FWF, Free Write Friday; Special Edition




Prompt #1: I am reaching out with a special request. As mentioned in my post recently, my nephew Khole, who only just joined us in the world a couple of weeks ago, is currently receiving care at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville for a heart defect. I plan to pay another visit to see him a week from today. I would like to bring your words with me to offer as a gift to Khole, his mommy and daddy, in a picture/poetry book. The book will be made/financed on my own and will not receive any profit whatsoever. Only one copy will be made unless another immediate family member wishes to receive one, in which again, I will finance the print cost and charge nothing in return. I ask you to please, only write if you feel led to do so. You may include special messages as well, if you wish. Thank you in advance. I will post pics of the book/gift giving for you all to see. Here is the link for this prompt: Team Khole on Facebook Please use whatever speaks to you


God‘s Little Angel

You were made out of love

My precious little one

You are so perfect

Formed from the one above

And now you have crossed

Your fist pebble in the road

But don’t worry my darling

You will not carry alone this load

For mommy and daddy love you so

The touch of your fingers

The softness of your face

In our mind always lingers

Little  Khole, so many prayers

Are being said for you

Now dear Father in heaven

Do all that you can do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


I am keeping all of you in my prayers. Terry



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