here and there and such

I hate feeling this way on certain days

Not certain, unsure, life is funny that way

But then comes a moment, a tiny bell

That reminds me I did some things very well

I have three great kids who make me smile

I’m as proud as can be so  I will stay awhile

The grandchildren complete my family tree

Then I smile as I realize it started with me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry

My Facebook page full of my poetry


Here is a photo of my two youngest branches of my family tree, Miss C and Mr. E…..three months apart.








baby Easton and Chloe



Old Blue that was his name

The best damn dog I ever had

It almost seemed he could read my mind

He was always good, and never bad.


I found him on the back porch

He looked so thin and cold

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him

So I picked him up to hold.


He couldn’t have been no bigger

Than my two hands held together

His tail showed a little life

And I knew he would be mine forever.


I raised him all those days from there

Even taught him a trick or two

He was always by my side

The two of us were stuck like glue.


Then one day  I got old it seemed

And Blue he even got older

When  I went to give him his breakfast

He didn’t move and his skin was colder.


I  lost my best friend that day

Now I had no reason to live

Old Blue had kept me company

He had so much love to give.


I sit here with tears in my eyes

As I look out over the grounds

I sure do miss that dog I admit

Miss seeing him run around.


Lord you brought me a friend

And now you took him away

Do you think my day will come

When he and I can play?


I rock in my worn out rocker

And I look up to the skies

I thought I heard a familiar bark

Then I wipe the tears from my eyes.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd




What is Life?

Life, a breathing

Living, moving

Time to wander

Through paths

Open doors

Choices of

Right or wrong

Loving, hurting

Laughing, crying

People passing by

Some stay and

Others leave

A time for


Asking questions

By the time we

Get to the last

Chapter, we may

Still not have

It all figured out

But we enjoyed

Grew and prospered

On our way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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