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Use It or Lose It

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure the post includes this sentence:

“I thought we’d never come back from that one.”


It was snowing. It didn’t usually snow in my area but a rare cold front come storming at us, leaving a lot of us to fend for ourselves. I had a job I had to go to. I worked at the hospital which was twenty minutes away from my house.

I was the head nurse on floor three. People depended on me. I had stressed so much during the night. I didn’t want to drive in this weather; but yet the patients and other staff needed me.

I prayed a lot, asking God to allow me to do what I needed to do with his courage and strength. Morning had come. The snow had not stopped. My neighborhood was so quiet. Not many could get out of their driveways.

The police scanner I had was pretty noisy. I listened to it while making my coffee. Ambulance runs. It seems that mammas had babies during storms with no way to get to the hospital. Elderly were afraid and often had more heart attacks during these stressful times.

I made up my mind I was going to go to work. God would lead the way for me. I finished my coffee and grabbed a granola bar. Getting dressed I kept telling myself it is going to be alright, I am not alone.

Heading out the door with my purse, lunch and keys in hand, I made it through the drifts of snow to my car. The car started a little sluggish but it started. Humming to myself and taking in the beauty of the virgin snow I waited for the motor to warm up.

Feeling safe I headed out the driveway and onto the side road. This road was a beautiful road to travel in perfect conditions. Trees so close to each other it always made me feel like I was on the path to heaven.

Today it was not like that. I saw a few deer. I saw bare branches falling to the ground as the ice coated the delicate life waiting for Spring to arrive to dress them up in vivid, green colors.

A deer ran out in front of me and I swerved to miss hitting it. My car didn’t understand what I was doing and it took a leap towards the edge of the road. It hit a barbed wire fence and bounced back. Turning a 360 it ran head on into a tree trunk. It hit the tree hard enough to jerk my body back and forth once, hitting my head on the steering column.

Dazed, I looked into my visor mirror and saw a trickle of blood running from my forehead. I looked around the car as if someone was in here with me. I didn’t see anyone. I saw the front of the car was crunched.

I tried opening my car door and it opened. I slipped on my gloves and took my car keys and proceeded to get out of the car. Feeling dizzy and almost dropping to the snow, I decided against getting out and sat back down.

I prayed, dear God, I asked you to guide me to work. I am scared, and even though I know thou art with me, I need you to rescue me Lord. Please hear my prayer. Amen.

I sat there in the quiet, warmth slipping away from inside the car. I was afraid to try to start the car for fear of a gas leak somewhere under the hood. I watched the snow falling and took deep breaths keeping myself calm. I knew God would hear my prayer.

I don’t remember when it happened or how long I had been there but the next thing I remembered is waking up in one of ER rooms. A doctor and nurse were standing over me.

“Well Missy, you gave us quite a scare for a minute. Do you know where you are”? I nodded my head. “What happened”?

“Well you were brought in here by a man we have never seen before. As cold as it is outside he walked in here with you in his arms. He was dressed in sandals, and a long tan, colored robe of some sort. His hair was long and he had the deepest, brown eyes. He said nothing and seemed to know the hospital well. He brought you to this bed and laid you down so gentle. We assessed your injuries and then turned to thank the gentleman thank-you; but he was gone”.

Missy laid there thinking about the words the doctor had just said. She thought to herself, I thought we would never come back from that one; but I should have known, God would never leave me alone.

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