Although work seems not to come

I can still fill up my space

By using my understanding

With what God hath given me, grace.


I can watch and listen well

To the sounds of the awards

See the hearts that bare their souls

You can see  I am not bored.


I don’t have to be front and center

I don’t have to hear your voice

I can see in the reactions

Stand with you and rejoice.


For all those who are suffering

From things such as MSA

For all those dressed in glitter

I know God sees your face.


For you may feel alone

When your name has not been called

When you cry out to the heavens

You feel shoved against the wall.


I am nothing more than you

And perhaps you don’t know my name

But I know our paths have crossed

Making me proud we breathe this space.


So whether you are dressed in glamour

Or sitting home in tears

God has placed you in this moment

So you may know your friends are near.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd