Picture It And Write It, July 8th, 2012














I dare you! Come on, floor it! Put the pedal to the metal! Come on you coward, what are you waiting for! Hit me, run over me!

These sickly thoughts were spinning round and round inside of her head. She wanted to die, and the driver was stalling. Testing her spirit, staying back, causing her legs to feel shaky, she stood her ground.

This was my life back in 2010. I had run away from home when I was 14, and had been living my life on the streets. Every part of my being had been used at the gain of others pleasures. I had been blindfolded and forced to endure the pains of needles and the relentless dreams and nightmares these illegal drugs had brought into my mind, until I had gotten to the point, I could no longer function as a person, without these administrations of drugs.

My father had been the talk of the town, a loser, an alcoholic, and my mother stayed hidden at home, behind closed drapes, hooked on drugs. Children learn from their parents, and I had learned from them that life was worthless.  They didn’t ever notice if I was there or not, so I left.

I wanted someone to care, to love me, to hold me. I was a pretty girl, slender, tall. I had what others wanted.  I spent the first night alone on the street, hidden away by the shadows of the trees behind the school-house.

The second night, I made it into the center of downtown, and was sitting on the steps of one of the businesses, when a group of young women came by me and sat down next to me. After talking for a while, I stood up with them and followed them into my stages of hell.

They took me under their wings and taught me how to dress and wear my make-up. They introduced me to their boss, who then introduced me to the life my mother knew so well. I slept all day and used drugs to stay up all night to endure the pain.

One night when I was out standing on my well-known corner, I was arrested for doing business with an under cover officer. He took me to jail, and as I had no one to call, I had to sit here and wait out my sentence.

While in there, I was able to talk to others, who had been arrested for the same things, and heard their tales and woes. I ended up in the corner of the cell vomiting, as the words I had been hearing, were the words of my life. I wanted to die, I wanted out, but had nowhere to turn. I ended up on the cot, with my eyes closed, but my ears were still honed into the conversations around me.

Two days later, I was released, and walked out into the brightness of day. I knew I didn’t want to go back to my temporary home, and I could not go home. I wandered the streets, stopping at a cafe for some food, and while there, trying to figure my way out of this. The more I thought, the more confused I became.

That night, I walked towards the interstate, and as a few cars passed by, I entered the highway and stood there, waiting to get hit, to kill me, to rid me of my pain. The car did come, but it stopped. I screamed at the car as it continued to keep its headlights centered on my person. Neither of us moved for what seemed like hours.

Another car pulled up and within seconds an officer was standing before me. He placed his arm around me, and I wanted to hit and kick him, but his words reached my aching soul. He spoke of caring, and confusion, and I heard words being spoken that I didn’t really want to take my life.

I was tired and confused and the pain was over bearing, and I found my body turning towards him, and placing my head in his shoulder. I could hear myself sobbing, and I could feel myself shivering.

The officer took me to a shelter, and after filling out the needed paper work, I was placed from there to a help-center, where I lived for the next year.

I don’t know who that officer was, but I wish I could thank him for saving my life. Soon, I would look him up and tell him thank-you in person.

Thank-you Ermilia for another chance to write for you.


The Gift

Weddings 2011

Weddings 2011 (Photo credit: The Style PA)

She laid down for the night in her big, empty bed. She hugged her extra pillow close to her. She had made this a habit each night since he went away. Lying there in the darkness, tears ran down her cheeks as she relived her marriage, and wondered how  it could have  ended. She went back to the days when they had promised to love each other until death came for one. Stars shone in her eyes, and admiration came from his. Their reflections bouncing off of each other, told others this marriage was sound, secure, and never-ending. The wedding was beautiful. She wore a beautiful, white flowing gown, with pearls and crystals glistening from the veil and the gown. The church’s windows caused dancing of lights to travel from one guest to another, as she walked down the aisle. Her father, who rested his arm softly around hers, was so proud to be walking his eldest daughter down the path to greet her future. She thought at that moment, seeing him in his white shirt and black tux, that there was no more handsome man than he. She looked straight ahead, to the tower of strength, her protector, the man she wanted to commit the rest of her life to, and felt flutters in her heart, as her love for him came pounding through. They had met through a friend, at a graduation party of one of her cousins. They noticed each other immediately, and had made introductions, and had never been apart since. He was hard-working, he worked for his father in the lumber business. He was the second in command. They spent many afternoons on the weekends taking in picnics at the local park, getting to know each other, finding that they had much in common. He was a strong man of his faith, and it seemed nothing could stand in his way of following the Lord. He wanted a family, with two or three children. She loved children also. She watched over the toddlers during church services and felt a strong connection between them and her. She wanted a home in the city, and he wanted a home in the country. They came to a compatible decision, and decided to buy a home on the outskirts of town. He was going to remain at his father’s business, and she was going to be a stay-at-home wife, babysitting, until they had a family of their own. The wedding was started. Her father gave her to him, with blessings. She glanced back at her mother, and saw tears of joy, and they smiled at each other. The vows being said, the longing kiss had been given. The cake had been cut, and all gifts had been opened. They went on their honeymoon, to an island with small population. There they gave their love to each other, and committed themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Back from their dream vacation, life carried on as if nothing had happened in those prior days. She found children to care for and he continued his work. They saved every penny, and within one year, they had enough to put down on their very first home. The first night of living in their new home, they made it truly theirs, pouring their love through out each room. They were made for each other, their lives fit like a perfect puzzle. There was only one thing left that they both desired, and this was children. Spring turned to fall and Thanksgiving brought them two new changes to their lives. At the Turkey dinner, after all were finished, the newlyweds stood up to make two announcements. The first one, the one they had dreamed about, was they were expecting! The family was so happy for them. Congratulations and hugs were given. Plans were being made for the new baby’s arrival. A crib built by grandpa, a crocheted blanket made by grandma. The second piece of news was held in until all the excitement of the baby was settled down. As they were all in the living room, sipping on left-over desserts and drinking coffee, the new husband stood up and took an envelope out of his shirt pocket. He handed it to his father to read. When the father read this news, he sat down in his chair, and his face grew pale. The questions started coming. What was happening, what was this all about. The father regained himself and announced that his son had been drafted, and would be leaving for military duty in thirty days. The room grew silent. No one wanted to speak. You could hear a pin dropping, it was so quiet. Soon the father made the first move. He spoke about how proud he was of his son, and soon the military would notice what a fine man his son was and he would make lieutenant in no time at all. Everyone in the room forced themselves to make happy comments about the new experiences he would be living. The night ended, and the newlyweds were in their bed, holding each other, and showing their feelings. Giving to each other like they had never given. Time passed and soon it was time for him to deport. They hugged, they cried, making promises to write every day, to call when ever they could. The entire family was their to send him off, and there were no dry eyes anywhere. Waves of goodbye’s and memories of soft lips touching his kept him going through out the months. He came home on a leave for a short time, but it went by too quickly and soon he was sent overseas for a mission. Life moved slowly for the expecting mother, but she tried keeping busy with getting the baby’s room all finished, buying baby clothes, and there was also two baby showers that were given for her. One night, she lay down in her bed and hugged the pillow next to her, remembering him with tears in her eyes, and waiting for his home arrival. She fell asleep and a few hours later was woken by pains. She was in labor! She called her doctor and then her parents. They came and picked her up and together, as family, they were introduced to the newest member of the family. A boy, a boy who looked just like his father. Each member took turns holding him and touching his fingers, and letting the new addition know that he was loved. The new mother was so happy and asked her father to try to get in touch with the new father to let him know of this new miracle in their lives. Grandpa was able to get straight through, and you could hear the hoops and hollers through the phone of his excitement. He was coming home. He had been saving his time for this and now he was going to go home on a small leave, to welcome his new son. He would be home in a couple of weeks. The excitement grew as new mommy awaited new daddy’s arrival. She had since come home and was rocking the baby after just giving him his morning bath. When she opened the door, there stood a military captain with papers in his hand. He offered them to her with his apologies. Her beloved husband, the new daddy that had never met his son, had been killed in action. She closed the door saying nothing to the officer and went and sat down in the rocker. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, but knew eventually, that she needed to call her parents. They immediately came over, and took their new grandson home with them to give her time to think and to make plans for his burial. Her life was a blur. The days never separated. She lay in her bed, hugging her  extra pillow, tears running down her cheeks, remembering him lying there next to her, how they had committed their love to each other and how now life has been changed without permission. The baby cried out and she got up and went to him. This was the biggest gift God had ever-blessed her with. A part of her husband will live on forever through his son. She picked the baby up and hugged him tight to her heart, telling him his daddy loved him so much and would be so proud of him.

In The Shadows


Darkness (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

She sat there on the edge of her bed. Watching the late night news, not realizing that someone else was watching the news also. She slipped off her nightie and reached over on to the night stand to get her lotion, that she put on her body each night before climbing into bed. He watched her also. Creeping a little bit closer, softly, quietly, not wanting her to know he was so near. She started with her arms and moved down to her legs, lifting one up at a time, massaging the lotion in. He was close enough that he could smell the odor and his mouth began to water. He moved a little closer to get into position. She finished with her lotion and got up, startling him, and forcing him to move back a few feet. He had been here before, a couple of times, just checking out the place, finding all the good hiding spots. Right now he was centered in one of his darkest, shadowed areas. Near enough to make a move, but not perfect enough for her not to see him. He had left on prior trips, that he had visited, because he was not hungry enough nor did he have the energy to do anything about it. He had a busy day. Gathering food, locating a new home location. He had just moved into the neighborhood. He had come this way, down this quiet street, several times, noticing that many of his friends had been steadily moving into the area. There didn’t seem to be too many children living around here, and the adults that lived here were older and didn’t move too quickly. He was quite sure, that he would be quite comfortable here and could have a long, healthy life. She sat on the edge of her bed again, and turned off the television. She laid down and covered herself up with her blankets, fluffing and rearranging her pillow so that it was the  perfect fit for her head. She clapped her hands together, and the ceiling  and dresser lights went off. Darkness was all around. The breezes blowing the curtains at her bedroom window, casting shadows on the walls. He moved over to the window, and laid very close to the window sill, taking in the night-time smells. He then went to the opposite side of her bed, and softly, ever so gently, climbed up the side of her bedspread. He was looking at her. Her eyes were closed, and the smell of her body, was making him excited as she began to settle down for the night, moving less and less. He moved a little closer. He could almost feel the breath coming from her nostrils as she laid  breathing. He moved up a little closer, reaching out and gently caressing her hair. Slowly scanning her head, and then moving on to her pillow. He laid there for a while, he knew he had time. Watching her ever so closely, waiting to make his move, she suddenly threw her arm over him as she turned her body over to the other side. It startled him and he made a hissing sound as he was forced to put himself into a new position. Once again he moved at the edges of her hair, feeling the prickles of each hair  touching his skin. He was getting a little agitated with her movements. He wanted her to lay  still. Not moving, making it easier to complete the task he had come here to do. He waited patiently, watching for movements to be stilled. He was patient once again, knowing that this would all pay off and the prize would be his in the end. After some time had passed, breathing was very shallow, he knew the timing was now. He was moving around her, positioning himself, about two inches from her neck. He got himself pumped up and was ready to make his move, when the lights suddenly became alive with light. He quickly moved away, moving above her head and quickly getting off the bed. He crawled on his belly, staying close to the bedspread, so as not to be seen. He moved to the corner and sticking his head out just enough to see what has happening. A man was standing there.He heard a sound coming from her body, some mumbling, that only the man seemed to understand. The man sat on the edge of the bed, and started to undress. This was not going to be a good night after all. He had to escape without being seen. His timing had been off, as he never expected another person to show up. He was going to have to get out of here NOW, and come back another night. He backed up, so as not to be seen, and the snake wiggled his way under the bed, and out of the bedroom door, and made it to the same opening he had come in through. He would save this for a new night.