Looking out I hear

You whisper to me

See your branches

Draped with velvet fingers

Gently swaying in the wind

Softly calling to me

I walk towards you

Breezes lifting me

Step by step

Then I touch our spot

Where once you

Leaned into me

I trace my fingers

On that special mark

Where we kissed

Then we carved our name

Deep within the bark

I stand here with tears

As memories trickle by

Wishing, wanting once again

To be engulfed with love

I feel a cold wind

Brushing into my skin

Reminding me of never more

When you turned and said

I promise you I’ll be back

I remember standing there

When the letter

Was placed in hand

The words jumped out

M.I.A., oh my love

I will wait forever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd