Please Pray

Please pray for Al and me as the weather is getting bad soon here. Tornadoes and very high winds are supposed to arrive. I have been praying. I am not so worried for myself, but I am concerned for Al.

I have spoken to him a few times about the weather and what I will be doing as my plan if it gets bad. I have every thing in the bathroom and his wheelchair is ready and waiting. He moves so slow and I can’t pick him up, so please pray, God takes care of us. This is the one time I don’t like living in a trailer.


Old Man Winter I Am Hibernating

white-trees-2.jpgThe weather today

Is full of leaves

Crunching as

Feet walk through them

The ground covered

With wetness

The air filled with musty

All is cozy inside

Without seeing

Or recognizing

The signs of

Old man winter

Is sneaking upon us

The weatherman

Just posted a

Notice to me

Starting Monday

Night a chance of

Six inches plus

Of that white stuff

You know it is called


Get your shelves

Stocked on toilet paper

And milk, get diapers

And bread, for winter

Has decided whether

I like it or not

To pay me a visit

Wait, what is that?

You want me to come

Back and visit?

I’m sorry friends

I must go for my

Bed covers are

Calling to come

Hibernate until Spring.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Snow Flakes

I told you yesterday when I was blogging that we were headed for a snow storm. God had answered my prayer and held off the white stuff until I returned home. We ended up receiving between 8 and 9 inches.

Here are a few photos I managed to take so I can share the cold flakes with you.

snowy drive waysnowy pathsmowy footstepsnowy picnic tablesnowy rampsnowy ramp2girl on swing lampIn the still of the night with my little girl on the swing light I watched the beautiful snow fall.

Now that it is day light, I will be Larry the Cable Guy and say, let’s get it out of here, let’s get er done…………….