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New Year’s Eve; a night of romance and new beginnings. Out with the old as they say. Julie had a pretty good old year and with her new resolutions she had made tonight, she was looking forward to the months ahead.

Julie was popular at school. She was in the tenth grade. She was smart, but it didn’t always show on her report cards. Boys seemed to take the top on her priority list. She had a steady boyfriend. She also knew that she would be heart-broken if they split, but there was always another waiting in line.

It is true that many wanted to date her. I don’t believe it was because of her outer beauty. Julie had a reputation that made guys huddle on a Friday night and speak their thoughts about what it would be like to be with her; if only for one night.

Teddy was a new boy at school. He wasn’t the most handsome stud, but ugly was not in the dictionary for him. He saw Julie and he wanted to date her also. He would leave notes on her locker.

Once he had flowers sent to her house. He would follow her as she walked home from school, staying far enough behind in his car so she wouldn’t notice. It was fall and within a month, a Halloween dance was coming.

Teddy wanted to ask her to go, but he didn’t have the guts. Insecurity was his middle name. A couple of days before the dance  he went to the shopping center and searched costumes and masks.

Trying the masks on and looking at himself in the small mirror, he finally decided on one. He paid for it and drove home smiling. The dance arrived. He had overheard Julie telling her friends that she would meet them at the school at 6:30 that night.

Teddy got in his car. He looked over to the passenger seat where the mask laid. He started the car and drove in Julie’s direction of her house. He didn’t see her so he went around the block a few times.

There she was. She was beautiful. He sucked in his breath as he pulled next to the curb and slid the mask over his face. He slowly drove up near her, checking out his where-a-bouts.

The timing was perfect. He pulled up beside her. He put his car in park. He got  out and went around to the opposite side, opening up the back door. He ran up to Julie and grabbed her. Before she could get any words out she had been placed in the back seat. Teddy jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

What happens next folks?


mask 2

The Gloved Hand

It started out with rain and a gutter full of fog. I had to go to work. I had called out too many times. I looked out the tear driven window. I saw my car out under the car port. How many times I had placed a request to that cheap-ass landlord to put a light out under it. All I asked for is one light. For heaven’s sake, is that too much considering the dollars he rakes in from all of us tenants each month?

No, he hadn’t done it yet. Said he had been so busy. Doing what, screwing that bleached-out blonde bimbo upstairs in room 69? I had passed her many times in the halls as we all picked up our mail at one specified spot. She must be about 60 or so. Looks like an old used mop; but I have to admit, she still carries the curves with ease.

I stood watching the rain fall, cursing myself for not buying me a gun when I had the money. I work my ass off, only to give it to those money hungry bill people. Miss one payment, and they are almost on your front door with snarling teeth and that fake smile, holding their grubby hands out. Living week to week seems to be the main stream of life for most of us here on hood alley.

A notch above the gutter, a roof over our head, only a few cockroaches to be seen scurrying up the walls and I haven’t heard those measly mice either. I guess the landlord does do something with his time besides bop that old hag. I ought to let his wife know, but hell, those who play with fire do get burned. Let him burn  his own ass.

I looked at my watch. Damn, it is getting to the point I could be late. Do I dare call off one more time? I really don’t mind my job, no really, I don’t. I work down at the truck cafe nights. Let those bastards pinch my ass or peak down my blouse when I am pouring another cup of java and they tip me well.

My issue is the recurring dreams I have had lately. Afraid, afraid that the real boogie man is outside my car waiting. Waiting for me. He is going to threaten to slice my throat if I don’t give him a piece of ass. A bad dream I have had, but after so many nights, could it become a reality?

I turned from the window and went in and finished putting my tight jeans on. I pushed my breasts together and pasted them tighter with a piece of clear tape. That ought to get me some decent tips tonight.

I colored in my brows, put some gold-specked eye shadow, smacked my lips together after putting some ultra-shine gloss on them. A couple of coats of extra black mascara and a half of can of hair spray and I was ready.

My gut started to flutter with butterflies. I just had this sick feeling in my mind that says, tonight is the night. Oh well, Blanche, get your jacket and hat on and get yourself  out to that car.

I made sure all the lights were off. I flipped the porch light on and stood outside my back door looking in the direction of the car. Only a few yards, I can do it, now go. I walk slowly to the car and place my key in the lock. Quickly looking side to side I turn the key.

I push in on the door handle and open the door. Suddenly a glove wraps itself around my mouth from behind. I push it away and it comes back with a force. I try to say something, to scream, but my mouth is covered with what felt like tar.

I was flipped around so I was facing my reaper. Glove removed, I pleaded for my life. ” Please, please don’t hurt me. I don’t have any money. Hell I don’t even carry a purse. Only thing I got is my license on me.”

” I don’t want your money lady. I am not going to hurt you either. We just need to talk.” Pee slowly trickled down my legs and I cussed this bitch out as now I was going to definitely be late for work, because I would have to go back in and change pants.

The scarf came undone from the intruder’s face and my mouth fell open as I recognized the person standing before me. ” Phyllis, what , what in the world are you doing here, and why the hell are you trying to scare me half to death? Damn woman, you about gave me a heart attack.”

” I want answers. I have a feeling my husband is cheating on me. I need your help.”

” Listen Phyllis, your husband is my landlord. I am not going to do anything to jeopardize my getting kicked out of here. If you want to know anything do your own spy work. Better yet, why don’t you ask him.”

” You have eyes, I know you snoop on the going’s on here. Tell me my suspicions are right. I promise to make it worth your while.”

Now she had my attention. ” How you going to make it worth my while Phyllis? The only thing that works good for me is cold, hard cash, nothing else.”

” How about six months of free rent?” My mind quickly tossed these words around and I locked my car and she and I headed back into my room. The hell with work. I could find a new job with my extra money I was going to save. Maybe even a better job and a better place to live. I smiled as I unlocked my door and let her in.





Mystery of the Bedroom

Mystery of the Bedroom

She stood in front of the mirror. Black streaks running down her face. Eyes swollen and red. Julie had been up most of the night crying into her pillow. Her heart was broken. How was she ever going to get past the memory of what she had seen?

Julie worked as a waitress at a small diner in town. She worked the late shift. Not only was it a poor paying job; she also had to deal with the groping of…

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Mystery of the Bedroom

She stood in front of the mirror. Black streaks running down her face. Eyes swollen and red. Julie had been up most of the night crying into her pillow. Her heart was broken. How was she ever going to get past the memory of what she had seen?

Julie worked as a waitress at a small diner in town. She worked the late shift. Not only was it a poor paying job; she also had to deal with the groping of the late-night drunks. She was the only waitress last night. Her co-worker had called off again. She hated her. Always calling off but Julie was pretty sure she was sleeping with the boss.

The cook always gave Julie the shivers. That crooked smile and one of his eyes always seemed to follow her when she walked. She hated this job, but she needed the money. Bill, her boyfriend had got hurt at his work. He was not going to be able to return to work until he got the doctor’s signature on the release papers.

Julie had been carrying a heavy load. She went to a tech school in the mornings part-time. Paying the bills was a strain now that she was carrying the entire load. Julie was so exhausted when she got off work tonight.

She walked the few blocks towards the apartment she and Bill lived in. She turned the key quietly knowing Bill was probably asleep at this time of night. Laying her keys and purse on the table she sat down on the couch and took her shoes off.

Rubbing her feet she stretched her toes out. She stood up and walked to the kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge. Grabbing a cigarette she went back to the couch and flopped down. She just wanted to relax before climbing into the shower.

From the quiet of the room came a moan. Startled she sat up and listened. Once again she heard it. She put her cigarette out and went to the side of the front door where she kept a baseball bat stashed.

Walking cautiously she went towards the sound. She stood in front of the door. Putting her ear to the wood she listened. Was Bill having a bad dream? She turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

There in the dim of the bedside table was a woman. She was fondling Bill. Madness took over Julie and she screamed, ” What in the hell do you think you are doing? Get away from my man. You whore, you pig!” Julie still had the bat in her hand and she charged at the woman.

Putting the bat over  her head she brought it down with such thrust that Bill hid instantly under the covers. He begged her to stop. ” Stop it Julie, stop it. You’re going to hurt someone. Knock it off. I just got carried a way. Stop it.”

This only fired Julie’s brain and she brought the bat once again up into the air and brought it down hard on the bed. The woman grabbed the sheet and wrapping herself in it raced for the door. Running through it and heading towards the front door, Julie followed.

Julie missed the woman and dented the wood frame. The woman screamed and took advantage of the break to escape. ” Don’t you ever set foot in this house again you slut, do you hear me? Don’t ever come back here again.”

Julie watched the woman running down the street. Once she was out of sight she turned around and slammed the door behind her. She tapped the bat on her open palm and walked back towards the bedroom.

When she reached the doorway the bed was empty. The room was quiet. Where the hell was he? She went to the bathroom but it was empty also. Bill had been hiding behind the bedroom door and he made his move to escape.

Julie heard his footsteps and turned quickly around and began to chase him. She raced after him around the kitchen table and through the living room. The rocker was the only thing separating the two.

” Why did you do it? What were you thinking? Here I am busting my ass while you are supposed to be here healing. How could you do this to me? Didn’t I mean anything to you?”

” Get a hold of yourself Julie. It was a mistake. I swear I never did anything like this before. It just happened. Let’s put the bat down and sit here and talk about it. Let me explain how it all happened.”

” Bill, you can’t explain what I saw. You were having sex with that whore. How you going to explain that to me?”

” I got lonely. I couldn’t help it. All you ever do is work and go to school. It gets boring here without you baby. Can’t you see that? I’m a man. I have needs. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. Besides, it didn’t mean a thing. You’re the one that I love, you know that.”

” Get out, get out now. I don’t ever want to see you again. Get your clothes and get out of my house now.”

He didn’t move. He just sat there on the couch. Figuring out another way of putting words that would get her to settle down. She always was a little high-strung, but now she was just freaking nuts.

Julie started after him. He jumped up and started towards the door. Throwing it open he went through it and was met by something or someone. Down he went to the ground. Blood started spilling out from his head. He lay still and didn’t move.

All she could do was stand there frozen. Trying to figure out what had just happened. How or who had just done this. She closed the door and went to the room that was now spread with disease. She threw herself down on her bed and cried into her pillows.


Final thoughts.

Who did this?

What happened?

Bloggers, give me your thoughts.

crime scene

What Is He Doing?

The past few days I can see the same pattern forming in Al’s lips. During the past couple of months Al’s body has went from being able to move his legs to not. His arms would lift, but not now. His head would turn but no more.

Now his mouth and lips are following in the same pattern. Very seldom can he eat soft food. More so of pudding consistency. His lips are not opening far enough to get the straw in or a toothbrush.

I am beginning to swab his mouth more often. When he speaks there is hardly any muscle left in the vocal chords. Al’s eye movement is rare. Most of the time I see him staring into space.

It hurts me so much to see this wild spirit being locked inside of this sick body. I know I can’t fix it, believe me I have tried everything. Two days ago he got an open sore on his side of his leg.

The next day there was another one. Today there is a total of five open sores. They remind me of a surface burn. The top layer of skin is gone and he is leaving blood spots on the sheets.

This weather doesn’t help at all. I have had no help for the past three days. Hospice hasn’t been out. I am hoping that tomorrow with the weather finally being above zero, the bath aides come and it would be wonderful if the nurse showed up. She usually comes on Mondays and Thursdays so I don’t know if she will come on her off day.

Another thing has been going on. I can’t figure out what in the world is happening. Rhino, the cat,DSC00178 sits in the same position as in this photo. He usually is facing the bathroom door.

He sits in the hallway of Al’s bedroom and bathroom. At first I noticed him going to that spot off and on.

Now he goes there  often. He sits very still and he may sit there for minutes.

Last night he went inside the bathroom. He was gone for some time so I crept in softly to see what he was up He was sitting in the corner of the bathroom right next to the bathtub.

He was making some weird noises I have never heard him make before. Suddenly he meowed loudly and looked up at the wall.

He jumped up at the wall as if trying to get something. Then he dug at the corner of the floor then jumped back up at the wall. Then he saw me. He went back to his usual spot as you can see in the bottom photo and just sat like a statue. I don’t know what is going on.

I flipped on the lights in the bathroom and I saw nothing. We don’t have mice or any critters inside our home, so I don’t know what in the world he was seeing. But as you can see in the photo he is sitting at attention just listening.


She was the Mistress. A married virgin. Lily had ventured a way from home too far. She stumbled upon the beautiful glow and couldn’t resist walking closer. She was hovering around the flickering lights when she blinked and she was standing in the center of the entry way.

Lily beat on the solid oak doors but no one heard her. She cried for hours and screamed but silence laughed back at her. Darkness came and her little tummy was churning. She was yawning  and her little body was exhausted. She was too frightened  to sleep.

She ventured in the surrounding rooms. Very tall ceilings. Wood trim; a welcome sight to most eyes. Deep, dark-red, velvet curtains draped the height of at least three of Lily’s size. Rows and rows of shelves. Books she didn’t understand. When she lifted one from the shelf she left her print where dust had collected.

Stepping out of the library she found the kitchen. There were no signs of food. Cobwebs gently draped over door handles. The sun shining through a tall, slender window allowed Lily to explore closer.

She opened the refrigerator but as she closed it the echos of empty danced for her. Wall to wall built-in hutches, lined with colorful china  with rainbow glass protecting it. Light bouncing from the sun cast tiny fairies to dance on the walls.

Lily went through a few more rooms but it was getting dark outside and she was getting sleepier. She ended up back in the Library. There was a settee and she took her shoes off and took the tiny fringed pillow and rested her head on it.

The thick air and the secrets of the house draped a blanket of sleep over her. While she rested, the heart beat faster from within the walls. The house was not alone anymore. Creaking and stepping, soft turns of door knobs turning. Magic began to fill the house and when Lily awoke the breathing of the house provided heat and light.

She walked until she found the bathroom. Walking in she almost fainted when she looked at herself in the sparkling mirror. She had grown. No longer was she a child, she was a grown woman.

She ran her hands over her breasts and felt the curves of her shapely hips. Touching her hair that hung down to her waist. Her lips taut and her cheeks rosy she was looking at a beautiful woman.

She took a thick cloth and wet it with cool water. Wiping her eyes she looked into the mirror once again. She saw her reflection smiling at her. She no longer had on a play dress. She was dressed in fine linens. Diamonds played gently around her neck. Matching earrings dangled gently from her soft lobes. A huge rock sat upon her third finger.

She left the bathroom and went to the kitchen. When she entered there was one setting at the head of the table. The chair was pulled out. She walked over to it and sat down as if she had done it all before.

A steaming plate was waiting for her approval. Chilled juices and hot coffee in  bone china. She thought how quiet it was and the music played. She picked up her utensils and began to eat. The house smiled, she was home.


lady in yellow

castle 2

What Is Going On Here????

What is going on that I can not see? I wish this was a story made-up in my mind, but I am afraid this one is true.

It started a couple of days a go. It was quiet in the house that day. I didn’t even have the TV on. I was folding clothes from the dryer and the baby monitor was sitting right beside me. The only sounds I could hear was my own breathing.

Suddenly out of no where the monitor started going off. The hairs stood up on end on my arms. My arms froze in mid-air as I was folding a towel. My breathing stopped immediately as I leaned closer into the monitor.

I listened and it stopped. Oh good, I was just imagining this. My mind must be wandering.

Then it happened again. I forced my feet to walk towards Al‘s room where the other half of the monitor sat. I stood at his doorway and looked in all directions. I saw nothing, not even an ant crawling on the floor. I walked all the way into his room and opened the closet doors every so quietly. I guess I was expecting the big bad man to jump out at me. “BOO”, but nothing.

I left the room and rubbed my arms trying to get the hairs to settle down. I came out to the living room and sat down and turned the TV on immediately, not wanting to hear anything again.

The sounds were like big static noises, but kind of eerie sounding. Almost like in syllables but not recognizable in any way. I didn’t hear anything again, and had not until today.

I have been at my computer and the sounds reappeared. They are different this time. I can plainly hear them. It sounds like someone is whispering or speaking or something. It comes and goes.

Actually this has been going on for about an hour now. I walked into his room with more courage this time but did not open the closet doors. I looked around much braver but ended up going back to my chair.

As I write it sounds like someone or something is saying hush, hush, and then I will get a big static sound. Something is going on here. I now feel like I am not alone and yet I can see no one. I know you think that I have probably gone wacky, but the more I am typing about it, the louder it gets. It isn’t stopping.  What is going on here?