Today, one of my grandson’s had a birthday. Remember those days when cousins, and family all came over with brightly colored packages and we were so excited we didn’t want to visit; we just wanted to open our gifts?

Today, I still think of my birthday as a special day, and I can get pretty hurt if my children forget; but I don’t get so excited any longer. I guess I look at it as a day closer to being older.

For Caiden, that wasn’t the case. Although it was his birthday, I received fantastic gifts! As soon as I walked into my son’s home, I was welcomed with big smiles from the little blonde grandson.

A  hug came straight from the birthday boy himself. The little granddaughter wanted me to hold her many times, and when I was ready to leave, the oldest grandson told me, ” I want a hug grandma.” These actions warmed my heart better than any cup of hot, steaming cocoa.

Of course, grandma had her camera with her and grandma took some awesome photos, if I say so myself. I didn’t doctor any of my photos. I kept them natural. So let’s celebrate together the birthday party of a cute and adorable 6 year-old with family.

birthdayThe granddaughter that wanted me to hold her. I figured out why. She wanted my ice-cream and cake, and of course, I let her have it. Hey, who needs those extra calories anyways? lol

birthday 2The birthday boy himself!

birthday 4A lot of people say my granddaughter here, looks a lot like me, especially when I was younger.

birthday 5This little one is thinking, ” hey, I want something to open too”!

birthday 9The birthday boy wanted to dress-up in shirt and tie, but shortly after this photo, ditched these clothes for play clothes. Sure glad I captured this moment.

birthday 8Older brother holding baby brother. Aren’t they handsome?

birthday 11This cake is full of bright colors, any boy would love to stick his fingers right in the icing.

I had an awesome time. Sharing with family, I couldn’t help but think often about the family I left behind in KY. I felt a sadness. I wished for more. Dreams come true, but I don’t for see this dream happening. My entire family together, being able to visit often, love on all the kids and remind my grown children how much I love them and how they have made my life worth living; but I can always dream right?

Heather had grilled hot dogs, brats and hamburgers. There were chips galore and many salads. Combined with my family, it was an awesome day!

Mother’s Day

Austin 5Austin 6 I went to my one son’s home for a cook-out. It was nice to be there instead of here. I had a real nice time. I chatted with my daughter-in-law and son and got to visit with the grandkids.

They have 2 dogs, Rufus and Rudy. One is a terrier, the other is a Bassett hound. The weather has rained off and on with the sun returning quick, but while the grill was cooking, the sun remained out.

She fixed brats, burgers and hotdogs. I had taken deviled eggs and Pistachio fluff. There was cottage cheese and chips. No one walked away from the table hungry, not even the begging dogs.

I took some photos of my grandkids. I have 11 all together. I could be wrong, but I think I am right. The ones you see here are brothers.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Last evening my other daughter-in-law took me out to AppleBees for supper. I was able to visit with her and her 3 kids. Today, I didn’t have to cook and also received an indoor planted flower, and my daughter from down in KY called me too and we had a nice chat. Her hubby was preparing a surprise supper in her honor as a mother. What ever is was, I am sure it was great. He is a fabulous cook.

Here are some photos of all my grandkids. I am one lucky lady. I have 3 wonderful kids and awesome grandkids!

cheesecakeChristmas daychloeHanna 3DSC00188389619_307849479241114_100000481927912_1296844_1830542532_nAustin 2Austin 3Ashley


In between packing, I am still working hard on seeing the good in life each day. I was involved with my two grand babies for brunch and this brought plenty of smiles and good thoughts. I find that by doing one thing each day at the minimum helps my mourning process of losing Al.

Al always smiled at babies. I always thought somewhere on his mentality level he related to them so well. Although he was here when the oldest was born, he was too ill to ever meet him, and of course he was in heaven when the youngest arrived. 

I am a Grandma of I believe 11 grandchildren, don’t quote me on that. I believe my oldest, a girl, is 21 and the youngest, a girl, is five weeks. I will miss my grandchildren when I leave but I will get to enjoy my one granddaughter more often when I arrive to my new home. I won’t be so far away that I won’t get to see the others so this will be a nice plus.

babiesbabies 2babies 3