Do You Believe Or Think it is Silly

A couple of months a go I went to sleep empty-handed. In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up and found a gold cross in my hand. It was lying straight, untangled and ready to wear.

I had worn this necklace the year that my Father was so ill. He died from Leukemia. I wore it for a while longer and then eventually tucked it safely in my jewelry box and have never had it on necklace

Putting it on even at that time of night, I didn’t think anything about wearing it again. It seemed as if I was supposed to do this.

I did question how it got out of my jewelry box and into my hand after a few years of not wearing it.

Several of you had opinions which I found very interesting. Personally, I felt it was placed there for a specific reason, and God had played a big part in this.

A few weeks a go, I got Al up and off to Day Program. When I came over to sit down at my computer, there on the desk sat a wad of string. Instantly it reminded me of Mom. Mom sewed a lot and it wasn’t uncommon to find wads of thread  lying around.

By now, I suspected Mom had been here. Al has been speaking to Mom so much and I just wondered if she was here with him. Once again, several of you had opinions on this and I appreciated each one. I started to understand that maybe Mom was here for me also, since the thread was left at my desk. string

A couple of days ago I took the necklace off and returned it to its proper place. With the heat and high humidity it was just bothering me. Last night I was placing Al in bed. I got him all tucked in and felt like he was as comfortable as possible.

I turned around to make sure the drapes were pulled tight for him and right in the middle of the drape, at my eye level was another piece of thread.

I was not afraid. I smiled to myself and silently said, “thanks Mom for being here today for Al and me. It has been a real bad day and knowing you are here brings comfort to me.”

I picked it off the drape and brought it out to the same place I had placed the other wad of string.

Mom, we had our issues, but what daughters and mothers don’t. You always gave the best you had in everything you did. Here once again, you knew that I needed  comfort, and you let me know I am not alone.


2012 Blog of The Year Award

Elaine over at

has nominated me for the 2012 Blog of The Year Award.flowersBlog of the Year Award banner 600peace

















Thank-you so much Elaine.

Elaine has a great blog. She makes her own creative jewelry. I am always amazed at the beautiful necklaces she makes.

Here is a tiny peek at who Elaine is. Make sure you go visit her, especially if you like jewelry.

I live near Cambridge in England and only started blogging to support someone else. I love it, I don’t know why, perhaps I can share that with you when I work it out. Perhaps (more likely) you can tell me?

I live with my husband and three children. (One joined the family by stealth.) The girls are at University now, but you can tell they still live here by the amount of ‘stuff’ left lying around.

I work in a library, which I love and my hobby is making jewellery – maybe I’ll post pictures sometime – especially beaded necklaces and especially working with crystals. I love anything sparkly.

Thanks again Elaine!