For Today

Someone on Facebook just said it was Thursday. What? Are you sure? Where did Monday through Wednesday go?

What did I do in those three days prior today? Maybe for today I am a box or Rice Crispies Cereal. I think I can hear myself snap, crackle, and pop.

All I really remember from these past few days is Al and frustrations. Maybe I was standing beside Michael Buble when he sang roseA Foggy Day In London









It is time to put the cereal box feelings a way. Today I want to be beautiful rose with gentle petals opening after a morning dew. Walking with grace and confidence, calm and graceful. Strong standing tall.

A rose that I do see

Standing oh so near to me

Never afraid to stand apart

Showing steady a beating heart

For today I will breathe and inhale

This flower’s strength and I shall

Take the day as it comes

And I shall sing and also hum

That the soul of the Rose is inside of me

And the beauty I carry for all to see.

Terry Shepherd