Half of Me Stood Still While The Other Half Went Off

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English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007.

I just got off the phone with Al‘s facility. I talked to the nurse. Al has been on my mind more than usual and I just felt something was wrong. Of course they never made the attempt to call me and tell me he wasn’t acting himself. He refused to go out of his room. He refused all activities. The only thing he did was going to meals.

She just happened to be the nurse that called Social Services when she had already went through Al’s room. So she and The S.S. went through Al’s room again. She told me he was embarrassed by talking so rudely to staff yesterday.

I stopped her in mid-air and said,”No the reason he is quiet is because he feels threatened once again. You were in his room searching and then you brought someone else in to search again.”

She said,”We needed to find the money.”

“No, you needed to call me first. If you would have made me the priority you would not have had to search because I did it for Al. The money is gone. I knew it, Al knew it.”

“He had several codes he was breaking.”

“Such as?”

“He had weapons. He had a pair of nail clippers. He had small screwdrivers in a coke can.  He had candy on the floor.”

“The screwdrivers were to  use to take backs off and I will take these home tomorrow when I come. The candy is not on the floor, the basket is. If he has to keep the candy on the bed, then he has to get up from the recliner each time he wants a  piece. The nail clippers..”

“We already took those a way from him. If he wants to use them he will need to ask us.”

“Oh, so he can use them with supervision, is that what you are saying?”

“No, he is a diabetic. He needs his nails trimmed professionally.”

“I see, so you are going to keep them and he can use them if he asks for them but then you won’t let him have them because they need to be done professionally. Why wasn’t I called first?”

“We wanted to see if we could find the money first.”

“Bad reason. From now on there will be no searching unless I am present. Period. You say he is quiet. Yes I imagine he is. The only things in life that matter to him are his cars and coca cola. Every time I turn around you are sending something home with me that is his. Of course he is wondering what you are going to take a  way from him next. He isn’t like you and me. He doesn’t have a spouse or kids. He has no job. He can barely walk. He is here instead of having freedom like you and me. All he has is his collections. Your facility has made it very clear that if anything comes up missing you will not replace it, so why do you give a hoot if a car or money or anything comes up gone? Let him have his loved items. If it comes up gone then it is his loss but he enjoyed it up until the missing time.”

“Oh, I see you don’t care if his stuff is stolen.”

“Yes I care but I care more about Al’s feelings and attitude. He is very sick. I am tending to think more about keeping him calm and as content as possible. Those cars and coke things can be replaced. He can not.”


That was our conversation. She ended it with, “I will call the S.S. lady and tell her what you said.”

I wished her a good day and said good-bye.

Polly and Al

pomeranian drinking in slow motion

Today, I took Polly out to see Al, so they could meet each other. I walked into his room and he looked at me and looked at her travel carrier and did not say a word. He seemed so quiet. I asked him if he was alright, and he said yes.

I took Polly out of her traveler and held her up to him, and I received a half-grin. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and his answer was no, so I continued to chat about her and how he was doing and his teeth.

He said he did alright and ate ice-cream and pudding yesterday. I saw that he had the dirtiest of nails. This is what I do not like about his shower schedules. Twice a week for someone who constantly digs at their head. I nicely told the nurse about it, and explained how they get so dirty so easily, and she said that he was getting a shower this afternoon, but to myself, I thought, what about the other five days in a week. I smiled and went back to Al’s room, but took mental note to keep tabs on this, because they will not allow him to have finger nail clippers.

Word got around that their was an adorable pup in the house, and soon I received lots of visitors in Al’s room to look at Polly. I was definitely the proud mama, showing off the new baby.

Al watched but said nothing. Maybe his teeth were still bothering him a little, but he definitely was not himself. I asked him if he still enjoyed living there or if he was bored and wanted to come home, and he said he liked it there, so I dropped the topic.

I asked Al if he would like to go to his favorite restaurant this Friday. I told him it was supposed to be fair weather and that I had been there yesterday and had missed him sitting beside me. He said yes and smiled at me.

I worry, you don’t need to tell me. He is my baby brother and I am still and always will be the one who will do what I can to help him smile. So he and I have a luncheon date for this Friday. We chatted for a while longer, and then I told him I needed to get going. He looked t me and asked,

You are not letting that dog stay here are you? I chuckled and said no, and he said good, because I don’t want to fall anymore than I have to.

I told him I loved him and would see him Friday, and left. A few more wanderers stopped to see what was in the traveler. I heard lots of cute remarks and one staff wanted to take her home with him. I don’t know about Al, but I enjoyed placing smiles on the elderly faces, that looked so sad.